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Part A- The Collaborative Undertaking

Brief description of Fletcher Building Limited

Fletcher Building Limited is determined to be the largest listed firms in New Zealand that possess a market capitalization of around NZ$4 billion. Along with building material, the company will also serve construction services. The company will also offer infrastructure projects, major constructions, home building, retail and distribution and span manufacturing. The business is likely to operate in different markets such as United States, United Kingdom and Canada. The company will operate its business within this market in five divisions like land, residential and construction development and global products (Home | Fletcher Building. 2019). The company is the largest supplier of building material in Australia with over 34 business units working under the Fletcher Building banner and 20,000 employees working globally. It possesses a unique business structure where the company divides work among the employees under different rules and confinement to accomplish the strategic goals. The strategic goal of the company is to serve a diverse range and high-quality construction services. The team members are highly skilled and dedicated and ensure a hassle-free approach and fast turnaround time.       

Task 1

Leadership models are considered to be the guides that recommend particular leadership behaviours to utilize in a specific situation or environment. The leadership models emphasize recognizing the values and needs as well as assessing employee motivation. The leadership models that may assist in achieving organizational goals in Fletcher Building Limited are as follows:

Democratic leadership model

The democratic leadership model is also known as shared or participative leadership where the group members take more participative role while making decisions. In this model, the members of the group are enhanced to share opinions and ideas. Following this particular model may help the organization in achieving its goal as it encourages creativity and rewards the team members for their innovativeness (Iqbal, Anwar & Haider, 2015). This will help the group members of the organization to get involved in their process. This is relevant for the firm as the individuals are provided opportunity to participate, discuss and exchange ideas freely so that they can focus upon providing high-quality building materials and services to the consumers. It will also help the organization as well as the leaders to bring the best out of professional and experienced team those who will help in increasing productivity and profitability.

Autocratic leadership model

The autocratic leadership model is also known as a directive or authoritarian leadership style where the leader decides by himself without taking advice from others. This model is appropriate for the organizations where the leader is aware of the problem and can efficiently direct the team members to accomplish the task. This model may be used by the company as it will help the leader to make the relevant decision for the firm to achieve their goals that will provide appropriate direction to the team members (Khan et al., 2015). Based on the decisions, the work tends to be rigid and highly structured, whereas rules are given importance and are communicated and outlined. As a result, these characteristics will make the team members follow the rules and organizational structure and accomplish the task in a given period. Therefore, it will help the organization to achieve its goals effectively.     

Transformational leadership model

The transformational leadership is regarded as a model where the leaders motivate, inspires and encourages employees to create and innovate change within an organization. The transformational leader always enhances the job performance, morale and motivation of the followers through different mechanisms. Moreover, it can be said that this particular model may help Fletcher Building Limited to attain their target. Due to this leadership, the employees will take great ownership of their work and would like to involve in the project to achieve the organizational strategic goals (De Hoogh, Greer & Den Hartog, 2015). By following the transformational leadership model, the leaders within the organization will be able to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the employees that will help in allocating the task to the team members and enhance their performance. It will also help the leader to create an ethical environment within the organization to help employees to focus upon their work as the leaders will facilitate individual mentoring and coaching to the employees.    

Task 2


I believe that I am a good communicator as compared to my team-mates as I communicate my aims and objectives to my team. Before interacting with others, I always listen to others and pay attention to people's eye contact, hand movements and posture.


One of my significant ability is that I am honest towards others and towards my work that helps me to represent my commitments, intentions and internal states. I can give honest feedback to others related to their behaviour and work in comparison with others.


As per my view, I can motivate others that helps them to complete the task and achieve their goals. I always stay positive even in a difficult and challenging situation that differentiates myself from others.


I also believe that I am a creative thinker as I can find new and innovative ways to execute a process and attain a target. I always try to come up with multiple solutions to solve critical issues that help me to distinguish myself from others.


I possess the ability to emphasize higher-level tasks that make me an effective delegator as compared to others. Based on this, I can improve communication and build trust, among others.

Task 3

The leadership change management model helps in developing leadership potential and understanding the burdens, techniques and challenges related to implementing and initiating significant changes within an organization. The leadership change management models that may assist the Fletcher Building Limited to achieve strategic change are as follows:  

Lewin’s change management model

This is considered to be an effective model that helps in understanding structured and organizational change. The model comprises of three major stages such as refreeze, change and unfreeze. All these stages might help the company to achieve its strategic change. The first stage that is unfreeze that will help the firm to be prepared for the change and understand the importance and need for the change (Nguyen, Mia, Winata & Chong, 2017). The second stage that is change will enable the firm to embrace new changes, developments and happenings within the organization. This stage will be beneficial for Fletcher as it makes the process easier for the team members. The third stage that is refreeze may help the firm to ensure that the changes are used and implemented accurately and efficiently.

