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 1.1       A)        Define your understanding of quality in your own words 6 lines only

            B)         Define your understanding of stakeholders it could be a group of people or

                        other organisations. Write one paragraph.

            C)         Briefly explain the categories of stakeholders. (Write name of few

                        Stakeholders in each category from the organisation in the case study

                        Talk about External and Internal


Please write a paragraph what NICE does and their standards. Look on their website.

Please write a paragraph what NMC does and their standards. Look on their website.

Please write a paragraph what CQC does and their standards. Look on their website

Explain your understanding of perspective

            D)        Explain the perspective of NICE, CQC, NMC and give example of their perceptions about their service.

·         Service user and family waiting time

·         Staff what do they see in quality service

·         Organisation this is owner of the organisation


Please do not start a sentence by saying Russell House.

Here is an example how to write about Service User: And make sure write 6 lines only

Service users’ perspective regarding quality mainly based on their expectations. They expect service need to be easy accessible, waiting time will reasonably shorter. Staff will be more professional and experienced, treat them with respect and dignity. They also expect cleanliness and safe environment. Regards to case study service users perspective is met, because they are happy with permanent staff and manager.


Service Users

       Waiting times


       Professionals who can be trusted

       Data protection

       facilities (bed rails)

       Respect and dignity

       Caring, sympathy and empathy.





       Waiting times (one of the main criteria for assessment)

       Budgets (cost control)


       Staff turnover

       Staff issues, HR



       Standards (criteria)


       Record keeping


       Staff are fit (physically, mentally, and posses right experience & skills)

Number of complaints.

General Practitioner

      Drugs correctly handle and stored

      Drugs correctly administer

1.2: A) Briefly explain your understanding of external agencies, organisation

      B) Write about CQC, NMC, NICE one paragraph of each what they do

      C) For example: The purposes of NMC standards are to promote quality health care service in UK. They are nursing and midwifery services in the UK. NMC’s main aim is to develop the knowledge, skills and experience of nurses and midwives. Their roles are to register qualifies nurses; develop educational packages and training packages for nurses and midwives working in UK and abroad. They also investigate and handling complains against any nurses and midwife registered with them.





Service Users: Dissatisfaction bed feeding what will be the impacts?

Staff: Depressed link to case study

Organisation:  Bad Reputation or Licence Revoke

For example how to write about Organisation:  Poor quality service lead the organisation to bed reputation. It decrease the number of service user and ultimately reduce the profit. Increase staff turnover, recruitment and training cost. Service user may sue against organisation and organisation must pay compensation. External agency, such as CQC might give them warning and ultimately revoke the licence. In Russell House low level of staff and lack of up to date training service quality in few areas are comparatively poor. Which increase to improve and train the staff following the recommendation of CQC

2.1 Need To Explain One Specific Standard

2.2 Need To Explain More Detail With Advantages and Disadvantages

2.3 Analysis is Not Clear

2.3 What Is It Importance?

2.3 Importance of Training?

3.1 Need To Write LO: 3.1

3.2 You Have Written This in 2.3 (Communication) Do Not Repeat Any Factors From LO2.3


4.1: A)  Explain your understanding of evaluation and its importance to improve quality in HSC

B) Define Quality Audits and reviews: Identify errors on each area of an organisations activity to a systematically

Quality inspection: accessible, flexible and responsive services.

Quality survey: A detailed, in-depth examination of a narrower field of activity (Questionnaire)

1. Advantages: identify errors within time.

2. Disadvantages: If the person is not trained to do auditing and not find errors

3. Evaluate each method in separate paragraph

Evaluation of quality inspection is mandatory



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