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Life Essay

Life Essay


            Life does not have to be easy to be wonderful. In fact, life Easy is the shortest path to monotony. The work must con- cease always as a means of personal fulfillment, even in the years of old age. The retired person must always keep the right to be useful and to be with dignity. Everyone must discover in time its capabilities and limitations. The population of older people is increasingly numerous and, as a society, we face a new phenomenon, that of not knowing how to act in response to the investment of the population pyramid that is taking place: the proportion of older people with respect to young people is increasing highest.

            Even though the years of life expectancy are less respect to younger people, older people can devote much more time to social and sentimental relationships. In general, it is true that social relations are, among the pleasures of life, the least expensive. If we consider that in the course of a normal life most of the narcissistic-type gratifications are verified during adolescence and youth and that, even when there are no narrative triumphs and gratifications in adulthood, the individual must, finally, face the fundamental problems of aging, of chronic diseases, physical and mental limitations and, on everything, with losses, separations and loneliness, then we have to concludes that the confrontation of the grandiose self with nature fragile, limited and ephemeral of human life is inevitable.

Critical reflection

About the person & Changes with Ageing

            Aging is directly related to the way the person meets their needs throughout the life cycle. A growing number of people who are reaching ages more advanced in better health, with greater lucidity and energy enough to qualify for other activities for a longer period prolonged his life. This, added to that each time they have clearer. Their claim rights lead them to consider new challenges aspirations, opportunities and a deep and comprehensive reflection regarding how they should maintain their perception of the quality of life. But even in the 21st century, our current society obliges them to face scenarios of inequity, asymmetry and social exclusion.

Best things about growing older

            When we get older we are more likely to do what we want and dress as we like, without worrying about what other people think. When faced with conflictive history, they older people tend to better understand the different positions, to give advice and to offer several reasonable solutions. The worries about work, money and family diminish. The stress of middle-aged marriages brings couples closer together over the years. Being happily married is, without doubt, a positive thing, because satisfied couples are more likely to enjoy better physical and mental health than those who are not so happy.

Hardest things with growing older

            One of the hardest things in our minds is that of retirement, we stay with one hand in front and one behind. It is a latent fear that, as the years go by, gradually comes to light as we approach that date that always seemed so far away and that arrives and passes without stopping, nor waiting for anyone.

Important to achieve now & future

            There are many possibilities, some better and some worse, but the truth is that it will be difficult to face a rather unflattering future if no action is taken. To encourage private savings in some way pension plans, get more active population, either by reducing unemployment, advancing labor incorporation and better integrating people with ages close to retirement. And, of course, it would be advisable to consider the possibility of working more years, whenever possible with the integration.

Need for support to these goals

            There are a lot of factors that can determine the slow or accelerated progress of the inevitable natural aging process. One of the factors that can cause the passage of time to be noticed sooner than it really should be is depression; a person who lives depressed and bad humor can be seen much older than one of the same age who has more reasons to live happy and smiling, or at least share more with other people and seeks to be always distracted. Another point that can favor the delay of aging may be to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eating habits.

Health & Wellbeing

            The elixir of eternal youth exists but it is in the only place where we do not search, which is inside us. The first advice is to abandon the tyranny or dictatorship of compulsory youth. Every time we make more effort and spend to stay and look young, while, at the same time, we carry a lifestyle and diet that favors premature aging. There is no doubt that there is life after 65, but not only on the physical plane. Science helps us make it longer, we must make it wider. The lengthening of life, which is an inexorable process, is going to make older people in the first place the most numerous human group, therefore they will be in a few years the largest group of consumers and voters. This reality alone must produce important changes in society.

            An intelligent society will give prominence to people with more experience and accumulated knowledge and will give them opportunities to remain active as consultants, counselors for younger people who start. The non-intelligent societies will only worry about providing them with medicines as if all or most of them were ill, dependency aids, as if all or most were disabled and what is worse, the treatment of useless and useless people for the society.


            The aging process is very complex: it is not only biological, but also mental, spiritual, social, environmental, economic and cultural. It is a process that originates in the individual but that has connotations social, economic, labor and family.

            Towards this we can make suggestions that contribute positively to the health and ageing process. Many studies show that physical activity promotes a happier, healthier and longer life. If you do not exercise, start now: the benefits accumulate, regardless of age or physical condition.


            If a healthy lifestyle has been maintained and a good quality of life has been maintained, maintaining a positive attitude towards the different circumstances that we must face, vitality will always be present, in addition if we practice exercises and sleep enough, very surely always We will be happy, with courage and energy to perform all daily tasks without the slightest hint of weakness. Aging process is heterogeneous, that is, each subject evolves in a peculiar way according to his own biography and with the style with which you face the various events that are going presenting throughout life. This lifestyle will be key to the time to face illusions and despair, with health and disease, with chronic diseases and / or disabilities, with company, and loneliness, with work and leisure and free time, and with the will to live Thus, forms of behavior arise with respect to oneself and to others: body care, development intellectual, risky behaviors, pleasurable states, efforts to maintain human relationships and the ability to assume new learnings



Happiness is not determined in any way by the years, on the contrary, there are thousands of people who feel much happier and fuller as they get older and a fortiori, if a daily routine is done in which all the good ones are included. habits of healthy life and, in addition, you surround yourself with people who have a positive attitude towards life. The best way to stay young, active, happy and healthy is to maintain a positive attitude in front of all the daily problems, to solve them with intelligence you must be calm, on this depends largely on happiness and youth that we demonstrate to all, if we let ourselves be carried away by pessimism, sadness, and always complain what we project to others it will be a lonely and sad finished being that will look much older than it really is.


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