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ITC105 Information Management Assignment

ITC105 Information Management Assignment

ITC105 Information Management Assignment

Assessment Items:-

Essential requirements to pass this subject :-

You must obtain at least 50% in both the total mark and the examination mark in order to pass this


If you marginally fail these pass criteria you are entitled to a second chance in the following 



I. You are eligible for an Additional Assignment (AA) if you submitted all assessment items,



   passed the exam (e.g. you scored 50% or above) but received an overall mark between 45


   and  49; or


II.  You are eligible for an Additional Examination (AE) if you submitted all assessment items

    (including the final exam) but failed the exam (e.g. you scored less than 50%) and received an     

     overall  mark 45 or above.


assessment items

 Assessment item 1 - Site Access & Check In:-

Interact2 Online Multiple Choice Quiz. This is an online test which is to ensure that you have found it in Interact2 and found the Test Centre. This is an open book test. You need to have your textbook (either paper version or eBook version) with you. This is a simple online test to ensure you have access to the right resources. This test opens 12.01am (0001 hours) 02 Mar 2020 and closes 11.59pm (2359 hours) 12 March 2020, Sydney time. Students will only be allowed to do this test once. Test to be completed in 60 minutes in one sitting. Unless it is an extenuating circumstance (eg. course late enrolment and hospitalisation), no one will be granted an extension. Contact the lecturer if you are a late enrolment in this subject.


This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:


    be able to identify the components of the communication model.


    be able to explain the fundamental concepts of the communication process.


The Online quiz is part of a check-in process for all new students to this subject. It can be found in the Interact2 subject site.

The quiz requires you to refer to the textbook for this subject. Final exam questions will also be based on this textbook.


Assessment item 2 - Report Preparation:-


Journal Entry. The Journal function in Interact2 must be used. External journal sites are not permitted. If your country geo-blocks the Interact2 website or your circumstance prevents you from accessing the Internet (eg. due to a disability or if you are in a correctional centre), please contact your lecturer immediately. If it is an office/organisation firewall preventing access, you must find an alternative Internet access point to complete this task.

Warning: Entering or editing data in this journal entry after 2359 hours on 25 March will result in deduction of marks (as specified in Penalties for Late Submission).

Assessment 2 is the report preparation process. Assessment 3 is the final report submission.


Assessment 2 and 3 are linked but have different due dates.

In this assessment, you will report on the following items in Interact2 Journal. Kindly refer to the

sample report in Interact2 (which is on another topic) if you need guidance.

It is advised that you write in the Interact2 journal itself rather than a word processor. This is to

prevent errors in formatting or missed out sections when copying and pasting.


Please do not submit an attached document (eg. DOCX, DOC, PDF, etc) to the journal entry.

Question 1:

Select any ONE of the topics you would like to write about from the list below.

a. Climate Change


b. Mental Health


c. Contract Cheating


d. Marine Pollution

Question 2:

Write in point form - what you would like to cover for the topic you have chosen.

Question 3:

Review what you have written in question 1, and narrow down your title.

Question 4:

Research three journal articles in the CSU Database related to your topic. This is located in the CSU Library website. Journal articles must not be older than three years old.

Enter the references of these three journal articles here, in APA 7th edition format. This is the standard format for most CSU subjects. You will use the contents of these journals to write your structured report.

Question 5:

Research three other articles (magazines, newspaper, reports, etc) related to your topic. You may find them in the CSU Database or Google. Articles must not be older than three years old. Enter the references of these three other articles here, in APA 7th edition format. You will use the contents of these articles to write your structured report.

Question 6:

After completing the first five questions, comment briefly what you have discovered about the topic you picked.


This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:

• be able to practise, develop, refine and demonstrate written language skills so students are able to write clearly, correctly and concisely.



1. Selection of topic

2. Thoughts/Contents

3. Narrowed down title

4. Research journals


After you "Create Journal Entry", please click "Post Entry"


You are given full editing rights even after you post - including the ability to delete that Post.


It will also enable the lecturer/marker to provide assistance to you prior to deadline.

If you "Save Entry as Draft", only you can see it and in the past, many students forgot to click on

"Post Entry" which means you have not submitted your assignment at all when the deadline has passed.



ALERT: Some students prefer to cut-and-paste from a word processor, and depending on their


settings, this may cause formatting problems later.


Journal Presentation Formatting Requirements:

 1. Journal space on Interact2 presentation text width between 70-80 characters including spaces.

 2. Font types and sizes consistent (use Arial 12pt) throughout and paragraphs well formed.

 3. Submit answers to all work in one single journal entry.

 4. No attachments to journal entry allowed.

 5. Avoid using dot points, bulleted points, numbered points in your work. Lists do not display your


    understanding of the subject matter and may even appear disjointed to the reader/marker.


6. Meet word limits in each question (allowance of +/- 5%). Table of contents are not required.

    Reference List is not included in the word count.

   (Failure to follow all the above rules, [eg. if you do not meet word limit for one question but meet


   for the others] this is considered as not meeting word limit for all: no partial mark allocated.)


7. Use either UK spelling or USA spelling but do not mix both.


8. All work presented should be carefully proofed, so that spelling and typographical errors are



9. All language used should not be sexist.


10. If acronyms and jargon are used, please explain them in the first instance, then use the

      abbreviated form in the rest of the report.


11.Appendices are not to be used.



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