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Major Assignment (to be done in groups of 3’s) = 20% 

Written Report & 10% In class Presentation 

Due Before Class: Week 11 

In groups (of three) students are required to research and prepare a 3000 words report covering the following issues for the Retail Industry: 

The assignment deals with issues relating to the RETAILING INDUSTRY.


·         The main objectives of this assignment is to allow students (in a group) to further develop teamwork skills to analyse the marketing and management situation and activities within an industry, firstly from a macro (or industry) perspective and then from a micro (or industry member) perspective. 

·         Write on how they promote their businesses i.e. brochure, who their target market and segmentation and pricing policies 

·         The assignment is aimed at developing skills in library search, business interviewing, collating data, financial analysis, strategy development, applying marketing theory and report writing. 

Due to the large number of students undertaking this assignment, several limitations have been placed upon you, for obvious reasons. Do not contact any large Car Dealership, do not contact the Australian Bureau of Statistics and do not contact any Market Research Companies. You will however, find plenty of information in the MIT University library and from your interview with the operators or their representative. A staff of the library can give you some hints on searching for materials. You must expand your search to other local libraries and the Internet. 

The assignment is for you to conduct an interview with a retail outlet (e.g. nearest SECOND Hand Car Dealer etc), please gain approval from your lecturer so that certain outlets are not besieged by a large numbers of students. If you are conducting an interview, you need to contact the appropriate person (e.g. the owner or manager) at the DEALERSHIP. When making an appointment, be sure to introduce yourself. As MIT University Student/s, the interview normally is no longer than 20 minutes. After the interview, write a letter of thank you and send it to them within a week. A copy of the letter is to be included as appendix to your report. Also include a copy of the questions asked during the interview, along with a summary of the responses, the purpose of this assignment is to help students understand how small businesses make decision to first set their business and other managerial issues that influence the decision they have made.


Your Mission/Task


Part 1: CAR DEALERSHIP Market Audit

In order for a company to successfully operate within an industry, it must have an understanding of the characteristic of that industry and the environment in which it operates. Your first task is to undertake a desk research to gain a clear understanding (past and current) of CAR INDUSTRY. See this subject web site for more information. 

Important characteristic includes the markets (e.g. trends in size, growth, profit, sales, distribution), Customer (who are they, where are they, needs, degree of segmentation), Competitors (who are they, how big/small are they, product range, positioning, trends) and so on. 

Part 2: Market Analysis

In part 1, you have reported the current situation. Your task now is to analyse the environment. Consider what the main issues are, and how they will impact the industry. Focus on changes in the macro-environment (e.g. demographic, economic, technological, legal, natural, socio-cultural, and political). 

Part 3: Audit

Commerce this audit with a general account and comparison of strategies (i.e. the 4 P’s, particular promotional strategies) of the major players in the CAR INDUSTRY (at the general consumer level). Then select one of the major players and conduct a more in-depth analysis of their marketing approach. To facilitate your analysis of that company’s approach, you will gather data by conducting an interview with an outlet/reseller of that selected company or a locally based competitor and analyse how they go about marketing and managing their products at the micro (or consumer, or single transaction) level. Assess the different target markets, their varying needs and how delivery and service systems are modified to satisfy the unique or adapted requirements. Develop a SWOT analysis (table). Analyse the differing promotional approaches at country, regional and local levels (If any). 

Part 4: Recommendation 

For your chosen outlet, provide specific recommendations for them to improve their marketing performance. Based on the marketing intelligence you have gained from the above and of course your rapidly developing knowledge of the marketing, management concepts/theory. 

Part 5: Conclusion

Your report (data gathering) is now complete. Use the information (and your analysis to date) to arrive at your own conclusion on the efficiency and effectiveness of (I ) the CAR INDUSTRY’S marketing efforts in general, and (2) the efforts of your selected outlet in particular. 

Your Report Should: 

The report is to be submitted as a professional business document and must therefore follow the SOB School Guide for Written Assignments (see page 12). Your report must start with the assignment / project cover sheet which has been attached on Moodle. As with all written submissions, please ensure that you keep a duplicate copy. A copy of the marking guide is on Moodle. 

·         Your report must be 3000 words (plus or minus 10%, excluding appendices’, and the executive summary IE 12 PAGES OR MORE) 

·         Demonstrate relevant data using graphs, tables exhibits

·         Include appropriate appendices (remember, quantity does not always equal quality)

·         Be email and save in your group number (Group One. Doc) 

·         Do spell-check and proof read thoroughly, the student support division of the University provides assistance to students. 

·         Use an appropriate referencing (APA) throughout the report and include full acknowledgment of sources along with letters. 

Tricks that you may be able to use to keep the word count down are:

·      use appendices - the contents of appendices do not count towards the word count

·      use bullet points - using bullet points is often a “word-efficient” way of making your points.

·      Use table for categorise information collected. *Table must be labelled. 

The report must be uploaded (Submitted) at the start of class in the Week 10 commencing. Late submission will be penalised at the rate of 10% of available marks per day or part thereof. The presentation of this report should be on power point and must be done in a professional manner


Example of marking criteria is shown in following table. Marks are allocated as follows:



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