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Managing Food And Beverage Operations

Managing Food And Beverage Operations

 Managing Food  And  Beverage Operations


          Food and beverage industry plays an important for providing good food products for the people (Valta, Kosanovic, Malamis, Moustakas and Loizidou, 2015). It involves all those activity which make great impact on the operational planning and growth of a business. This report described the case of Leura Campus food and beverage. This report described the various factors which are related to the analysis of performance matrix done by the manager. It also explains the various factors and strategies which make great impact on the performance of the employees. By analysing the different marketing and branding strategy of the cited food and beverage company helps to measured the performance level of the employees in the report.


            Planning and design includes various factors which is highly affects the operation and performance level of manager in a food and beverage industry. T  o analysis the Leura Campus food and beverage, it includes various elements which is useful to make successful implementation of the work.


            For managing the successful operation of a food and beverage industry location is major factor which highly affects the performance level of an employees. In respect to this, Leura Campus food and beverage industry is related to the university for the students and staff member (Valta, Kosanovic, Malamis, Moustakas and Loizidou, 2015).  It is a kind of industry which provides various types of food products such as cookies, coffees and fact food to the people. While analysing the operation of food and Beverage Company, location is important. For example: Location is a place which shows the easily catch ability by the company to the customers. In order to this, Leura Campus food and Beverage Company set up their business in the campus of the university so that they will attract the customers in a large scale. All these efforts make a great impact on the selling of their products which enhance the productivity in a large number. It can be said that accessibility to the catering plays an important role for measuring the performance level and customer’s participation.

Market Feasibility

            Feasibility means how much practically feasible a certain food outlet is in the market. Most food & beverage outlets are market linked. The food outlets being business entities should be feasible in the market. For being market Feasible the outlet should be business wise profitable. Market feasibility also means

Beverage outlets

            Outlets include various kinds of foods and services which is offered by the food and beverage industry to Leura Campus students. In respect to this, cited firm provide all the type of cookies. Coffee and fast food to the students’ and their customers which make positive impact on their sales (Valta, Kosanovic, Malamis, Moustakas and Loizidou, 2015). Furthermore, it is also necessary that the entire beverage’s outlet defined the profit to the cited industry. If a company does not earn the profit than it will not be able to pay the remuneration to the employees which make negative impact on their performance. Sized of catering industry also plays an important role. In the present case, Leura Campus food and Beverage Company operates its activity in a university’s campus. Hence, the size of the firm is medium which is enough for satisfying the need of the customer in a small level. In addition to this, consumers, eating habits and food trend in the market also make great impact on the performance of employees in a workplace. Due to changes in the demand and eating habit of the consumer, the taste of the refloated food products is also changes. In order to maintain the demand of the food product, Leura Campus food and Beverage Company need to manage their employees and their activity by making effective modification in their planning.


            It is also important for the company to analysis the competition which is already available in the market with their substitute products. Hence, it can be said that completion and pricing strategy adopted by the competitors highly affects the operation of a food and beverage company (Ellis and Stipanuk, 2014). In the present case, Leura Campus food and Beverage Company need to analysis the SWOT which represents the company’/s strength, weakness, opportunities and threat which make an important role for analysing the role of manager. It is useful to business by which it will be able to determine them market feasibility. It is done for Leura Campus food and Beverage Company, which have following reasons:

  • The identification of gap in the eating out market and formulation of suitable product for it.
  • The determination of most suitable product given a fixed location.
  • The identification of location for pre-determined product.
  • It is also important for the analysis of the organization & its external environment.

By analysing the competition situation, Leura Campus food and Beverage Company is able to determine the actual position in the competitive market (Ellis and Stipanuk, 2014). It is useful for them to set their product’s price which is highly related to the price of their competitors. Hence, it is essential for the cited industry to manage all the activity which enhances the performance level of employees in a great extent. In order to this, Leura Campus food and Beverage Company adopts various innovative ideas so that they will be able to attract the customers in a large number.


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