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In the modern era, it is extremely necessary for companies to analyze markets and manage risks since interactions between diverse groups are constantly on the rise. Organizations require extreme diligence when it comes to implementing changes in the work environment as it might affect indigenous groups differently. Hence, managers should put a lot of effort into analyzing the various internal and external factors that affects the work environment directly or indirectly. The case presented here shows the state of Fast Track couriers and the various external factors that are affecting their workplace environment at the end of financial year of 2015. The General Manager is very concerned about identifying change requirements in close consultation with key management stakeholders within the organisation in order to ensure the least resistance to implementation.

Task A

1)    Analyse the organisational objectives provided in the scenario to identify the following change requirements for Fast Track Couriers.

a)    Identify requirements for change.

b)   Prepare an explanation of how your identified change needs to link to the organization’s strategic plan goal/s.

According to the given scenario, ‘Fast Track Couriers’, one of the leading courier services in the New South Wales area are facing an issue with meeting certain set standards. The company has identified certain changes that need to be implemented in order to meet goals that have been preset. The strategic goals that the company plans to meet are:

·         An increase in market share by 7.5%

·         Adopting measures that will implement technologies like GPS and PDA devices.

·         To develop and maintain a cohesive and motivated work force.

The various changes that need to be implemented by the company to meet these goals are:

·         Increasing efficiency

·         Shortening delivery time

·         Increasing the number of trucks

·         Improved operations

·         Adopting new technology

These will help in streamlining the operations in the company and boost sales effectively. New technology will go a long way in overhauling the existing procedures to cut down on time.

2)    Review the organisation’s current state to understand how the current policies, practices and operations deliver against the organisation’s strategic goals. Review the organisation’s performance against objectives with regards to it’s:

a)    People

b)   Policies and processes

c)    Technology

d)   Structure

The company is currently facing issues with its driver workforce. The Union of drivers have an overwhelming influence on the decision making process of the company that may ultimately result in strikes and hamper of work. This may seriously disrupt new policy adoptions and put projects on hold indefinitely. Two drivers in the same truck is a serious loss to workforce and should be immediately countered. This is strictly not in sync with the company’s policy of expanding this financial year

3)    Monitor external trends to identify events or trends which may impact on the achievement of the organisation’s strategic plan goals.

a)    Identify two external trends.

b)   Develop an explanation of how the trends currently impact or will impact organisational objectives.

External factors are extremely important to a business as these factors are generally not under the control of the organization and hence control over these factors is limited. The external factors that may affect a business are analysed through the PESTLE framework. This relates to the political, economical, social, technological, legal and environmental factors that affects all businesses in a given market. Fast Track couriers may find threats in:

  ·         Other companies adopting radical technological changes. This goes directly against the company’s policy of acquiring market control. If other companies adopt new technology, business will be seriously hampered. ·         Other companies may employ drivers with better pay thus reducing the workforce of the company and hence overall affecting the business.

5)    Identify specialists to be consulted to assist with identifying change needs.

  a.    Identify specialists you will engage to help identify change requirements, and be prepared to explain your reasons for engaging these specialists.

 b.    Identify what consulting model you would adopt to engage the specialists, and be prepared to explain why you would use this model.

Effective marketers and managers help in the organization of the company. Proper management policies need to be adopted in order to combat such unforeseen circumstances and effective strategies should be developed in order to implement these changes in a proactive manner. Fast Track Couriers should invest in their workforce development program and employ a marketing manager to better understand the constantly changing scenarios of the market.


6)    Identify the managers that need to be informed. Prepare a plan that identifies who, when and how stakeholder managers will be engaged to review and prioritise change requirements.

Major stakeholders have a direct influence on the business of the company. Therefore, the General Manager, CFO and team managers should be aware of these changes once implemented to better convey changes to the workforce. The consumers should be made aware of the advantages that these plans provide to attract more customers. It is therefore necessary for the company to carefully plan the stakeholder management program. The GM should be extremely wary of the impending threats that may arise due to such rapid implementation of changes.



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