ITAP1001 Software Development Fundamentals Assignment Help

ITAP1001 Software Development Fundamentals Assignment Help

ITAP1001 Software Development Fundamentals Assignment Help

ITAP1001 Software Development

ITAP1001 Software Development Fundamentals 


This assessment item relates to the unit learning outcomes as within the unit descriptors. This checks your understanding concerning basic constructs of C# programming. 

Details & issues

during this assignment, you're needed to answer the short queries, determine error within the code, provide output of the code and develop 3 C# Console Programs to demonstrate your ability to use C# input/output via command, C# primitive and intrinsic  C# varieties, C# operators and expression, C# conditional statements, C# loop construct, and show your ability to validate the inputs to avoid run-time errors.   

Q1) what's managed and unmanaged code? (2 Marks)

Q2) provide samples of reserved keyword, literals and knowledge varieties in C#. (2 Marks)
Q3) what's the distinction between “continue” and “break” statements in C#? make a case for it with example. (3 Marks)
Q4) what's going to be the output / error of given program? static void Main
] args) a hundred;      int n = 10;     
const int k = n / five * 100 * n;     
Console.WriteLine(m * k);   
Q5) provide the output for the set of programming code. category Program   
Console. WriteLine(i); 
Console. ReadLine();     
Q6) Write a program that might convert temperature given in temperature scale to Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit – the quantity will be number or real.  Use the formula: F = one.8C  + 32





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