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Description of the report: Analysing the current economic and financial position of the hotel Annapurna along with formulation of strategies that could improve the competitive edge of the hotel has been the main area of focus in this report. 

Executive Summary

Enriching the experience of the customers could not only enhance the base of the customers but also increase the market share of Annapurna. In the report, it has been seen that quicker adaptability and renovation decision as and when required has made the hotel unique among the competitors. Flexibility in the norms in relation to customer protection and employee safety has been highlighted in this report. Improvement in the terms of up-gradation of feedback portal and training facilities for improving the customer relationship management has paved the way for new opportunities that could improve the market share of the hotel.  

1.0: Introduction 

Effective customer experience, systematic problem evaluation, and mitigation create the platform for reaching the top pillar for competitive advantage in comparison to peers. Increasing focus on customers and their specification fulfilment have created a strong background for this research. Comprehensive guide and comfort zone providing service attracts the customers and achieving this mark has been the main aim of this research as well as for Annapurna. Through feedback jotting and creating a better experience for the customers by making them feel homely the scope for reaching the aim is created. In this report, the current situation of Annapurna along with decision-making tools that could be used for improving their position has been showcased.

2: Findings and analysis

2.1: Over viewing the tactical and strategic management of Hotel Annapurna 

Established in 1965 hotel Annapurna shares a long history for excellence and stands erect and strong among the other competitors in Australia. Extensive banquet, prestigious shopping arcade, and conferencing facilities attract the business tycoons and common customers easily (tripadvisor.in, 2019). Arniko room, Jeneli bar or Ghar-e-kabab acts as the main element for attraction in this restaurant. Airy and comfortable deluxe rooms indulge the customers in taking the facilities once more. Delicious Indian food cuisines add to the spice of life and provide a lovely and homely environment for those Indians who are residing in Australia.
                                Figure 1: Facilities provided by Annapurna
                                       (Source: TripAdvisor.in, 2019)
Quicker adaptability with the new norms that are seen in the hospitality market and always focusing attitude on the customer's benefits and comfort has been the most important strategic implementation in the hotel. Renovation decision as and when needed and making the hotel a perfect place for relaxing has been the main motto for tactical and strategic management for the hotel (Noe et al. 2017). 
Measuring the customer experience and quick measurement of what the customer wants has been the main strategic area of dimension that is followed by the company hotel before formulating any decision. Approaching the customers through an online rating system has been used by the hotel in reaching the heart of many customers (Hill & Alexander, 2017). The decision to reaching the customer's heart by showing them the feedback of other customers who have shared their good and enriched experience has been fruitful in enhancing the revenue and profit to 10% in the current year.
                               Figure 2: Strategic management activities
                                               (Source: Ryu & Lee, 2017)
In addition to that, the managers of the hotel have always tried to maintain good relations with the suppliers and customers so that competitive advantage during the slack time could be met easily. In the booking horizon every now then the price fluctuations are common so to meet these problematic conditions the hotel has tried to maintain good relation by giving the customers satisfaction (tripadvisor.in, 2019). This could urge them to visit the hotel whenever they visit the other area. Sudden switchovers to other hotels have been easier for the hotel due to this tactical decision taken by the management team. 




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