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Lead Effective Workplace relationships

Lead Effective Workplace relationships

 Lead Effective Workplace relationships

As an employee, it has to be ensured that the individuals working in the store are well aware of the company’s goals and objectives. It has to be ensured that the employees develop the scope of effective team working. To do so, they must employ proper communication with one another. Not only this, but also it has to be understood that an employee must comprise of the qualities to help his or her peers. If an individual is not being able to comply with the set requirements, they must be able to help the individuals (Anitha, 2014). Lastly, the efficient employees must make sure that they are helping and supporting the weaker sections.

In order to conduct the performance meeting in the most efficient manner, the management of the company in context should incorporate following of the points:

Ø  The particular problems that the employee in context is facing

Ø  The reasons following which the problem might be sorted (Nyberg, Pieper and Trevor, 2016)

Ø  Planning of the required performances

Ø  Gathering the required data for evaluation

Ø  Planning to mentor the employees in context

Ø  Provision of appraisals

As seen in the case, it has been understood that some of the employees have been working in a wrong manner. They have been stealing the leads and have been depriving other employees from their deserved credit. In order to get over situations like these, the management of the company in context needs to ensure that there exists a set of ethics, which the employees need to follow. Not only this, but also the scope of performance management systems should be implemented in the working of the employees (Srividya and Basu, 2015). It has to be understood that due to the provision of performance management, it becomes possible for the firm to govern and get a proper overview of the performances of the employees.

The management of Bizops enterprises should understand that most of its employees are working on a short-term basis. Not only this, but also they must be aware of the fact that the performances from the employees have been reducing in the recent of times. One of the major reasons for this depression may be the increment in the animosity among the employees. As seen in the case that some of the employees have been involved in wrong practices, which have proved to be a major source of motivation among the employees. In order to get over such issues, it has to be ensured by the decision makers that the employees are cohesively working with one another.

This can be done by clubbing the employees together and making them function in a team. Lastly, it has to be understood by the management of the firm that the employees are not de-motivated to work. To eradicate this issue, the company in context might bring in the scope of employee recognition systems, and performance based appraisals. Lastly, one of the crucial steps for the company shall be to develop and implement a code of ethics, which all the employees need to follow.

As seen in the context, it has been observed that one of the sales representatives has been hugely affected by the wrong practices that have taken place in the working of an organization. In order to get over this problem, the management of the firm might implement counselling sessions with the employee in context. By doing so, it shall be possible for the employee to develop a positive mindset and gather the required motivation to get over these issues.

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