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Marketing Assignment

Marketing Assignment

Marketing Assignment

This is a solution of Marketing  Assignment  in which we discuss Developing business      Marketing  strategy can help your company cope with aging systems and limited resources that can lead to fragmented Marketing  solutions.


Activity 1

1. One of the prominent non-profit organisations of Australia is The Alannah and Madeline Foundation. This organization is prominently known for supporting the charitable causes of Australia and it is important that the organization is able to understand the concepts that will allow them to ensure the clear maintenance of their organizational duties. This organization has been keeping the children of Australia safe from violence and abuse ever since their formation. The organization mainly focuses on children who have witnessed violence and have been traumatized by it. The organization plays an integral role in voicing their opinion and protecting children from violence or abuse of any kind (Amf.org.au, 2018). However, for an organization like to ensure their operations in this particular sector, it is important that they have a funding source that allows them to fulfil the requirements of the children and other organizational needs to support the functioning of the organization.

This organization operates as national charity. This organization has been able to gain the support of both the celebrities and the government as well. They implement their marketing strategy to maintain their functioning. Two primary events of the organization allow them to raise funds for the benefit of the children they support and these two events are being held on an annual basis. ‘Starry Starry Night’ and ‘National Buddy Day’ are the two events that are being held every year in order to gain substantial amount of funds. In addition, to address issues such as bullying and the event of charity gala ball attracts the attention of almost 1000 guests every year and the funds go directly for the functioning of the organization (Amf.org.au, 2018).

2. One has to understand the fact that websites remain an integral component of the business organizations today. Such is the impact of website that the consumers judge the genuineness of the organizations, based on the design and scope of their businesses. In this case, it has to be understood that the Billabong Website, which provides for relevant information related to the likes of surfing, skiing and skating industries remain crucial for the development of significant business relationships between the management and authorities of the firms to the consumers of the firm. One has to understand that in today’ world of extensive competition and fierce rivalry, it becomes extensively important for firms to create and maintain websites that provide relevant information related to the products and services of the company.

Due to the rapid advancements brought in by the likes of technology, today, almost every individual comprise of a smart phone and remain associated to the new media of internet. It has to be noted by the management and decision makers of the company to ensure that along with properly running and developing their business, they are providing significant attention to the development of the website of their business, using which the customers shall get significant insight and important information related to the products or services that the company provides. In addition to the above-mentioned functions, one of the many advantages of a website is the fact that it serves as one of the cheapest platforms for the promotion of products and services

Activity 2





Allens’ have set plans that will allow the lolly lovers to avail various flavours of jellies. With the various kinds of flavor it can create immense urge among the targeted customers in acquiring it from the organization. This is the first time that Allen has planned for collaborating with Peter but it can be assumed that the product can create an immense effect on the other produced products but can never take the place of the milk chocolate that are produced by Nestle. The Lolly Partnership can be a great success if the business can make the promotion of the product in the right manner. Jellies are something that can attract customers from different age groups rather from all the age groups and especially from the customers that are below the age group of 10. The business aims to focus mainly on the market that is all over the Australian territory. It can be reviewed that Aussie children are too much interested in the jelly products and it can be an opportunity for the business to grow the business product more in the Australian market. One of the best part about the product is the pricing because it is priced not that high and thus, the customers can avail the packs easily. Another best thing about this product is that, the customer that is purchasing the product will be finding various flovours at the same time creating a blast of flavours in the mouth. The shapes of the jellies are another attracting factor because the kids are too much attracted to have the little ice creams with not so ice creamy flavor instead fruity smells and flavours.

It has to be understood that the Australian market, when it comes the sector of jellies and other forms of chocolates comprise of major players, which have been serving the consumers of the nation in the most efficient manner. Out of the many, it has to be noted that Nestle has been one such company that has been effectively serving not only the citizens of Australia, but also on a global basis. One has to keep a note of the fact that since the company has efficiently managed to cater its products to the customers since a long time, it can be stated that it shall effectively manage to satisfy the needs and demands of the potential customers, who shall belong from a diverse age group starting from kids, right to the aged individuals. Not only do the products of the company comprise of superior quality of ingredients, but also it has to be understood that the company has strived for effectively conserving the environmental resources. Hence, this has helped the firm to build an enhanced brand value and become popularity in the market (About Us, 2018)

Activity 3:





As mentioned, if a company wants to efficiently implement the scope of equal income distribution, the management and decision makers of the firm needs to evaluate and scrutinize the performances of the employees, and based on the same, they have to ensure that all the employees who have the same potential are equally paid and rewarded. One of the key factors when it comes to the scope of equal income distribution is the fact that the management needs to dissolves the significant levels and try to implement proper synchronization among the employees and the employer. One of the major advantages of the equal income distribution is that due to the same, it becomes possible for a nation to enhance its economic conditions.