McKinsey 7 S model

It is regarded as a management model that is used as an organizational analysis tool to monitor and assess the changes that take place within an organization. The model will be beneficial for Fletcher to understand the changes and improve the performance of the employees. It possesses seven stages such as strategy, skills, staff, style, shared values, systems and structure. All these stages will offer new methods and ways to the company to identify and understand significant organizational change (Choi, Kim & Kang, 2017). It is beneficial as it integrates both practical and emotional elements of change that helps in generating new ways to allow the team members to deal with the transitions easily.  

Kotter’s change management model

This particular model helps the organizations to create a clear vision, empowering employees, conducting good communication based on a new vision. This model consists of eight stages such as build the team, incorporate change, do not give up, focus on short term goals, get things moving, communicate, get the vision correct and increase urgency (Cummings, Bridgman & Brown, 2016). The model might prove to be beneficial for the firm as it is regarded as the simplest process that is easy to follow and implement. It will help Fletcher to accept the change and prepare the organizational members to prepare for the change for better outcomes.

Task 4

Models of Professional, Ethical, Social and Culturally Appropriate Behaviors for the Chosen Organization

4-V Model - The 4-V Model will focus on professional and ethical behaviors of the leaders of the Fletcher Building Limited. This model will help in aligning the internal values and beliefs of the leaders with external professional and ethical behavior and actions for the common good. The 4V stands for Values, Virtue, Vision and Voice, and these will help to create a strong ethical and professional leader. It is significant that the core values are recognized by the ethical and professional leaders of the organization in every aspect of life and implement them in the firm (Coban, Ozdemir & Pisapia, 2019). This model will provide a framework which matches the internal factors, the values and beliefs with external factors such as professional and ethical behavior and actions, supporting the common good of the organization.

Values - For developing good professional and ethical leadership, the leaders of the organization will need to find out his core values.

Virtue - The professional and ethical leaders have to become role models for other leaders of the organization since their professional and ethical behavior will try for doing correct things and take appropriate actions.

Vision - It is about the capability of the leaders of the organization for implementing their actions in such a way which can lead to a definite vision.

Voice - The professional and ethical leaders of the organization should have a voice for formulating the vision for other employees and make it clear for motivating them to take appropriate actions.

social change model of leadership developmentSocial Change Model of Leadership Development -This model will emphasize the social leadership behaviors for Fletcher Building Limited. In the model, leadership is framed as a process which includes employees and teams of the organization with the primary aim to enact some types of positive social changes (French, 2017). The social leaders of Fletcher Building Limited need to take actions for helping the functions of the communities with more humanely and efficiently. The employees' values include self-consciousness, commitment and of self, congruence. The team values include controversy with civility, collaboration and common purpose. The social values are values of citizenship, and all the values make contributions to the changes. Through this model, the ultimate aim of the leaders of the organization will be to create a better society for themselves as well as for others.  

 Part B- Leadership Report

Task 1

The democratic leadership model is considered as the most effective model of leadership because it values collaboration with the team. This leadership model allows the team members to share their ideas freely and encourage group discussion in making an effective decision for the firm. It encourages the involvement of the team as well as reward creativity to achieve the major goals of the organization. The significant benefits of democratic leadership model are the commitment of the team members, generate more and creative ideas and high productivity of participants (Iqbal, Anwar & Haider, 2015)

Democratic leadership model will enable the leader of the Fletcher Building Limited to be democratic and motivate the group members to take part in the decision-making process and share innovative ideas. It would help the leader to accomplish the goals of the organization and supplies the materials in large number to increase profitability. The company offers rewards to the employees who work hard and finish the task on time. The model makes the team commit towards the goals of the firm for delivering quality services or products to the customers and value to shareholders (Hassan, Asad & Hoshino, 2016). Democratic leader of the company would inspire trust as well as respect among the participants to seek a different opinion from them on the project. Fletcher Building Company wants to build a better world by eradicating the issues of sustainability, and thus, the democratic leadership model allows the staffs to create ideas to accomplish the goal. The company, with the help of this leadership model, can keep the workers productive as well as engaged in the process of decision-making (Fiaz, Su & Saqib, 2017).

As compared to other leadership models, democratic leadership model is chosen for the company because it promotes both collaboration and teamwork along with help in making a sound decision by motivating other team members to share their opinions. It is the most effective model that influence the engagement of employees to achieve key goals of Fletcher Building Limited.

Task 2

The current personal leadership abilities of mine based on relevant leadership models are as follows –

Communication: It is one of the important skill of leadership that helps the leader to communicate vision and strategy to the entire team for achieving the organizational goal (Hezlett, 2016). I am a good communicator that help me to communicate the messages with the group effectively.

