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ITC560 Internet of Things Assignment Help


This subject provides a broad study of various latest internet technologies and underlying communication technologies used in the Internet of Things (IoT). The main emphasis is to combine technical concepts with a high-level understanding of IoT networks and communication media used in the IoT. The subject provides a comprehensive understanding of the Internet of Things and explores topics such as IoT architecture, IoT communication protocols, security in IoT and IoT applications in the modern world. The subject also examines business use-cases of IoT in real-world environments such as industrial and home automation.

Learning outcomes:-

Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:

• be able to explain and demonstrate various components of Internet of Things (IoT);

• be able to analyse the role and importance of IoT in the modern world;

• be able to investigate and propose various requirements of IoT for real world applications;

• be able to evaluate a variety of existing and developing architecture technologies for IoT;

• be able to describe and evaluate different applications of the IoT.

Learning materials:-

Details of learning materials that support your success in this subject can be found in the Interact2 Subject Site.

Learning, teaching and support strategies:-

All of your subject materials are available on the Interact2.

It is critical you take the time to read and understand the subject outline. Use the subject schedule to plan your studies over the session. Information on effective time management is available on the CSU Learning Support website via the following link: http://student.csu.edu.au.

It is recommended that students carefully read the learning materials prior to class. Attendance at lectures and tutorials is mandatory. Tutorial will comprise of questions which you will work on as a group, along with periodic practical tasks.

Students should be mindful as to when assessment items are due. Assignment Three is by far the most complicated task and therfore should be implemented in phases. The assignment specification provides you with details as to how you may achieve this.

In this subject, there are also lots of opportunities for you to engage with your lecturer, with your peers and with the subject.

Subject materials for this subject have been written specifically to guide you through the sections (and questions) of the prescribed textbook relevant to each topic.

You should check the Interact2 Site at least weekly for postings, announcements, lecture information and other resources that will assist your studies or provide you with additional information and resources vital to your success in the subject.

Studying at University does not mean studying alone. Take advantage of the collective wisdom and discuss your questions in class.

You can also contact an adviser through Student Central on the following number: 1800 275 278 (or +61 2 6933 7507 from outside Australia).

Academic learning support

Information on effective time management is available on the CSU Learning Support website via the following link: http://student.csu.edu.au/

Visit the learning support website for advice about assignment preparation, academic reading and note-taking, referencing, and preparing for exams at: http://student.csu.edu.au/study

The Study Centres also offers a range of workshops specifically targeting your needs as an international student. These workshops run multiple times per week and build into the comprehensive Academic Skills Development Program that you should participate in. Additionally, a number of student volunteers are available to assist you in a program known as Discipline Support Sessions. Please see the timetables for these programs on the noticeboards on campus and also via the iLearn Interact2 Organisation site.

Assessment item 1 - Online Quiz


The Online Quiz can be accessed through Interact2. The questions are based on the material covered by Topics 01 and 02, including the Cisco Introduction to Packet Tracer course. You are expected to work through this material before completing the quiz.


This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:

• be able to explain and demonstrate various components of Internet of Things (IoT).

• be able to analyse the role and importance of IoT in the modern world.


This assessment item is an online quiz having multiple choice questions. Each correct answer will score 1 mark. There are no deductions of marks for incorrect answers. Most online quizzes will involve multiple choice or true/false type questions, although they may include other content. Marks will be given based on the correctness of the answers. The Online Quiz will be marked automatically and you will receive marks according to the following criteria:

Assessment item 2 - Packet Tracer and IoT Development Tasks 


This assignment is comprised of two tasks. The tasks are outlined below.

Task One

You have just joined as an IoT Developer at HomeSpun IoT. The first project you have been tasked with is to setup of a demo IoT House for your immediate department head with a remote link to the company Office. The project is divided into 2 parts:

• Create a Smart Home with the criteria and devices given.