Activity 4

There has been an increase in the web services to the FMCG companies in the world and this Web Service has affected positively to the marketing process as well as the operations of the company.  Web Services can be defined as the services that are conducted electronically with the help of the internet inside the organisation premises. The three most used web services in the fast-moving consumer goods companies are order management, Shopping Cart integration and payment gateway integration. Order management can be described as the process of tracking, organising and taking the purchase request of an organisation’s products and services (BigCommerce, 2018). It is also the management of all the business processes that are conducted through web and are related to the orders of the committees.  this system automates and streamlines order processing for businesses and provides an updated inventory system including the database of customers, a database of merchants, a record of customer Returns,  billings, payments and general ledgers. Shopping Cart integration is another process, which is used, by most of the companies and this is generally used during online marketing. A Shopping Cart is a piece of eCommerce software on a server of the company, which allows of visitors are the consumers on the internet to choose the products and services for inevitable purchases (Smart Insights, 2018). Payment gateway integration is one of the E-Commerce services that is used during online marketing and it is used during the processing of credit card payments for online and “traditional brick and mortar stores”. The payment gateways are accountable for facilitating the transactions for transferring fundamental erudition between ‘payment portals’ such as ‘web-enabled mobile devices’ or websites and the ‘front end processor’ or bank.

Nowadays most of the FMCG companies are using the segmented policies for marketing.  Somehow, the leading companies of FMCG are using the market-segmented approach, which is inevitably, helping these companies to target new customers and increase the amount of sales. There has been a noticeable subdivision of a market or population into different segments.  The company's generally used four types of segmentation processes, namely the Behaviour segmentation, demographic segmentation, benefit segmentation, psychographic segmentation and Geographic segmentation. Most of the companies use the behaviour segmentation process as it is easy for them to determine the consumption behaviour of the customers if they take their lifestyles and the standard of living into account.  it is also possible to show the patterns of the buying and using products and services and the patterns of spending in the markets.  Companies like   Procter and gamble and ITC India are using this kind of segmentation process so that they could target more customers (Marketing, 2018).

Most of the FMCG companies all over the world have to follow the basic kind of segmentation process, which includes the Geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioural segmentation. There are many people in the market who look for a certain kind of product and the companies must perform frequent researches or surveys so that they could understand the recent demand of the market, the market structure and the pattern of spending in terms of the consumers. The FMCG companies have to focus on the physical location of the consumers because there are many products and services that could be introduced to the market depending on the geographical location of a place. The most important thing that the companies have to perform is it determined the standard of living and lifestyles other people in the countries in which it operates.

Activity 5

Discuss how worldwide demographic trends are affecting opportunities for international marketing by which industries are set to benefit from the ageing baby boomers.

There has been a huge change in the demographic transition of the world in the modern times and different countries have been affected at different stages due to the demographic changes in the market.  Most of the developing countries, as well as developed countries, have faced this kind of situation. Most of these companies are facing an ageing process and this process is somehow uniquely underway and it is determined that by the year 2020. Most of the developing countries in eastern and Central Europe as well as the developed and developing countries of Asia and South East Asia will be experiencing a unique ageing process due to the changes in the demographics of the market.  Currently, there has been a reduced demographic structure and transition in most of the developing countries of Asia and Europe and the major factor that can be considered for this process is the increase in the working age population in this decade and the decades to come (Citeseerx.ist.psu.edu , 2018).

Most of the demographic trends in the countries of Europe use the processes of demand trends, external factors and supply trends.  However, these Trends affect the performance of the international and the Global markets. according to the demand Trends, there are a billion of customers who are surging up every year all over the world which have consecutively created the need for global products and services to rise (The Balance, 2018). It has also been noticed that there has been some shifting demographics in the world who are the people are the customers of different countries hardly stay at a specific geographical location for a long time or at the long stretch.  this has also increased the importance and the use of digital consumers and all the consumers of the world generally prefers a marketing through technology, modernization and focus. Urbanisation in the marketing process has been expanding at a high rate and there has been an increase in the rate of segments among the customers.  According to the supply trend, there have been more volatile input detriments to recognise as there has been a scarcity of labour in the blooming markets of the world, as there has been a huge demand for the products and services and the demand has been a focus on certain segments respectively.

Finally, yet importantly, there has been a change in the external factors that drive the demand and supply of a company all over the world.  There has been a change in the demographics as there have been recent changes in text regions and increased commerce protectionism. For that reason, there has been a boom in the global economy and the organisations have frequently strived to be more efficient, regulatory, and productive.

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