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The aim of this assignment is to identify the methodology for my research thesis. My research is based on Persuasive health Technology. In the first assignment I did a literature review and in the second one, I am going to analyze the Methods and problems and try to find the appropriate solutions as well. This assignment is divided into four tasks which have some sub-tasks.



This document is structured as follows. The first task is to research problems, structured in subproblems and review the collected literature. The Second one is the description of different methodologies and appropriate methodology for the selected problems. The third one is to review, analysis and summarize the literature and problems. The last task is to give the purpose of my own methodology, reasons, benefits or limitations. The purpose of this assignment is to identify an appropriate methodology for our research thesis.


1.1.1 Research Problem Statement


As my research topic is persuasive health technology. There are many aspects in this field. So many researches, designs, and works are available in this area. Mobile technologies growing faster and faster. It becomes easy to keep track the physical activities. But there are some issues as well. Machines don’t have the life they can’t respond according to the situation. They have inbuilt functions to which they responded. But because human is involved in these technologies as they are meant for human intervention or human health and every person has a different opinion or different choices. Persuasiveness is very important but every technique suits every person is not possible.


1.2.2 Type of Chosen Methodology


I am going to use Hybrid Methodology. Hybrid is not a part of Quantitative methodology and Qualitative methodology but the hybrid is a methodology which adding the best share of Qualitative and Quantitative. If we need large size of data we use the Qualitative method and convert that in Quantitative format. 



1.3 Review, Analyse and Summarize of existing methodologies


1.3.1 Selection of subproblem


There are many problems related to mobile health applications. But here I would like to discuss the issue of selecting and using m-health application and encouragement of sustain behavior change. It's not enough to choose an application and use it but it's also important to monitor that does it effect on human behavior and make it sustain for a long time.


1.3.2 Analysis of the selected Methodologies

 Tracking Health Data Is Not Enough:A Qualitative Exploration of the Role to Promote Physical Activity and to Sustain Behavior Change


My first  paper is  based  on  the use of mobile applications and behavior changes.  They

 researched on the field of mobile applications their uses and impacts on users. They didn’t only concerned about mobile apps but also tried to find the awareness among people, sustainability, suitable among people etc. They used Quantitative approach to research about the topic.



Development of Smartphone Applications for Nutrition and Physical Activity Behavior Change


Mobile apps are used to maintain the health care of people as most of the population use mobile phones or you can say smartphones where they can find lots of application in any field. It is beneficial for them to get the apps about fitness or health as it is a current issue in the present. This paper is based on an application which provides nutrition guidance and physical activities and their effects are based on human behaviours and how they effect on people to change their prospects.




This paper throwing light on the fact that how these apps useful to encourage people to change their lifestyle their eating habits etc. they used some methods , there they mentioned some processes by which they examined the procedure of different apps which guide adults towards health and diet. Those four criteria are ; deciding the conditions, platform selection, design process and testing.


The very first thing to develop an app is to collect all the necessary information, all pros, and cons, guidelines , requirements etc. the basic agenda was to change the lifestyle, routine towards Healthy eating and physical exercises. It is crucial to maintaining the motivation and keep track the diet chart because people can easily mould to unhealthy food and living. There should also keep the public health guidelines in mind. As its hard to keep people’s interest in the apps it becomes important to provide a platform with their they can note down their daily intakes, exercises and giving feedback at the end of the week. These things encourage them to keep stick with the healthy lifestyle and easy to change their



Apps are divided into two types, native and web based. Native has a particular operating system whereas web-based apps can run on any operating system. They developed apps on the web- based so that they can go on maximum reach. They can also run in offline mode as well.


In designing process, each app was connected with data of related app and behaviour. They included four types of data items in the records which were ePASS, eTIYP, eVIP and eSIYP. They all fetched from Australian Government food and nutrient database. These all connected with a database where that database was arranged in tables, which was showing different relation. They used HTML and CSS to developing the apps.


The last stage was testing which was very important to check whether those apps worked properly or not and giving correct results or not. They also performed surveys to got the people’s views on the apps

about the functionality.


So they discussed four processes to develop an app which is interconnected with other apps and that is based on the web so that anybody with internet access can use. Also, they focused on the fact of behaviour changes in adults by using these apps. And how to maintain their interest in these apps.


Persuasive Strategies by Gender Groups


Persuasive health technologies are beneficial for a human being. They enhance the effectiveness in the health sector. In these technologies, Gender is also playing an important role . This paper showed 10 technologies which were preferred on the basis of gender.




To evaluate the strategies they made a frame through that they could get the idea of presence in men and women. They illustrate an example which is based on Personalization. By which they examined eating habits of individuals. This method they took from Truong et al. they measured the results on the ranking between 1 to 7method of Drozd et al. 

1.3.3 Relevance of the Research Problem

Literature 1 is relevant to my study as it was also focusing on app use and behavior change as it is easy to use the mobile apps because of availability of hundreds of apps in the market but which will be more effective and keep people attract and stick with them is the matter.


Literature 2 was based on nutrition and diet. It also encourages people to follow a healthy lifestyle.



1.4 Proposed Methodology

in this section, I am purposing a methodology which is a mixture of other methodologies. I selected some papers which are based on my topic and also related to the problem which I wanted to discuss. So here I divided section 1.4 into subsections which are as follow: section 1.4.1 explains why I select that methodology. Section 1.4.2 is about the limitations and benefits of that methodology. And finally, section 1.4.3 shows the framework or procedures of my methodology.


1.4.1 Justification of Selected Methodology


As I already mentioned I would like to use the hybrid methodology as it is not only limited in qualitative or quantitative but it adds both’s features in one methodology. So, it is better to use both of them instead only one. I want to do a survey which includes a questionnaire , testing and want to get feedbacks from common people or patients who are the real consumers of the apps.



1.4.2 Benefits and Limitations of Methodology




·         Direct People interaction


·         Surveys and testing will be performing together


·         Reliable sources


·         User interaction


·         Testing and data analysis




·         Different people different perceptions


·         It can be complex approach


·         Results can be vague


·         Perfect app designing can be difficult, chances of left some portions of requirements


·         Budget and Time



List of Reference


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and challenges." Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 16(2): 171-178.


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Schnall, R., et al. (2015). "mHealth technology as a persuasive tool for treatment, care and management of persons living with HIV." AIDS and Behavior 19(2): 81-89.




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