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Marketing and marketing mix have an essential role in the tourism and traveling industry. The main aim of this unit is to analyze the key concepts and principles of marketing and even marketing mix. This unit will analyze the role of marketing in traveling and tourism industry. The following unit will explain the impact and individual influence on travel and tourism business and even tourists destinations. There is several factors affect customer motivation and these will be analyzed in this unit. Furthermore, understanding about the role played by market in travel and tourism industry will also be explained in brief. Similarly, marketing has an influence on society and thus will be discussed in this unit. Product, pricing and tourist place have an impact on the tourism industry and its impacts and influences on customer attraction will also be discussed along with individual tourism business. Individual tourism business has a definite impact on the businesses and its influence will be mentioned in the following unit. Furthermore, a promotional mix can be used in traveling and tourism industry and a justification of integrated promotional campaign will also be discussed in the following unit.  

Task 1 Written management report

LO1. Understanding the key concepts and principles of marketing in traveling and tourism industry

P1.1 Discussing marketing core concepts for travel and tourism sector

The main criteria of marketing are identifying the needs and demands of concerned groups. After analyzing and evaluating the demands and needs of the segmented and targeted groups, those needs are required to be fulfilled in order to gain profit in an industry (Morrison, 2013). Henceforth, in order to gain profit by any industry, it is essential to meet the needs of people. Travel and tourism industry is one of an essential sector that can earn a lot of profit if implemented properly. It is essential for the company to implement certain strategies and ways that will enable the company to understand market thereby profiting out of it (Becker, 2016). Nowadays almost majority of the countries are focusing on this tourism industry in order to uplift the economy of the country. This enhanced economy will, on the other hand, will benefit the country. 

The travel and tourism sector need to implement certain marketing strategies that will provide and bring an economy to the country (Truong and Hall, 2017). In order to prosper, the tourism sector needs to implement create certain networks that will enable the sector to achieve more. There are certain principles and ways that will enable the industry to bring profit and thereby earning a lot of profit.

P 1.2 Assessing marketing environment impacts on individual travel and tourism businesses within Thomas Cook Group and tourist destinations

Marketing environment directly or indirectly impact and influences individual business and affects business activities. In order to ensure a positive business, the marketing environment needs to be changed frequently. The rate of success or failure of any organization largely depends on the change in environment. Therefore, in order to maintain a positive business, it is essential to constantly monitoring the environmental change so that in case of any change the company can take steps in order to manage the change and ensure a positive economy of the country (Xiang, Magnini and Fesenmaier, 2015). The marketing environment has two basic environments namely macro and microenvironments. Henceforth in case of Thomas Cook Group, they should not only focus on the internal environment but even the external environment also impacts the overall business profitability. As marketing environment has a great impact on the business operations, therefore, Thomas Cook Group focuses and provides importance to the marketing group.

Thomas Cook Group can only expand if they use effective marketing tools that will promote tourism in the country. The management of this tour group in this summer wishes to visit Morocco, Egypt, and therefore before traveling in those countries, the company need to monitor the environmental factors that are prevailing in those areas. Advanced monitoring will ensure that the group implements certain strategies that will prevent them for being impacted by the marketing environment while promoting a good financial output (Xu et al. 2016).   

P 1.3 Discussing the effects of consumer motivation factors and demand in the travel and tourism sector

There is several factors provide motivation to the customers and these are as follows-

Global economy- Most of the people consider traveling luxurious especially for people who earn less or struggle in earning (Standing, Tang-Taye and Boyer, 2014). Recently it has been noticed that due to lower monthly earnings, the economy of the country is the most affected and it is the tourism industry that gets affected the most. During an economic crisis, a majority of the people concentrate on saving money rather than spending on travel. This affects the tourism industry as a result the entire economy of the country gets affected. In 2009, it has been seen that the global tourism and traveling industry saw a downfall of about 5% (Choo and Petrick, 2015).  This occurred due to global regression and therefore, the global economy affected the tourism sector.

Internet and social media- Nowadays internet is an essential sector that is accessed commonly by majority of people. Most of the people after traveling some areas can provide feedback about the traveling experiences dm even about the place (Pike and Page, 2014). These reviews attract many people and it has a positive and negative side. If any group has a good experience with travelling agency then they will write good reviews that will increase the economy and attract more customers. However, if the group has not experienced well then their reviews will refrain customers and they will not use that particular travelling agency or not view that particular areas (Leung, Xue and Bai, 2015). This influences the economy of the country as well as decreases the profitability of the tourist or traveling agency.

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