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In recent time to establish a strong hold in the current market any organisation or company need to provide best quality service and product. Only this approach and process can attract maximum number of customer and can provide decent growth in the business.This assignment is to introduce new item in Burger king restaurant in order to attract more consumers. It is a planning to develop their business in Islamic country. This research study evokes to bring the best to the nation vegan customers in the context of the new initiative of Burger King Halal. The Burger King Halal has initiated to the market to attain a competitive stature. In order to enhance the position of Burger King in the food and beverage industry it will take different initiatives. This research will successfully engage them in practices to support in making Burger King Halal. In this study, a discussion will be done on the market opportunities for King Halal. Planning and generating ideas, Screening of the plan, team formation, Halal certification process, advertisement and promotion, iimplementation of the project, evaluating output will be held to make this project successful.


In order to managing successful business in Islamic country, one organization needs to follow the rules and regulation of that country. This study is to make Burger King Halal Successful in Islamic country. In order to run Burger king in Islamic country, this company want to introduce Burger king Halal to attract more consumers (Jeston, 2014, p. 11). This burger will be made with chicken and beef with meat slaughter by taking reference from Islamic dietary.


This study is to make Halal Burger king project Successful in Islamic country. The burger king project is failing in the Islamic country; this is a major issue in this context. This is an issue because in Islamic country they follow some dietary rules in Islamic country. It is an issue now because the organization is failing to attract consumer in Islamic country due to their improper business planning. For this, their business is decreasing in this country. This study sheds light on the issues to change the management process and wants introduce Burger king Halal project in order to attract more consumers.


The aim of the research is to make King Halal capture the markets in Islamic countries for beverage and food industry.


The objectives of King Halal are as followed.

·         To capture the markets in Islamic countries

·         To provide better service in beverage and food industry

·         To Provide best quality food in a decent price 

·         To identify ways by which issues related to the Islamic countries can be mitigated     

Literature Review

Burger King has a large market as it captures its consumers in context to the Islamic countries. The generation of a new item like the Burger King Halal, the company can capture more consumers. As commented by Hillson (2017, p. 2), the target market is the main potential aspect to grab its consumers. The Burger King captures the consumers in the places where the halal practices are known. As commented by Davies and Wolfert (2013, p. 219), knowing the market and the likings of the consumers forecasts an effective business plan. The initiation of the new burger will add a new item to their list. However, products of Halal are generally takes more time than the other produces. The promotion of a new product needs to cater with planning and promotion strategies. As commented by Bartholomew (2017, p. 69), this process requires recruitment of staff to make efficiency in context to their services. Quality of the Burger King products is significant in the beverage and food industry and they need to maintain their quality in context to the new product: Burger King Halal.

Business strategy to enhance the quality

In order to enhance the growth of the business most important thing is the quality of the particular product. The quality needs to check by focussing on various systems in order to manage and monitor the quality of the products. However, the accomplishment of the new product there are various things that the company needs to initiate. As commented by Artto et al. (2017, p. 100), this includes proper planning, promotional strategies, marketing plan. Buying of new tools for the initiation of the Burger King Halal is necessary. Proper training needs to be generated to the newly acquired staffs of the company. The burger king only applies to attract the consumers of the Islamic countries. The company needs to incorporate their food and beverage items to the non- Islamic countries as well. Making halal is generally time-consuming and the items of Halal take time to reach out to the consumers. However, with every new food item there comes a fear of the product not getting approval from the consumers. There is uncertainty circumference the Burger King Halal. In this regard, generation of the new ideas is needed to be flowed to cater to a new item.

Impact of change management theory

Based on change management theory, it can be stated that it is a strategy to change the management to enhance the business growth.  Change management used to change control of the procedure in order to introduce the new scope for business. Globalization is one of the main reasons to use change management system (Hayes, 2018, p. 123). The common change includes procedure review, restructuring, satisfying the need of consumer, crisis management. In the case of Burger King Halal, they are introducing new item to sustain their business in the Islamic country. They are following this theory to change their management system in order to introduce new item in this context. In order to change the organizational process, this company needs to be comfortable with the new system.

Gap Analysis

It can be stated that the most significant problem that are experienced by the researcher at the time of gathering information is availability of very little amount of information. Apart from that all the data that are collected from the secondary sources can create an issue regarding data authentication.

Research Methodology


Based on the above-mentioned topic, researcher has used quantitative data analysis method that is a primary method to collect data. This has helped the researcher to get the proper information about the project. The survey process was conducted over 10 respondents by taking help from survey questionnaire. This survey process helped to collect proper information about Burger King halal Project.

Sampling Plan/Technique

In order to complete this study, it can be said that this research has used random sampling method to collect data. This sampling method helps to assemble all data in easiest way and provides accurate result of total population. Probability sampling method has been used to collect proper response.

Data collection Method

In order to conduct the research it is important to follow up an effective data collection method to conclude the research study. Hence, researcher follows the survey technique to collect most authentic data. Data collection is major part of this research. Primary data collection method will be used based on this study. As commented by Batkovskiy et al. (2016, p. 44), the sampling method is considered to be convenient in this regard. The data is generally acquired in the form of surveys and interviews. In order to conduct an interview qualitative question will be asked to observe the outcomes. The questions asked of the individuals are in context to the Burger King and its services. The data collected in context to the random 10 people will be analysed and evaluated through various methodologies. As commented by Oh and Oetzel (2017, p. 715), the tools of statistics used in the data analysis are median, mean and mode.

Analysis of Data

Data collected by the survey will be described by omitting unneeded data. Regression and correlation analysis shows relationship among independent and dependent variable. Questionnaire method was used to establish the importance and validity of data analysis. The disturbance of the collected data will be shown by the variances. The questionnaire methodology is initiated so that the results obtained are real and good.

Reliability and validity

The data were collected to establish this research is valid and reliable. This sampling method helps the researcher to collect reliable and authentic data. It will also help them to expand this research in specific way and widely. On the basis of this data it become possible for the researchers to extract exact result.    

Findings and Analysis

Burger King has the major market in Islamic country. Burger King Halal will be major decision to attract more customers. By this research, it has been found that King Halal is maintaining good food quality for the customers. As mentioned by Lewis (2015, p. 475), this organization maintains better service quality and IT technology in order to maintain coordination among the systems. King Halal has aim to spread business in the Islamic countries that might not help this organization in order to expand its business outside the Islamic countries. The main fault is environment of King Halal followed the Islamic culture that most customers do not like.




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