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BizOps Enterprises wants to manage their customer service area for the purpose of new product launch. Under this report, the various marketing areas which need to undertake for increasing the online presence of this organisation for selling this new product will be discussed. This organisation has secured a deal with an overseas supplier of stylish and colour work boots. For increasing the customer number and developing the customer areas, the organisation is going to develop a plan and implement it for selling this working boots. This colour boots will be stopped into five different colours purple, blue, black, buckskin and tan. In the first three sections of this report, the different templates related to the Managing plan will be explained. The fourth section will be associated with the final report which will be helpful for teaching the marketing team about the techniques and activities for selling this new launch working boots. Finally, the fifth section of this assignment is going to provide a presentation for the marketing came from which they can visualise the areas of the plan and implementing them.

4. Report

Research marketing information

a) The main agenda of this marketing process is to create an online presence of walking boots which will be sold by BizOps. Therefore the primary target is to identify the different online mediums which will be beneficial for targeting the customers. The use of social media networks is increasing in this age of globalisation (Téguia, Chambost, & Stuart, 2018). In fact, from the research on the competitor's analysis, it has been pointed out that all the rivalry organisations who are selling working boots have their websites and social media accounts. Most of the new launch is promoted with the help of social media and YouTube advertisements. From the research on the targeted customers, it has been seen that the total number of working group in Australia is 53% of the total population. Among them, more than 40 % of workers are regularly using social media accounts. More than 32 % of the Australian population is periodically using YouTube for gaining more knowledge or other requirements. Depending on these facts the marketing activities are ensured.


b) The code of conduct policy includes various policies and procedures are playing an essential role in identifying and analysing the marketing the employees of the organisation must have to avoid any activities are common in the online social media platforms which might be harmful for the reputation of BizOps. In addition to that in the online platforms, the customers might associate with giving their comments. But it is the responsibility of the employees of this organisation does not make any statement or comment which might include the various conflicting areas of the company (Yurievna, Anatolyevna & Živković, 2017). These areas include the business deals competitors clients or financial status of this organisation. The public comment by an employee in the marketing plan light effect the total process. At the time of developing the marketing plan, the involvement of the employees directly with the customer is also restricted to some experienced employees who can easily use the code of conduct policies.


c) There are two different marketing activities which have been listed within the work activity plan. The main purpose of this marketing plan is to develop the online presence of this new product the coloured working boots is our daily used product for the Australians and therefore the main focus is given to the main use of working-class Australians in the web-based it has been identified that more than 60 % of Australian have their account (Zhang & Xu, 2018). Regardless of that, the use of Twitter and Instagram is also increasing every day in the Australian therefore three of these areas among the social networking medium will be used for this marketing activities. The use of free publicity techniques are increasing in this age of globalisation. YouTube is one of the most successful and useful marketing activity which are used by reputable organisations all over the creating a video for uploading it on YouTube is the best procedure for developing free publicity. However, the initial cost is similar to the advertisement for television, but the broadcasting cost is zero on YouTube. Similarly, the organisation wants to develop conflict-free marketing activity for attracting the working class of Australia. Therefore using free publicity on the online presence is a very effective marketing strategy.



Bahadir, S. C., Bharadwaj, S. G., & Srivastava, R. K. (2015). Marketing mix and brand sales in global markets: Examining the contingent role of country-market characteristics. Journal of International Business Studies46(5), 596-619.

Baker, W. E., & Sinkula, J. M. (2015). Maintaining Competitive Advantage Through Organizational Unlearning. In Proceedings of the 1999 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference (pp. 206-209). Springer, Cham.




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