• Control these smart devices from the Office which is in the same city

The Smart Home includes, but is not limited to the following smart devices:

• Ceiling Fan

• 2x Lamps

• Siren • Front Door Lock

• Motion Detector

• Web Camera

• Smoke Detector

• Thermostat

• Furnace

• Air Conditioner (AC)

• Portable Music Player

• Bluetooth Speaker

These devices are linked to a Wireless Router, which is linked via an Ethernet cable to a Cable Modem. The modem is connected to the Internet via an ISP known as TPH. All the devices are registered on a Remote Server which can be controlled locally by a Tablet that is also connected to the wireless network. The Remote Server is connected to the Company's Cloud Cluster service (run by Net Servers), as well as an external server that the Smart Home uses for media streaming.

Ensure that you add all necessary screenshots with the documentation as well as the packet tracer file to be presented to the manager for project approval.

Build and configure the Smart Home. (Refer to the file on the Student Resources named Assignment_2_Help). Save the file as StudentID_Firstname_ITC560.pkt (using your own student ID and first name). A template exists in the Cisco Network Academy IoT Course.

All screenshots for each step with a brief explanation must be included in the document. Once the Assignment is complete, the student must embed the packet tracer file as an object in the word document as StudentID_Firstname_ITC560.pkt

Part A (4 marks):-

The home is connected to the Internet Service Provider using a Cable Modem. Once that is in place, Add, connect, enable and configure the registration server, tablet and wireless router for the House. The network must implement secure protocols and techniques. You should define a suitable addressing scheme and ensure that your devices get addresses via DHCP where appropriate.

All the devices for the Home as outlined above should be represented in this environment.

Create a DNS name server to resolve the names of the devices in this environment. Use DNS wwwFirstName.com (where FirstName is your own first name) to access the connected devices.

Part B (3 marks):-

Add the Office in the same city. Either move the same tablet to the Office or use your smart phone and connect to the Office server. You can use any connecting and intermediary devices of your choice. Log on to the web browser on your tablet/smart phone and manage the devices.

Use your tablet/smart phone to:

• Turn on the Siren

• Lock the door

• Dim one lamp

• brighten the other lamp

• Turn on the furnace

• Turn on the ceiling fan

Part C (3 marks):-

For the art of this task, embed the following logic in the main office.

• When the motion detector, detects motion, play music on the Bluetooth Speaker.

• When the temperature increases, turn on the Air Conditioner, when it is too cold, turn on the furnace (make sure appropriate levels are used).

• When the motion detector is trigger, sound the siren, take pictures with the WebCam and Lock the Door.

You must demonstrate the operation of each of these criteria.

Task Two:-

You are given the task of implementing an IoT service by gathering real world data from actual IoT sensors. This scenario will be explained further in your tutorial tasks.

You have recently been appointed to the Beurea of Meteorology (BOM).

You have been asked to write a piece of software using Python to gather data from the Evens Head IOT sensor. The BOM makes all data available via a standardized web interface. In the case of the Evans Head sensor, this data can be found at


The data returned through this API represents the last three days of sensor data, collected at appropriate intervals by the BOM Fog environment.

Your job is to review how the BOM gathers and presents this data at http://www.bom.gov.au/catalogue/data-feeds.shtml#xml

(http://www.bom.gov.au/catalogue/ data-feeds.shtml)

You will be mostly interested in understanding the data gathered from individual stations. Once you have done this you are to perform the following tasks.

Part A (2 marks)

Install a Linux environment on your workstation, using a suitable hypervisor e.g. VirtualBox. Be sure to install the Apache Web Server and the Python programming language. If you prefer you can build this server on any Cloud computing environment such as AWS.

Part B (4 marks)

Write a Python Script which uses the Python Requests and JSON module to download the JSON object outlined before. The program MUST process the 3 days of data from this stream and report:

• the maximum, minimum and average pressure

• the maximum, minimum and average wind speed

Part C (4 marks)

Modify your Python Program so that it produces a simple web page as its output. Once that is done, place the script in the CGI-BIN directory so that when it is accessed, it provides the user with a web page containing the above information.

The tutorial tasks over the semester will provide you with sufficient insight to complete these tasks.

When completed, you must prepare a document with screen shots outlining the process you have taken to implement the above. You must include a copy of the script used in Part 2 and you must demonstrate your program working.


This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s: • be able to explain and demonstrate various components of Internet of Things (IoT). • be able to analyse the role and importance of IoT in the modern world. • be able to investigate and propose various requirements of IoT for real world applications.


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