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            The understanding pertaining to the various effects and ill consequences of mental health problems and ailments on the patients has been woefully deficient, largely due to the propensity of the people in stigmatizing said patients on a societal basis. The gain of a relevant magnitude of insights regarding the concept of lived experience in mental health and illness is required for the implementation of the most effective treatment strategies in this regard (Bragdon & Lake, 2014). Firstly, the following study aims to provide specific details regarding the aforementioned concepts, with a specific focus on the main aspects and features of the same. Secondly, it explores the main ideas of the National Framework for Recovery-Oriented Mental Health Services. Thirdly, it attempts to determine the main method of ensuring the implementation of Recovery-Oriented practices by the professionals of the mental healthcare sector.

Finally, the given study aims to provide specific examples pertaining to the explanation of the chosen topic by means of analysing the work of Sandy Jeffs, a patient suffering from schizophrenia for the past several years. The examples of her case and work have been referred to and drawn upon through the course of the completion of this study.    

The concept of Lived Experience in Mental Health and Illness

            The people who can provide the best possible insights regarding the overall effects of mental illnesses and ailments are the ones suffering from them in the first place. The patients of mental ailments face a diverse range of challenges, with their experiences making them appropriate experts in said ailments. The unfortunate consequences of being diagnosed with illnesses pertaining to mental health include being stigmatized by several sections of the society, with the resultant stigmatizing of the patients in question directly translating into a distinct lack of opportunities for them in the various aspects of life (Awram, Hancock & Honey, 2016). As the patients have lived through the experiences of being a mental health patient, they are in the best position for deeming (and judging) the effectiveness of the implemented healthcare intervention methods and providing the suggestions for the improvement of the same. In other words, the patients (including the recovered ones) become experts on understanding the effectiveness of the treatment methods and as such, should be respected (Canady, 2015).

            The main aim of including the aforementioned experts in ensuring the betterment of the treatment methods and recovery strategies for mental health ailment patients is the promotion of recovery of said patients in a manner which provides them with ample opportunities and equal treatments in domains such as employment, housing, services related to families and education. Entities like the Mental Health Commission of New South Wales have ensured that an appropriate degree of focus has been accorded to the promotion of the viewpoints of experienced experts, in order to gain their valuable insights for the designing of the programs which can bring forth better results for the mental health patients (Douglass, 2016).        

The concept of Recovery in Mental Health and Illness Experiences

            Recovery, from the perspective of an individual undergoing the formidable ill effects of any kind of mental illness, is defined as the regaining of hope regarding life, understanding the main disabilities and abilities from a personal point of view and engagement in a social and active life. Possessing a sense of self, a certain degree of personal autonomy, social identity, personal meaning and purpose in life are also ensured in the aforementioned. The term, in general, is very personal and As such, has different meanings and importance for different individuals in a similar context (Drake & Goldman, 2016). The fulfillment of the same for every patient suffering from any kind of mental illness is the ultimate aim for a healthcare professional involved in the mental healthcare sector. Acknowledging the fact that the patients and clients are experts on the ailments is necessary on the part of the healthcare professionals, as the chances of development of effective recovery procedures are higher (Engdahl, 2015).    


Awram, R., Hancock, N., & Honey, A. (2016). Balancing mothering and mental health recovery: the voices of mothers living with mental illness. Advances In Mental Health15(2), 147-160. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/18387357.2016.1255149

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