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This studs ix ill shcd light on thc Organisational structure of Janoinc ii’hich is ba manufacturing Industry Brief discussion u ill be done on the efficiency of the present stricture  This stndj  u ill also shed light on the most likely acquisition si stein used in an industn’ such as commercial soft»’arcs. custom softer arms or ERP Salcs proccss of Janomc »’ill bc discussed in this study. Control problems in the acquisition si stein u ill be evaluated and discussion u ill be done the security challenges This article u ill discuss the development process of a  accounting  softu are and ii ill also include hot to adopt the sj stem  Current inarkct siz.e of Jaiioinc ii ill be highlighted in this study and evaluation u ill be done of the current market competition of Janome. This study u ill also include current s• ps and challen ses in accounti• s softu are encountered by both of the uscrs and custoincrs


Current Organizational structure

Janome is a sewing machine manufacturing company u hich started jouniej from Japan  in  the year l92l . With the technological dci elopinent and progress the manufacturing quality also dei’eloped and the market of this company kept expaiiding (ianome com.an. 201S) It has the manufacturing unit in Australia which is » orking u'itIi 3500 employees at present. The organisational stnicturc is dcpcndcnt on trcc structnrc. Thc organisation  is headed  bi  the  group of directors Pro;cct dircctors and the director rakes thc important decision of  the organisation.  The structure is dix ided in four sectors u hich are are accounting. sales. manufacturing  and  quality control As suggested by Mcllor cr n/ (2014. p. 197). business of thc organisation is dependcnt on the sLillcd and talented sales tcain The seals team if Janoin is headed bj the Sales managers and the business expansion and gro» th in the market is executed by the sales support staffs The organisational gro» th and the financial report of Janome is dependent on the  accounting sector of that organisation The manufacturing unit is headed and controlled by the supply chain managers u mo take care of even actin ities and the processes As suggested by  Dey e/ of. (2015. p. 209), under tlic supply chain manager tcclmical inanagcr. charge  hands. production planner and tooling managers takes care of  the  u hole  stem. Technical  assistant  helps the technical manager in order to carin,’ out the strategic technical planned designed bi the technical managcr Chargc hands takes care of thc kittcrs. despatch. scal machinist. modiilcrs and trimmers. The manufacturing process is mainly carried out by  the technical  assistants  and  the tool makers. Tool manager is responsible for the manufacturing of tools and he controls the tool makers Thc quality of thc production is maintained by a group of cinployccs ii hich is headed by quality and si stein manager The quality management is dii’ided in  betu een  tu’o groups u hich are quality assistance and the other is programmer Programmer takes care of the softu are part of the products and thc quality assistance team taLes care of thc quality of the products Inefficiency   and   the  errors   in   the   present   organizational   structure Janoinc startcd it business from japan but at prescnt it is controlling thc toial biisincss in all oi’cr the u’orld from Neu Zealand and Australia. The manufacturing hub of Janoine is present at Australia ii’hich is operating »’ith 35G0 ‹nnployccs. As suggcstcd bj De Vrics (2Gl 5. p, 221). the main inefficiency occurs in the part of communication in bet» ecu the units present at different countries. Each unit in different countries u orks as different bodies u hich u orks like a different company . This gap in coordination creates a difference in the company tears » hich aries one county  to another countryProducts also differs depending on the body present in different countries. Manufacturing units are mainly dependent on the human resource of a organisation. The skill and talent of the employees aries from one location to another location » hich creates a difference in thc quality of thc products. As suggcsted by Bcrn and Grecn (2016. p. 107). in thc tree structure the company is ruled by board of directors. Pro,;ect directors are present in the board of dircctors ii’ho rake all thc stratcgic decision and makcs rcfonns to thc organisational policies Pcrforinance of a manufacturing unit depcnds on the employ ces and the tcchnical managers u ho hai’e the technical concept and can make contribute in the strategic planning. Non inclusion of the tcchnical managcrs in thc stratcgic dccision making and also not gix’ing importance tot ards the Quality control and y’stem managers » orks as the efficiency factor for Janome

System acquisition method
The concept of business is changing rapidly » ith the change in technology , Add ancement in infonnational technology is creatin g different ii avs to business dci elopinent. lii order to track daj to day business most of the organisations are dependent on commercial sofiu ares, custom sofl» ares or ERP As suggested by Ozcan and 9nntay (201I›, p. 402), commercial soft» ares are dependcnt on only the accounting part of an organisation. This ti pe of sofiii arcs only tracks thc business brit fails to do the multi basking. Commercial softu arcs ar based on physical softu are ii hich run only on thc systcm ii here it is installcd Small industries or business units gcncrallj uscs this typc of softwares as it costs less than other type of softii’ares. Custom softwares are designed in a complex u’ay that it can perform multiple task at a same tune. As suggested bi Schubert and Mcrian-Str (2015). it has alo limitation as it can ii’ork only fcii’ numbcrs of tasks. The cost of the sofii ares depends on the complex nature of the system and the designing of the soflu are. It is .mainly used in the medium size industries u here the operations of the organisation is limited. As suggested by Kulkarni e/ o/. (2015, P. 129), With the development in infonnation teclmolop' ERP sofl» ares has been in use by the most of the leading organisations Janome uses Apprise ERP softu are which is one of the add anced ERP system u hich is also used by other market leaders in different sectors (apprise.com, 201S) ERP is kiio» n as the Enterprise Resource Planning systcm ii’hich taLes carc of the ii’hole business process ii’hether it is financc or it is manufacturing. Apprise concentrates in eight sectors in order to organise the business of an organisation ii hich are CRM & sales. manufacturing. purchasing. finance. tune and projccts. customer u eb portal. distribution and dashboards.
