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Marketing Essentials

Marketing Essentials

Marketing Essentials



A market is a place where each of the elements is present which satisfy the needs and desire of the customers and the business. Companies create value in the product and services to grow by fulfilling needs and wants of the customers. Cadbury is achocolate company which helps the customers in analyzing their needs by providing the chocolate. In This report, amarketing plan is being made and explained for better understanding of the market. Strategies are made as to achieve the objective of the organization. Planning is made step by step so that strategies must be made effective and market share can be increased. 

Task 1: Produce a report



This is being introduced from the report that there are many of the functions being managed and fulfilled by the market and the organization. Marketing helps in growing the business and to fulfill the needs and desire of the customers. The roles and responsibility of the functions of marketing are being discussed below.

The designing of the product and service must be attractive so that the value of the organization must be maintained and sales must be increased. This design must bechanged from time to time to provide freshnessto the product. Analyses of the market are being done as to make the collect the data and information to make plans and strategies. Goals are being redefined and revised for the better understanding and to focus on achieving them.  The role of the market is to be analyzing the data from several of the methods and techniques   as much irrelevant data is mixed with the user data.

The market functions are important to be analyzed so that the design of the product must be correct and the resources must be used in an appropriate way with less wastage. This technique of using the resources in an appropriate way helps the organization in earning aprofit. Packaging, branding, and labeling are also the main functions of the marketing. The marketing analyses are also helpful in dividing the whole market into various other segments and making strategies accordingly. The target market is being analyzed and theplanis made so that they can be retained in the market. Along with this new customers can be attracted towards increasing sale of product and services (Mohammadian, and Habibi, 2012). The market is being divided into various small segments and achieving goals and making product accordingly. The function of marketing helps on getting growth to the organization and also to expand the business. After obtaining the results, they are being matched and evaluated by the planned objectives and steps are being taken afterward. The loopholes are being found out and mistakes are being corrected within the time limit.

A strategy such as after sales services are also being used in retaining the customers. The company has to take care of the budget and its financial position so that the product life cycle can be changed and improved. This life cycle helps in adding quality to the product so that the product can give more potential and satisfaction to the customers and increase the level of satisfaction among them (Williams, 2012). The customers provide feedback to the company for providing services and product. The feedback and suggestion help the organization in correcting the mistakes along with getting new ideas to make the services and facilities more efficiently. Many of the principles of marketing are being used to make the effective use of marketing function    and getting benefit out of it (Ali, and Talwar, 2013). Use of effective media tool also helps in getting profit for the organization. To promote the product and services, powerful media is being used to promote the product and services within the budget. The media must be used such that does not increase the level of budget and cost of the product and services being offered by the organization Cadbury. 



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