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Leading Organisational Change

Leading Organisational Change

Leading Organisational Change

 Task 1

Realistic assumption, problems and issues

A number of issues have been identified in WMC in various business aspect. Accordingly, following assumption have been made in relation to business activities of WMC,

The time Sofea was suffering ill -health and handing over her responsibilities to her daughter Hana ,there was a substantial reduction in workforce at WMC which was about 40%.During this time , significant number of cotton and wool fabric manufacturing suppliers entered in to the market with low cost and poor quality. This situation challenged sustainability of WMC and required a significant change in management systems.

During Sofea's time quality raw materials were imported from Australia and maintained an effective manufacturing process in relation to high quality cotton and wool fabric. After Hana taking over responsibilities of the business there were considerable challenges in relation to perception of quality, manufacturing processes, environmental conditions and operational procedures of WMC .

Significant change in manufacturing and operational aspects of the business did happen after Hana's children stated assisting the business. They changed the traditional aspect of the business and considered a most environmental friendly approach . It also assumed that new management  have brought changes to the  HR, financial, manufacturing and IT systems. These systems are expected to improve productivity of the company by bringing good level of standards and quality.(Paton and macCalman 2000 ).

It is also assumed that current manufacturing and operational technology they have, behind industry standard and not meeting expected requirements to compete with  national and international competitors to survive in the market. It appears that customers  of WMC have gone though  a significant change in terms of perception quality, and their demand . Accordingly,  customers demand for  high quality cotton and wool fabric are assumed to be growing.(Hiatt and Creasey 2003).

Safety issues in manufacturing process had been identified. Therefore WMC now forces on enhancement of visibility .

General comments:  Some assumptions that you could include are: a) the organisational structure might not be flexible and thus, not meet the needs of the present or future, b) outdated operating equipment and procedures requiring an update, new implementation and new training is required, c) outdated information systems and hence a new IT system with staff training will be necessary, d) reluctance from Board members and suppliers to introduce environmentally sustainable outcomes as this will induce costs in the short/medium term and e) it can not be confirmed who is leading WMC at this time and as such, this is causing uncertainty.  As we know, WMC needs to change but they have time to do this - at this stage.

Task 2.

Need for change in WMC

WMC had three generations  of taking  responsibilities and assisting the business. Sofea started the business early 1960,Hana took over the  responsibilities of the business from her mother in 2000 and finally Ryan and Mira joined the business to assist their mother Hana .Accordingly, management process has changed substantially with the advancement of time.

Organizational Change and sustainability

Researchers have identified different methods to operationalize  sustainability within an organization (Linnenluecke and Griffiths 2010).There are three methods namely ,the catalytic approach, the top down approach and fragmentation approach. In catalytic approach sole responsibilities are carried out by middle managers within different functional areas or subcultures (Mirvis and Manga 2010) .They develop their own values and beliefs towards sustainability based on their education and enculturation. (Linnenluecke and Griffiths 2010).In WMC, presence of  middle management are not identified as all the operational functions are being conducted by Mira and Ryan who are in top  management. Business decisions at WMC are being taken by them and similar sustainability opportunities are established in each department.

Top down approach creates a long term approach that is created by the leaders in relation to the values of the organizational sustainability. This is consistently communicated and reinforced throughout the organization and represent an integration perspective of culture(Martin 1992).In WMC, management focus on centralized and integrated cultural perspective that assist company in prolonging sustainability in terms of internal and external market environment.

The third approach of fragmentation identifies organizations  are involved with multiple views and there is little to no consensus of individual values and beliefs (Stoughton & Ludema 2012 p.515) .Accordingly no individual values are entertained. In WMC, though there are presence of  multiple views, constant sustainability procedures related to company are decided by the management only.

Accordingly, at WMC top down approach is the best approach and used in prolonging organizational sustainability .This involves three organizational aspects where change is mandatory. These are discussed as follows,

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