Sales Procedure (250)
Sales process of Janomc is dcpcndcnt on four steps ix hich arc marketing, qualification. proposing and delii’en Business dei’clopincnt is mainly based on markct rcscarch and sales stratcgies. Depending on the location the market changes and the challenges also changes. Janome is doing business in morc than 1G0 countries. In diffcrcnt country’ the market criteria differs. In Australia The Australian unit of Janome gii’es iinponance ton ards the market research in order to understand the market trend, consumers need and competitions. In order to a good business of Jaiiome in Australia the Sales managers gis e importance to» ards the sales training for the sales support stuffs. In order to generate new sales opponunities the  managers  gives importnnce to» ards the qualification and the talent of the employees as great Lnou ledge can support the con incing po» er of an employee. In order to understand the prospect of the sales process and the markct Janoine givcs importance soinc qiialitics in an cmploi ee in order to hire ii’hich are research business. accounting planning. presentation In order to generate business Janoine promotcs a linear process »’hich includes account planning. schcdiilc mceting end conduct presentation. cngagc rcsoiirces. defining i’alue propositions. dci’eloping proposals and pricings
Presentation is the most important part of this linear sales process as it is used in order to attract the customer attention. Resources are engaged in order to make the consuincrs understand the i’aliie of the product and maLe a good impression in the mind of the consumer about the products Dex’eloping proposal is the x ital part in the sales process as the business of the organisation depends Thc main factor in this process is pricing »’hich ii orks as thc dcciding factor for the consumers. After finalizing a contract Janome gn.’es importance tou’ards implemen ting change in according to the needs of the customer. Aficr dclix en of the products Janoinc gix’es imporiancc toii’ards thc aficr sales scin’icc in ordcr to rciain thc customcr base and gis e a grou th in the business.
Issues with the ERP system
Organisations are using thc inodcrn teclmologi' in order to organize and plan the resourccs in an organisation. The common issues are the Crashes and integration issues. loss of control. pou’er to change the program behai’iour. data thefi and softu are x ulnerability.
Crashes and Integration issue: ii ith timc thc organisational structure arc changing and the complexity in a business process is increasing As suggested bj Sila (2015. p 293). ii ith the adi’anccment of the technology the softu arms and the systcms arc also changing u hich crcatcs an issue ii ith thc adaptability of a softix'are ii ith in a si stein. With the upgradation of the tcchnologj’ it fails to run a old softu are which results in crashing issue and integration issue. The softu arcs
» hich are mainlj based on hard» are this tj pe of ERP soft» arcs faces crashes issues
Loss of Control: Introducing the ERP softi are in ei en daj practice of the employees issues can arise regarding the controlling process. Not all the employees are able to get attached u itli neu tcchnologi ii hich dcpcnds on the adapiabilitj of thc @nployccs ERP sofiii arc arc the intcgratcd si stein of diffcrcnt programs ii’hich includes excel. accounting and diffcrent  programs Employ ees u’ith different organisational duties feels a controlling issue in order to access the softii’arc.
Softo arc Vulncrability:
With the de elopinent of teclinolo the architecture of the ERP systems is changing In order to make changes » ith the development of technology the i endors of the sj stems needs to upgrade the soft» arcs to avoid the crashin g issues As suggested by Ramasainy and Singh (2017, p. 36), i endors of the systeiiis maLes changes in the architecture in according to the present trend and gi es the update to the consumers to upgrade the sj stem. This upgrading process opens the door for the hackers ii hich crcates vulncrability issues.
