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Cultural Differences Effecting The Global Alliances Of International Business

Article 1

Verdoes, T., & Verweij, A. (2018). The (Implicit) Dogmas of Business Rescue Culture. International Insolvency Review, 27(3), 398-421.

The main aim of this article is to challenge the dogmas in relation to the current trend where a business can rescue the culture within Europe. It has been able to come towards a logical consequence and try to manage the desire of the increasingly debtor-friendly insolvency regimes. They keep on ensuring the fact that they manage to reveal as well as reinforce within the specified time frame. The idea thus ultimately manages to become an end in itself. The implicit dogmas within the business ventures manage to rescue the aspect of culture within the peripheries of the firm. It is embedded in the organization and should manage to create the definite feature of value for work. Failure to meet the normal culture will be seen as the essential part and feature of capitalism. In general, the life span of every firm is rather short because it has to suffer from the various levels of uncertainties and tradeoffs.

The overviewing of the work is critical since it ensures high levels of efficiency and work productivity. The managers need to overview this Information and Technology scandal while the employees are working. This aspect ensures the transfer of classified data as well as the protected identities in the hands of the non-private employees. According to the judgment of the article, this might lead to the critical information of the business being circulated and vital information might be in the hands of anyone. Therefore, while utilizing advanced modes of technology, it is critical that the managers clearly overview how the employees are using it. In case the private and sensitive information is accessible then there will be a large number of accountability gaps which can reduce the efficiency of the employees.

Article 2

Choi, J., & Contractor, F. J. (2016). Choosing an appropriate alliance governance model: The role of institutional, cultural, and geographical distance in international research & development (R&D) collaborations. Journal of International Business Studies, 47(2), 210-232.

The article shows the understanding of the alliance modes requires a more complicated international R & D collaboration setting.  In all likelihood, the use of integrated alliance and its governance model decreases the difference of the “distance” that is found between nations of the partner firms. It increases in terms of cultural distance as well as human capital. Firms in the research mode are likely to have a more integrated governance mode as opposed to the firms that are prevalent in the developmental stage. These features manage to reveal the factors that have affected the Research & Development alliance government mode choices.

In the article, there are huge levels of economic barriers that concern the capital costs, high levels of transaction costs as well as the diverse risks in case managers use outdated technology. The potential investors or the institutional leaders must ensure that the company or the organization has high levels of technology. This feature is critical to ensure that the financing concepts, as well as the risk management tools, will be able to deal with various transaction costs. It will also be able to deal with the financial risks that are essential to support the investments.

The Monte Carlo Simulation has been a potent element to ensure that the managers are able to understand the various approaches related to risk analysis. The Monte Carlo Simulation approach towards the basic elements of risk analysis have been categorically based on the various life cycle representation in terms of the RET investments. The double criteria method helps in properly analyzing the issues that have plagued the organization in terms of management and outdated infrastructure. The double criteria method is also responsible for the raising of an adequate amount of capital in the company so that adequate infrastructure can be purchased for effective functioning.  The financial analysis presented helps in ensuring the optimization of the conceptual design of how an investment project needs to chalk out. Only then the managers will be clear in investing in the right type of infrastructure and avoid risks. This feature will help in the development of a proper culture within the organization.

Article 3

Ahammad, M. F., Tarba, S. Y., Liu, Y., & Glaister, K. W. (2016). Knowledge transfer and cross-border acquisition performance: The impact of cultural distance and employee retention. International business 

The main aim of this article is to ensure how as well as when knowledge transfer takes place. This feature has managed to lead the cross-border acquisition (CBA) and ensure a limited amount of success. Its major focus lies on providing the maximum levels of insights into various levels of factors that manage the knowledge transfer on the various CBA performances. The organizational and its cultural difference have managed to impact the culture and cause a negative influence on the same. The major emphasis of this article has been on the national cultural distance, the difference in terms of the organization as well as the employee retention policies that have managed to impact the acquisition performance as well as the transferring of knowledge.

There need to be proper levels of new partnerships, elements of new technologies as well as new ideas that need to be generated. This feature is to ensure that the companies manage to fully reach their economic potential. The managers have a crucial role to play in this entire scenario as they monitor the entire activities within the organization. The managers will therefore be in a better position to understand the deficiencies of culture that has plagued the organization and will help in improving such scenarios. According to the article, the responsible governments have managed to put strict levels of fiscal policies so as to ensure that the infrastructural aspects have been looked after.

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