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Leadership And Management

Leadership And Management

Executive Summary

            The research report is about the elaborate study of leadership and management regarding the case study. The case study of this research report is about the current organizational situation and position of Sky City Entertainment Group Limited in relation with the leadership and management style of the grand company. This company is recently reining that entertainment sector in the countries New Zealand and Australia. Besides this current organizational situation, the utmost success of the company within the short period of time to provide a vast scope to the board of director to utilize the progressive situation for generating better position of the company in the international market.

            In this present scenario, the organization is now going under the remarkable change management regarding the innovation within the organization. From the year 1996 to still now, the organization is habituated to follow the repeated success progressive picture of the company. Therefore, the theoretical concept of open system planning and several change management theories like The contingency theory of Dunphy and Stace, Three stages of Lewin's Change Management Model, Practical use of open system planning, Shewhart’s PDCA Cycle and others. The prime roles and responsibilities of the leaders is also described with the evidence from the Sky City Entertainment Group Limited in current scenario. In a word, the research report is the clear description of change management and innovation within the organization Skycity Entertainment Group Limited along with several theories and models.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary. 2

PART - 1. 6

1 Introduction. 6

1.1 An outline of the Sky City Entertainment Group Limited. 6

1.2 Sky City Entertainment Group Limited’s key areas of operation. 7

1.3 Sky City Entertainment Group Limited’s tangible and intangible assets. 7

1.4 Sky City Entertainment Group Limited’s recent performance in quantitative terms. 8

1.5 Financial outlook. 9

2 Role of innovation and change management at strategic level 11

2.1 Principles of change management 11

2.1.1 Communication. 11

2.1.2 Consultation with the affected staff with opportunity to provide feedback. 12

2.1.3 Planned strategic time frame. 12

2.1.4 Involve staff in decision making. 12

2.1.5 Document for reference. 12

2.1.6 Evaluate for future improvements. 12

2.2 Principles of the learning organization. 13

2.2.1 Incorporate in to Vision and mission of organization. 13

2.2.2 Integrate learning across the whole organization. 13

2.2.3 Show senior management support 13

2.2.4 Continuous improvement 14

2.2.5 Strive for an open organizational culture. 14

2.2.6 Team learning. 14

3 Role of leadership innovation and organizational change at a strategic level 14

3.1 Outline and overview of the concept and role of leadership in general 14

3.2 Overview of role and importance leadership within innovation and organizational change at a strategic level 16

4. Theoretical principles used or learned within this course along with the core issues or facts of the organization. 16

4.1 Principles of open system planning. 16

4.2 Principles of open system model 17

4.3 Principles of leadership frameworks and episodic model of behaviour 17

4.4 Principles of organizational development and ODP. 18

4.5 Principles of change management model and innovation management 20

5. Issues related to innovation and change. 20

5.1 Process of resistance to change and innovation (and any other issues related to change and innovation management) 21

5.2 Strategies for managing resistance to change and innovation. 21

5.3 Senior management role in supporting change. 22

5.4 Issues at SKY City Entertainment Group and how these change management process were implemented to address resistance. 23

Part 2 Analysis. 25

1 Analyse current culture and practices of innovation management at the strategic level of this organization. 25

1.1 Open system planning. 25

1.1.1        Define culture, innovation and innovation management, open system planning. 25

1.1.2        Analyse the use of open system planning-also put at least 3 examples. 25

1.1.3        For examples of open system planning, identify current culture and innovation practices at Sky City Entertainment Groups. 27



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