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KB7008 Advanced Stress and Structural Analysis

KB7008 Advanced Stress and Structural Analysis

 KB7008 Advanced Stress and Structural Analysis

Coursework Assignment - Fracture analysis of z-pinned composites

Relevant Module Learning Outcomes

MLO1 Understand complex engineering theories relevant to the failure of materials through fracture               and fatigue.

MLO2 Utilise a critical and evaluative approach to solving complex problems.

MLO3 Exercise creativity and initiative in the development of solutions to complex engineering                       problems.


Assessment Task

Delamination is a common failure mechanism within composite laminates. Delamination occurs when layers of fibre become separated. A technique to improve the delamination properties of composite laminates is z-pinning. Here, carbon fibre or metallic pins are inserted through the thickness of the laminate to improve the mode I fracture resistance (figure 1).




You will be provided with full geometric information (ASTM D5528) and data for double cantilever

beam (DCB) tests of both unpinned and pinned carbon fibre/epoxy laminates. Furthermore, you will

be provided with tensile test data that captures the z-pin pull-out behaviour. For this assessment, you

will create a finite element model that predicts the mode I fracture of unpinned and pinned laminates

(figure 2).


Your task has three aspects:

       model the mode I fracture of an unpinned composite laminate and compare your predictions to            experimental data

       incorporate the non-linear behaviour of z-pins into your model and compare with experiment

       perform a parametric study of z-pin location and count within the laminate


Technical Report (max. four pages A4)

This task will be assessed through the submission of a technical report in the style of a scientific journal article.

 A marking rubric is provided and contains the following categories:

       Presentation (10 marks)

       Understanding and expression of the problem (10 marks)

       Finite element model setup (40 marks)

       Discussion of initial results – Prediction of unpinned composite (20 marks)

       Discussion of pinned composite results and parametric study (20 marks)

Your report will be uploaded to the eLP.


Referencing Style

You may use the referencing style most appropriate to the work being presented, numeric or Harvard styles as suits thework. The only requirements are that you correctly cite all items accurately and in one consistent style.An online guide to Cite Them Right is freely available to Northumbria University students at:




The Referral Attempt opportunity will generally take place after the end-of-level Progression and Awards Board (PAB). If you become eligible to complete a Referral Attempt but are subsequently unable to undertake the opportunity when required, you will be permitted to re-sit the module at the next scheduled sitting of the module assessment. This will typically entail the suspension of your progression on your programme of study until such time that you have completed the level and become eligible to proceed.


Guidance for Students on Policies for Assessment

The University has a number of policies for assessment. The following information, which is available to you from the link below, provides guidance on these policies, including relevant procedures and forms.

(1)    Assessment Regulations and Policy

         (a)    Assessment Regulations for Taught Awards

         (b)    Group Work Assessments Policy

         (c)     Moderation Policy

         (d)    Retention of Assessed Work Policy

         (e)    Word Limits Policy

(2)    Assessment Feedback

         (a)    Anonymous Marking Policy

(3)    Late Submission of Work and Extension Requests

(4)    Personal Extenuating Circumstances

 (5)    Technical Extenuating Circumstances

(6)    Student Complaints and Appeals

(7)    Academic Misconduct

(8)    Student Disability and Unforeseen Medical Circumstances



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