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Local Area Network Design And Implementation

Local Area Network Design And Implementation


Design network system to meet a given specification

LAN or Local area network is implemented in the organization. In the organizational network various networking devices comprise of different servers that is effective in fulfilling requirement of the users and network. Different devices in are included in the network devices such computer system and printers that are connected through Ethernet cables (Rivaud et al 2014). File server and Printersare shared among various departments for reducing overall expenses.  Effective number of network routers and switches are configured in the network that helps in attaining high performance in terms of scalability, reliability and flexibility.

Therefore, the blueprint of local area network has use of the following devices with their justifications for the usage and implementation:

Router:  The organization has need of the router to connect the private network with the internet services and make use of the subletting for effective addressing. The device is required to connect the network for the routing and data packet delivery and for the firewall as first defense.

Switches: It is required to ensure the manageability of the services and connections for the end devices. Switches are used to ensure the grouping of the device for role, responsibility and access management through the implementation of the virtual local area networking and other protocols.

Cables: There is need of the high performance fiber optic to connect the switches with router whereas standard Ethernet cable can be used to connect end devices with the switches. The serial cable is also required to connect the router to the internet service provider or other network routers. The cost, performance and quality are essential to consider before making decisions on the purchase of the cables.

Servers: The organization needs mainly four servers to manage the operations. Web server is required to manage the web files and requests to get information through the browsers whereas email server is required to provide communication among the employees. Also, the file server can manage the user and system files to ensure higher availability and reliability with centralization of the information management. The organization can prefer to use domain name server to improve the network servers associated with the IP addresses.





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