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Leadership & Management Development

Leadership & Management Development

Leadership & Management Development

1.1. Introduction to Leadership and Management Development

Leadership and management (LMD) is a term that has been in the globalised world for a long time now. It has been attracted alike by educationists as well as corporate world at large. Almost 60% of the corporate worldprovides their employees with either leadership development or Management Development(Adair, 2007).In the past twenty years the acceleration in the expenditure of enhancing LMD in the corporatehas been gearing up momentum beyond imagination to 400%. This percentage in the money is $250 Billion across industries across the world(Dalton, 2010). LMD has become the norm in the business world and can be established as a value chain in any organisation starting with Management Leadership Development leading to enhancement in Management Leadership Capability which in turns enhances the performance of the organisation and the profits of the same(Dalton, 2010)

This can be analysed through the case analysis of Technologies Ltd which is an industrial research and development organisation in UK. This analysis has been spilt in to various sections starting with difference between Leadership and Management, Nature of Leadership and Management in the new organisation Technologies Ltd., LMD Issues arising due to differences in leadership and Management, LMD Approach adopted by Technologies Ltd involving analysis of LMD issues, actual as well as potential contributions of LMD, ethical and professional approach to LMD, recommendations on appropriate LMD strategies, Justification of the rationale of the choices, value additions through proposals, evaluation of specific methods of LMD for Technologies Ltd.

1.1. a.Analysis of Difference between Leadership and Management

Even in today’s globalised era of business in some cases Leadership and Management terms are used synonymously. At this juncture it is very important to understand that leadership is a vital part of an efficient and effective management(Brown&Trevino, 2006). Leadership is a crucial component of management which lays stress on notable leadership traits emphasising the growth and development of every employee in a friendly environment. Managers developing as Leaders implement strategies that build and sustain competitive advantage and such managers are the need of the era(Brown&Trevino, 2006)

Differences between Leadership and Management

With the above discussion on the differences of leadership and management one can come to a consensus that both the aspects of a business are overlapping and are coexisting in an organisational environment. It has been seen that an organisation over managed and under led does not show good performance. Both management and leadership hand in hand lead the organisation to utilise its resources well to achieve its goal(Brown&Trevino, 2006).

1.1. b. Nature of Leadership and Management in Technologies Ltd

On the basis of the above discussion there is no inclination towards LMD in the culture at Hardy Technologies which followed the traditional, conservator and bureaucratic model as followed by various public sector organisations across UK. A small group of close knit employees were very proud of their scientific and technological knowhow thinking themselves to be great researchers and did not have much inclination towards management or leading to growth in new markets under the good leadership of the Managing Director having the similar outlook. But due to the downtrend in the European market and high level pressure from the developing markets like China and India the company was under pressure and merged with a company called ADD specialising in foreign markets. The new firm was called as Technologies Ltd.

At ADD had a good entrepreneurial setup but lacked in technology so the merger was a boon to both the companies. Its managers used e learning and 360 degree feedback to know the areas requiring development and the line managers aid the employees by using coaching method to address the special requirements.

The above discussion lays the picture of both the companies and the resultant company is a mixture of both to aid each other. But it clearly states that Hardy was unable to survive because of its lack of LMD in its organisation and ADD was flourishing with the LMD across its employees. Technologies Ltd’s managers have aimed to    become more professional with higher emphasis on Leadership and Management Development to attain all the objectives of both the merged companies. To fulfil this aim the company has got a LMD consultant who looks in to the situation as LMD is the requirement of the day. Though Management has been doing good yet the Leadership development is missing in the new company. There arecertain issues that Technologies Ltd will face in the wake of underdevelopment of LMD. The next section dwells in this aspect.

1.2. Identification of Significant Issues for LMD Arising from the Differences of Leadership and Management

In spite of a pervasive characteristic of LMD it is very clear that not all organisations have same kind of approach having different leaderships and management process. Each organisation will have its own requirement depending upon the needs, methods, standards and unique values of leadership and management. The organisation’s external and internal environment has to be considered while implementing LMD across the organisation as it faces a lot of set back before settling in(Gold, Mumford& Thorpe, 2010). The issues for LMD implementation that are arising due to the differences between the leadership and management of both companies coming under a single umbrella of Technologies Ltd are being discussed here:

At Technologies Ltd the top management hasto face strategic issues in implementing the Leadership and Management Development due to the differences in the outlooks of the merged companies. The aim of Technologies Ltd it become more professional having a better leadership with a fresh agenda for achieving the demands and expectations. For achievingthis organisation requires aligning LMD by developing the existing multi culturaldifferences, strategies and training needs(Gold, Mumford& Thorpe, 2010). Yet the company has to face a lot of setbacks due to the senior management of Hardy Technologies as a part of the board. This is because of the bureaucratic and conservative approach of the employees and the management of Hardy Technologies. But the technological Development at Hardy Technologies is the strength of the organisation which needs to be tapped along with the strength of a good management of ADD to transform Technologies Ltd in to a well led and well managed company across borders. Yet the major hurdle will be to address to the senior management with vitality of Leadership and Management Development for their own benefit and enhancement as successful leaders.

There might be conflicts involving women employees and racism in the organisation against some employees working from the developing countries. The company is in the process of expanding to various other countries with the strength of good Research and Development thus requires good leadership and management to provide them the support required.The things it lacks is a unified culture, flexible and flat management structure, professional managerial skills with leadership traits, International team work, work efficiency with cost reduction with competitive edge. All these can be achieved with Leadership and Management Development as it is a long term investment with uncertain returns with the odds of the requirements of short term performance(Gold, Mumford& Thorpe, 2010).


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