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Assignment 2: Team Process Design Case Study


The purpose of this task is to provide students with practical experience in working in teams utilising process design techniques to develop an as-is process model and recommended to-be process model.

Timelines and Expectations

Percentage Value of Task: 20% (35 marks)

Due: Week 11 – Friday, June 1, 2018 at 4:00 pm

Minimum time expectation: Preparation for this task will take approximately 20 hours

Learning Outcomes Assessed

 The following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment:


K1.  Analyse and evaluate various project management methodologies utilised on IT


K3.  Investigate and evaluate a variety of strategies for coordinating IT project change.

S1.  Apply project planning and selection techniques.

S2. Demonstrate theoretical and practical implementation of leadership, team building,

     and performance management approaches for IT projects.

S3. Utilise decision making and problem solving approaches to resolve and pre-empt

      range of problems on IT projects.


S4. Apply delegation and negotiation techniques in order to manage organisations,

      stakeholders, and team members on IT projects.


A1.  Construct written and verbal approaches to developing and presenting IT project


A2.  Implement a systems thinking approach to managing IT projects.

A3.  Utilise analytical tools to model, analyses, comprehend and design business


Assessment Details


Business Process Management (BPM) is the art and science of overseeing how work is performed in an organization to ensure consistent outcomes and to take advantage of improvement opportunities. In this context, the term “improvement” may take different meanings depending on the objectives of the organisation. Typical examples of improvement objectives include reducing costs, reducing execution times and reducing error rates. Improvement initiatives may be one-off, but also display a more continuous nature. BPM is about managing entire chains of events, activities and decisions that ultimately add value to the organisation and its customers. These “chains of events, activities and decisions” are called processes.



In this assignment, you will be required to form teams of approximately four (4) people. One team member is to be elected the team leader for the duration of the assignment. Teams will prepare a business report based on a process case study and should use their own initiative regarding any assumptions and cycle times if needed.

An electronic copy of a case study will be available from your tutor or course lecturer.

The report should contain details of the following tasks:


a).Provide a description and application of a process categorisation model (e.g. Porter or


b).Provide a description and application of the Capability Maturity Model (CMM).


c).Apply Dijkman et al’s (2011) technique discussed in lectures to prepare a case

    function matrix

    and identify all associated processes.

d). Using appropriate software, model any two (2) of the processes identified in part (c).


e). Provide an explanation of how each of the models created in part (d), adhere to

     Mendling etal’s (2010) 7PMG guidelines discussed in lectures.


f). Consider each model produced in part (d), calculate the process cycle time for each

     of the two (2) processes modelled. Any assumptions made should be documented in

     the report.


g). Use redesign techniques by Reijers and Mansar (2005) discussed in lectures, to

    identify anytwo (2) design flaws in the as-is models created in part (d). Use heuristics

    and anyappropriateproduct-based design approaches and display the impact of any

    heuristic measures on the Devil’s Quadrangle. Any assumptions made should be

    documented in the report.

h). Draw the architecture of your BPMS. Identify and describe all it components.


A suggested template for the above report is provided. You can use it as a guideline for

presenting your business report. For assistance in report writing techniques, see:


Tasks should be distributed evenly amongst team members. The processes in parts (d),

(e), (f) and (g) should be completed by two (2) different students. Each student is

required to undertake a minimum of three (3) tasks.


Each team member’s sections should be clearly labelled with their name. If this is not

done,marks will be averaged across the team members.


A quality team report will demonstrate a synthesis of content, knowledge, skills and

ideas acquired from lectures, tutorials and academic authors with details from the case

study provided.

Academic Presentation

Team reports should be presented as a business or management style report, in

accordance with:



Team reports should be submitted in electronic format by the team project leader via

moodle (one per team).

Marking Criteria/Rubric

Innovation marks may be awarded for evidence of additional

tasks by any individual student, for example identification of a third process, etc.


Feedback and marks will be provided in Moodle. Marks will also be available in FDL




Please refer to the Course Description for information regarding plagiarism, late

assignments,extensions, and special consideration. A reminder all academic

regulations can be accessed via the university’s website.



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