Honesty: Honesty, along with integrity is the skill or ability that helps me as a leader to achieve success in every field. The skill helps me to stick to my values as well as beliefs and become an excellent democratic leader.

Motivation: This ability helps a leader to motivate the workers by allowing their autonomy in work, asking for their ideas and developing the effective team to achieve goals (Mazzei, Flynn & Haynie, 2016).

Creativity: Being a leader, I am able to listen to the ideas of others, allow flexibility in working, and solve the issues. Creativity skill helps the leader to stand out from the crowd. 

Delegating: It helps me in empowering the workers and delegating specified tasks to the appropriate person. I can assess the strengths and weaknesses of employees through this ability of leadership.

Creation of Personal Leadership Development Plan –

My personal development plan can help Fletcher Building Limited to achieve the goals. The leader of the Fletcher Company by improving oral communication skill, can express his or her opinions or views efficiently with the others. Oral communication helps the leader to communicate the strategies to the team members to achieve the goals of the company. Enhancing positive attitude, the leader of the firm can create a healthy and positive atmosphere within the organization for the employees so that they feel positive and work hard to accomplish the organizational goal (Rubens, Schoenfeld, Schaffer & Leah, 2018). A leader with the collaborating strategy can foster conflict resolution, which helps in managing disputes within the organization. The commitment of the leader inspires the employees to commit to their tasks and achieve the crucial goals of the Fletcher Building.  

Task 3

The possible major changes that might impact the Fletcher Building in the future are identified as:

Taxation change – The change in taxation in New Zealand may give rise to unusual expenses of the company (Wilkinson, Chang-Richards, Sapeciay & Costello, 2016).

Technological change – The changes in technology can dismantle the pricing structure of the building materials.

Change in accounting standards – These changes may impact the financial performance of the organization in the future.

Change in leadership model – It may impact the performance of employees and thus, impact the revenue of the firm.

Lewin’s Change Model is an appropriate leadership change model that helps the organization in organizational change (Cummings, Bridgman & Brown, 2016). It consists of three steps such as unfreeze, change and refreeze. At the unfreeze stage, the employees are dealing with uncertainty and impatience. Hence it is asked to involve the workers in the change to enable them to take a constructive approach to the process of change. The change stage of the model creates a ripple effect within the organization, and the change can be implemented within a short time. At the refreeze stage, the workers transform the new processes into the change. Lewin's change model is chosen for the Fletcher Building limited because it seems to be the most appropriate leadership change model for the company that deals with the organizational change.

Lewin’s change model mainly focuses on the changed behavior of the employees. At the unfreeze stage of the model, the leader can communicate clearly with the members which help them in accepting the new change to achieve organizational goals of Fletcher building (Rosenbaum, More & Steane, 2018). At the second stage, the leader by implementing change within a short time, can make the employees aware of the importance of new change within the organization. At the last stage of the model, a leader of the company make proper arrangements to monitor necessary adjustments as well as make the employees act according to the new change. Lewin's change model can be used by the leader to develop an effective team to create awareness of the change and motivate them to accept the quick organizational change. Therefore, this model will the company to handle the changes and engaging the individuals within the business operations.

Task 4

4-V model of ethical as well as professional leadership needs to be enhanced to improve the professional and ethical behavior of the employees of the Fletcher Building Limited. The model will help the company to allow the team members to align their internal beliefs or values with the external values (Chen & Hou, 2016). 4-V means values, vision, voice and virtue that refers to the essential characteristics to become an ethical leader. By enhancing the model, the ethical behavior of a leader may improve his abilities and uphold the values of the others to obtain the goals of the Fletcher Building Limited. The professional behavior of the leader of the firm can be increased with the enhancement of 4-V model which helps in bringing accountability and humility within the workplace (Wu, Kwan, Yim, Chiu & He, 2015). The model helps the company in providing a framework that aligns the internal values or beliefs with external actions or behavior to serve common good.

Social change model of leadership development consists of various approaches of leadership that result in the positive social behavior of leader (Packard & Jones, 2015). By enhancing the social change model, the leader of the Fletcher Building Limited can develop leadership competence and self-knowledge to create positive social change within the organization. The model based on assumptions that leadership is collaborative and socially responsible that influence change on behalf of others. 

Ethical leaders make appropriate behavior towards the members and hold every person accountable. The leaders with ethics work hard to bring the employees to the underlying values of the organization. Social leaders develop social change within the workplace through social interactions of the leader and followers in any situation of the firm (Xu, Loi & Ngo, 2016). The primary role of leaders is to envision the organization in the future and align the team members towards the vision of the company. With the help of ethical behavior, the ethical leaders earn respect from the other groups and evaluate positively in his actions. They also communicate well with the members to create a positive environment for the employees.  

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