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ITC505 - ICT Project Management

ITC505 - ICT Project Management

ICT Project Management

 Consultation procedures

Your subject coordinator will be available for consultation. You will be informed of the consultation procedures via your Interact2 subject site; as well as the names, contact details and consultation procedures for any other staff teaching the subject.

If you cannot contact your Subject Coordinator, please contact your teaching team using the contact details and consultation procedures provided on your Interact2 subject site.

What is your subject about? A brief overview


This subject provides students with the opportunity to critically evaluate the project lifecycle, and to develop the knowledge and skills needed to apply established project management principles and techniques. Students will also examine the critical risk factors in managing a project, including those that relate to scope, time and cost, and communications.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this subject, you should:

be able to identify, critically analyse, reflect on and synthesise the key elements of the IT project management framework, including project stakeholders, communication management, the project management knowledge areas, common tools and techniques, and project success factors;

be able to critically analyse the role of IT project management within a professional workplace, from the viewpoint of the member/leader of the project team;

be able to research and critically evaluate how a practising IT project manager applies IT project management techniques, project management skills, methods and software tools in the IT industry;

be able to understand and apply appropriate communication practices within a project management context;

be able to research and apply established IT project management principles, skills and techniques to a case study.

Pass Requirements

A student must obtain at least 50% in both the examination and the total mark in order to pass this subject.

To be eligible for the grade AA or AE you must have submitted all assessment items in the subject, Charles Sturt University Subject Outline ncluding the final exam. If you choose not to complete an assessment item or do not sit the final exam then you will not be granted an AA or an AE grade.

Key Subjects

Passing a key subject is one of the indicators of satisfactory academic progress through your course. You must pass the key subjects in your course at no more than two attempts. The first time you fail a key subject you will be 'at risk' of exclusion; if you fail a second time you will be excluded from the course.

Assumed knowledge

Academic integrity means acting with honesty, fairness and responsibility, and involves observing and maintaining ethical standards in all aspects of academic work. This subject assumes that you understand what constitutes plagiarism, cheating and collusion. If you are a new student we expect you to complete the modules called

Prescribed Text

Students must have access to a copy of the prescribed textbook.

Marchewka, J. (2015). Information technology project management: Providing measurable

organizational value (Fifth Edition). New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons. [ISBN: 978-1-118-91101-3]

Additional reading / resources

Kloppenborg, T. J. (2015). Contemporary Project Management - Organize / Plan / Perform (Third

Edition). Stamford, USA: Cengage Learning. [ISBN-10: 1-285--43335-1] [ISBN-13:


Project Management Institute (PMI) (2008). A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) (4 ed.). Newton Square, Pennsylvania, USA: Project Management Institute (PMI). [ISBN-10: 1933890517] [ISBN-13: 978-1-933890-51-7]

Schwalbe, K. (2010). Information technology project management (6th ed.). Boston, USA: Course

Technology. [ISBN-10: 0-324-78692-1] [ISBN-13: 978-0-324-78692-7

The textbooks required for each of your enrolled subjects can also be found via the Student Portal

Subject and Assessment Schedule

Please note that one extra class is to be scheduled within the teaching period to complete the 12 weeks teaching plan.

This study schedule has been devised to assist in your planning during the session, and is intended as a guide only.

Subject Content

Information regarding the subject's learning activities is outlined in the above Schedule. More information can be found in the Topics in the Interact 2 site.


 Subject Delivery

Learning, teaching and support strategies

The best way to contact your lecturer is via email.

How you are expected to engage with the subject:

All of your subject materials are available on the Interact site under the Resources link in the left hand side menu.

In this subject we will meet for a 3 hour session where we will discuss that week’s topic. Before you come to class you need to have looked at the online activities in the Interact site and read the text so that you can contribute to the class and derive more meaning from the activities that we will do in class. We will spend class time working through the topic questions, discussing them and preparing responses. In addition we may use video, games and case studies to enhance understanding of certain topic areas.

It is helpful to have a small task to complete early in the session, so that you have a focus in the subject from the very first day.

Assessment Item 1 is an essay for you to research and prepare based on the early topic readings, so it is important you start early. If you don’t attempt the assessment task, I may contact you by phone or email to have a chat about study and if there are any issue that I can help with.

Assessment 2 & 3 are based on a scenario that can be found in Interact 2 and supporting resources.

Students will be assigned to teams for Assessment 2 in order to facilitate peer to peer learning, however it is not a group assessment and students will be required to submit individually. Three team meetings (minimum) should be held between assigned teams throughout the Session. This will be discussed further during the first class lecture.

You should check the Interact Site on a regular basis for postings, announcements, lecture information and other resources that will assist your studies or additional information and resources vital to your success in the subject.

Studying at university does not mean studying alone. During class you will have an opportunity to interact with the lecturer as well as your peers.

Use the subject schedule to plan your studies over the session.

Information on effective time management is available on the CSU Learning Support website via the following link: student.csu.edu.au.

Visit the Learning Support website for advice about assignment preparation, academic reading and note taking, referencing, effective time management and preparing for exams at: student.csu.edu.au.

Queries regarding the content of this subject should be directed to your Subject Coordinator.




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