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Project Management Sessio


Business, Justice and Behavioural Sciences School of Computing and Mathematics Internal Mode Welcome to a new session of study at Charles Sturt University. Please refer to the University’s Acknowledgement of Country (

Subject Coordinator 

 Chandana Penatiyana Withanage Email   Cwithana@studygroup.com Phone   92919356 Campus   Other Building/Room number   To be advised. Consultation procedures Your subject coordinator will be available for consultation. You will be informed of the consultation procedures via your Interact2 subject site; as well as the names, contact details and consultation procedures for any other staff teaching the subject. If you cannot contact your Subject Coordinator, please contact your teaching team using the contact details and consultation procedures provided on your Interact2 subject site. What is your subject about? A brief overview

This subject provides students with the opportunity to critically evaluate the project lifecycle, and to develop the knowledge and skills needed to apply established project management principles and techniques. Students will also examine the critical risk factors in managing a project, including those that relate to scope, time and cost, and communications. Learning outcomes On successful completion of this subject, you should: be able to identify, critically analyse, reflect on and synthesise the key elements of the IT

project management framework, including project stakeholders, communication management, the project management knowledge areas, common tools and techniques, and project success factors; be able to critically analyse the role of IT project management within a professional workplace, from the viewpoint of the member/leader of the project team; be able to research and critically evaluate how a practising IT project manager applies IT project management techniques, project management skills, methods and software tools in the IT

ndustry; be able to understand and apply appropriate communication practices within a project management context; be able to research and apply established IT project management principles, skills and techniques to a case study. Pass Requirements A student must obtain at least 50% in both the examination and the total mark in order to pass this subject. To be eligible for the grade AA or AE you must have submitted all assessment items in the subject,

6.  Given the tight deadlines involved in returning assignments to students and putting feedback on Interact, the maximum extension granted generally will be seven (

7days from the due date. 

7.  Assignments received more than 10 days after the due date or extension date will not be marked unless the staff member decides otherwise. Items received late will be penalised at 10% of the mark available for the assessment item per day it is late (see below).  8.  Note that for purposes of measuring lateness, the 'day' begins just after 00.00 hrs AEST - so an assignment received after midnight of the due date will be penalised 10% for lateness. This rule will be applied to all students uniformly. Penalties for Late Submission The penalty for late submission of an assessment task (without obtaining the Subject Coordinator's approval for an extension) will be: 10% deduction per day, including weekends, of the maximum marks allocated for the assessment task, i.e.

1 day late 10% deduction, or 2 days late 20% deduction. An example of the calculation would be: Maximum marks allocated = 20 Penalty for one day late = 2 marks (so, a score of 18/20 becomes 16/20 and a score of 12/20 becomes 10/20). If an assignment is due on a Friday but is not submitted until the following Tuesday, then the penalty will be four days (40% deduction or 8 marks in the example above). Submissions more than 10 days late will be acknowledged as received but will not be marked. Resubmission Under normal circumstances resubmission of assessment items will not be accepted for any of the assessments required in this subject. Online Submission Assessment items that are completed within the Interact 2 site, such as quizzes, tests and self and peer assessments in the blog and wiki are noted in the assessment section above. You need to complete these tasks within your subject site.  Unless advised otherwise, all Turnitin submissions are due by midnight (AEST) of the date specified. Please note that the time and the date of your Turnitin submission will be used to determine your official submission time.  Additional Submission Information: It is recommended that your name, student ID and page number are included in the header or footer of every page of any assignment. You are also required to rename your assignment file before you submit via Turnitin as per below protocol: 


1554466 used when creating your budget. State how confident you are in your estimates and what would make you more confident.  Part Four:  Project Risk Analysis and Plan Document any assumptions you have made about the project Using the Risk Identification Framework as a basis, identify five risks to the project – one for each of the five phases of the methodology. Analyse these risks, assign a risk to an appropriate member, and describe a strategy for the management of each specific risk.  Part Five: 

Quality Management Plan. It should include:

A short statement that reflects your team’s philosophy or objective for ensuring that you deliver a quality system to your client. Develop and describe the following that your project team could implement to ensure quality; A set of verification activities A set of validation activities  Part Six: 550 words  Closure and Evaluation Researching for the closure checklist and project evaluation  a. To prepare for this task, you will be required to provide an annotated bibliography.  Write an Annotated Bibliography for three (3) relevant texts or readings around project evaluation. The Annotated Bibliography is a critical examination of the most relevant, recent and scholarly research on the topic area that is not just a summary of the articles you have read.  You will submit this as an appendix to your project evaluation documentation. Ensure that the AB submitted by you is your own work and has not been submitted elsewhere and comply with the University's requirements for academic integrity. Use the following resource to guide you around the research tools: http://student.csu.edu.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0009/186444/annotate1.pdf http://libguides.csu.edu.au/itc  b. Develop a closure checklist that the project team will use to ensure that the project has been closed properly.  c.

Develop a project evaluation

–outline and discuss how your project’s MOV will be evaluated.  Submit your assignment online via Turnitin in the nominated class. Turnitin details for the individual classes would be provided on Interact2.  Rationale This assessment addresses the following learning outcomes: be able to understand and apply appropriate communication practices within a project management context; be able to research and apply established IT project management principles, skills and Charles Sturt University Subject Outline ITC505 201790 S I-24 November 2017-Version 3 Page 14 of 21A3 201790.doc 

Hand Delivered Submission Under normal circumstances hand delivered submissions will not be accepted for any of the assessments required. Charles Sturt University Subject Outline

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