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The purpose of this assignment is to identify an appropriate methodology for our research topic related to ‘Effectiveness of cloud computing in an organisation for effective communication.

This document is structured as follows. First a review, analysis and summaryof the existing methodologies reported in the collected literatures will be given.  Then, the methodology to be used will be proposed to solve the selected research problem (Mackey & Gass, 2015).

Cloud computing can be termed as a communication method in an organisation with implementation of advanced technology. If a respective firm can communicate staffs and employees in instant terms regarding operations and other aspects, there will be productivity in operation. Therefore, cloud computing may help bring efficiency in connectivity and sharing of information. The assignment states about the research problem and the literature that is collected from sources. Furthermore, the methodology that has been taken is reviewed and summarised so that it can be implemented in the research. In this part the sub problem is selected and based on this a methodology is selected so that the problem can be exterminated (Ledford & Gast, 2018). The methodology is proposed and justification is provided for selecting the methodology. The advantages and disadvantages of this methodology are depicted in the assignment. Lastly the research methodology framework is depicted in the assignment.

1.1 Research Problem and Reorganized Collected Literature

1.1.1 Research Problem Statement

Information Security is an essential component that warrants investigation. Undertakings are hesitant to purchase a confirmation of business information security from merchants. They fear losing information to rivalry and the information classification of shoppers. In numerous occurrences, the genuine capacity area is not unveiled, including onto the security worries of ventures. In the current models, firewalls crosswise over server farms (claimed by ventures) secure this delicate data (Flick, 2015). In the cloud show, Service suppliers are in charge of keeping up information security and endeavors would need to depend on them. On-introduce private mists, otherwise called inward mists are facilitated inside one’s claim server farm. This model gives a more institutionalized process and security, however is restricted in parts of size and versatility. IT offices would likewise need to bring about the capital and operational expenses for the physical assets. This is most appropriate for applications which require finish control furthermore, configurability of the foundation and security. The problem statement of the study is to analyze an effective solution of cloud computing in terms of organizational effectiveness. For example, it will not be effective while choosing a hybrid technology in a small scale firm. Therefore, it is the effectiveness of methodology, that a respective cloud computing technology can best platform of communication and data sharing (Ledford& Gast, 2018).


1.1 Types of Methodology

The methodology that is chosen for the research is quantitative methodology. It is selected since the viewpoint of the employees of a respective organisation who seek to utilise advanced communication and data sharing platform with implementation of cloud computing. Moreover, it is the requirement of managing faster operational activities.

1.1.1 Qualitative and Quantitative Methodologies

Quantitative research methodology is used for exploring the concepts in further detail. It helps the researchers to gain a perception regarding underlying opinions, reasons and motivations. Quantitative data collection method varies according to semi structured or unstructured techniques. The common procedures include individual interviews, focusing on groups, diary studies as well as observations or immersion (Lai et al. 2018). The sample size is relatively smaller and the respondents are selected for fulfilling a given quota.

Quantitative research is used for quantifying the problem by virtue of generation of numerical data which can be depicted into statistics that can be used for the study.

Qualitative data collection method defines the range of processes in which the qualitative data that is obtained is used for framing understanding, explanation and interpretation of situation and people. It is based on philosophy of interpretation.

Qualitative data cannot be counted whereas quantitative data is based on numeral values and statistics. Qualitative data is not structured, order or grouped like the quantitative data. Qualitative data can be transformed into quantitative data by virtue of coding. Qualitative data is collected on a sample size that is lower in strength compared to quantitative data. Qualitative data is rich and provides insights of direction regarding emotions, feelings and thought process of the people whereas quantitative data provides a specific trend based on the statistics.

1.1.2 Type of Chosen Methodology

The methodology that is chosen for the research is quantitative methodology. It provides proper hypothesis based on the values and artefacts that are collected by virtue of interviews and surveys.


yQuantitative methodolog provides adequate data regarding the discrimination rate of the employees regarding absence advanced technological implementation like cloud computing. These facts and figures that will be obtained from interview is analysed and the trends and variations communication and data sharing measures will be recognised by the statistics. Moreover the manner by which the climate change is happening is also studied with the help of quantitative methodology. The changing perspectives of technology will be aligned with responses of the survey sample in order to find valid solution.



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