Po»'er to Changc the Program Bchai’iour: Sometimes the technical representatii’e of the ERP soft» arc bccoines the main factor of security issue for a organisation Tcchnical rcprcscntatii es are responsible for thc managelnent of the ERP sj stem in order to maintain the system and the seri’er of the sj stein The has e all the access to maLe am changes in the softu’are Misconduct of thc technical cxcciitii’cs might lcad them to maLe changcs in the sofiii arc ii hich can hann thc reputation of an organisation.
Data Theft: The bis gest issue in the ERP systeiti is the data theft tlueats. In the neu system of a ERP system is based on data cloud storage i 'hich enables an user to get access to tlic sj stcm at anj place at any time This system enables a hacker to put malicious softu are in a sj stein or in the server u'Iiich enables a hacker to get access in a sj stein Not only hackers can get access to the private data of tlic company it can also hack thc transaction links and can Ical e an organisation in financial trouble.
Development and adoption of the software package on accounting
The development of an accounting sofiii are is depcndent on the ii’orking process of a softer arc. The important terns in a accounting softu are are bill of materials. stock. purchase. sales order. dcbtors. cash book. creditors. purchasc ordcr. and job costing. As mcntioncd by Kim (2010. p 41), an organisation stand on the business it done so the most important part of a accounting soflu are is sales part u hich includes sales order generation, purchase order stock and cash book lii order to proiiiote the sells the important thing to maintain is the stock i 'hich makes an organisation enable to continue the seo‘ice As suggested by Seethainraju (2015. p. 4Sl). financial condition depends also on the fixed assets and the purchases. In order to track the business and understand the eanied revenue purchase orders also important. A business is run by the einplo› ces which also includes cash flo»’ of a company That's ii hi sallj of thc employees are also the important part in order to analj ze the revenue of a business.
Current market size
Janoinc is one of the markct lcadcrs in thc manufacturing industn of scii ing machines. Though the business started in japan brit it faced the most groii’th being in Australia. At prcsent Janoine is doing business in more than 100 countries. In the year 2017 net asset of Janome ii as 463.963 thousands $ ii hich in this ; car bccome 450.l3G thousands $ Janoinc scii ing machines arc being sold by the retail shops and  the  distributors  which  o» th  50%  of  the  market  share  (janome coin.an. 201S)
Competition in the market (250)
There are manj market dealers in australia in the sector of manufacturing se» ing machines Bernini Inteniational, Brothers industtr, Elna. Juki, Jennie June. and Dat is sewing machine company are the leaders in the market in Australia (needlebar org. 201h). In the healthy competition of gaining market share Jaiiome is the leader as it o» ns the 50% share of the market The biggest adi’antage of this company is the tcchnologj’ used bi the japanese cngineer is mostlj u elcoined bj the people of Australia. Technology in Japan is so adi’anced that it u’orks as the rcliabiliti factor ii’hich hclpgd Janomc to rake the 50% of the innrkct share in Australia.
Recommendation on mitigation strategies.
The biggest gap in the Organisation is based on the security issues u hich creates security threat for the users and the customers also The ERP system is based on the cloud data storage st stein ii hcrc thc inothcr storagc incmon is the cloud system. As suggcstcd bi Ramasaini and Singh (2G 17. p 36). users can access the system at any place from any si stein at and  time  All the st steins are not secure to access the st stein as there might be malicious small softu ares by the hackers ii hich can hack tlic sj stcm and get path of tlic scrver bj » hich they can get acccss to the prim ate data. This data tracking also acts as the threat for the consumers at the time of online transaction There are many possibilities of financial accoui s•‹ g hacked.
This study has higliliglitcd the Organisational structure of Janome. Discussion has been done on the effic iency of the present stricture This study lies shed light on the most likely acquisition system used in an industry such as commercial softu ares. custom soflu ares or ERP. Sales proccss of Janoinc has bccn ci’aliiatcd in this studj Control problcms in the acquisition system has been evaluated and discussion has been done on the security challenges. This article u ill has developed the u orking process of a accounting softu are. Current market size of Janoine has bccn highlightcd in this studs and ci’aliiation has bccn donc of thc ciirrcnt markct competition of Janoine. This studj has also included current gaps and challenges in accounting softu are encountered bj’ both of the users and customers.
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