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With the help of the knowledge-based system, issues such as module registration, grade requests, and specific questions by the students are solved. In addition to this, the artificial intelligence system will help in recognizing speech, solving complex problems and decision making. With the rise of innovation in the industries, the AI system expanded to areas, for instance, manufacturing, medical, and education (Viljoen, & Murphy, 2019).

IT management has a clear vision and mission of being a leader and settling Educational development online. Having received the financial backing, the university innovated ideas for research and development for the welfare of students. With the help of systems, it tried best to answer all commonly asked questions referred to as frequently asked questions {FAQ'S}. With the development of technical systems such as AI systems, employees learning, and understanding via online sessions, quizzes could be improved, therefore, enhancing the decision making and counterfeiting future scenarios (Viljoen, & Murphy, 2019). It encouraged effective communication between the students and faculty members. With the help of technology, it is aimed at providing course material and lessons through live sessions, therefore, enhanced student’s learning and knowledge in education (Qiu, Li, Wang, & Zhu, 2018).


1.               INNOVATIVE STRATEGY: The University aimed at innovating its services online with the bifurcation of artificial intelligence and knowledge-based systems, therefore, developed full online courses model where lessons, articles will be held online including live and recorded sessions.

2.               TECHNOLOGY STRATEGY: With the development of artificial intelligence {AI} and knowledge-based system {KBS} students' knowledge and understanding skills will be improved therefore enhancing educational development and decision making for the university. In addition to this, articles, quizzes and courses will be available online with the help of technical systems to support the students.

3.               GRAND STRATEGY: For growth and development of the university in terms of education, it combined and developed AI system and Knowledge-based system for providing useful information, grades request, and specific questions to all students with the help of live sessions, articles and recorded data thereby enhancing student's understanding skills, decision making and development of the university.

4.               FUNCTIONAL STRATEGY: The University implemented systems for effective utilization of resources with the help of technology and ensured that every information and issue gets delivered to every student of the university.

5.               COMPETITIVE STRATEGY: It aimed at providing courses online with the help of live and recorded sessions to the students for educational development. In addition to this, the use of upgraded technology such as the AI system helped them to grow online.


1.               CLARITY OF VISION: it aimed at having a clear vision to become a leader in educational development by providing information to every student with the help of fully online courses and articles.

2.               CLARITY OF VISION: With the help of an innovative educational system, it is aimed at providing education with a vision of student's knowledge and skills enhancement by providing full online courses and articles regarding the topics.

3.               EDUCATION ENHANCEMENT THROUGH TECHNOLOGY: It prioritizes providing highly advanced education to the students with the help of technology like artificial intelligence and knowledge-based systems therefore, enhancing student's knowledge and understanding.

4.               ENHANCING RELATIONSHIPS WITH THE STUDENTS: It aimed at communicating and dealing with the student's issues while accessing the course material online. In addition to this, it focuses on maintaining a healthy relationship with the students through feedbacks and replying online.


1.               E-learning course: With the help of the AI system and knowledge-based systems, online course is available and lessons are delivered through live sessions to enhance learning and understanding of students. In addition to this, it aimed at answering all commonly asked questions online thus enhancing student's knowledge and learning (Too,&Weaver, 2014).

2.               24/7 services: With the development of technology, the course material can be accessed anytime, anywhere by the students, therefore, enhancing their learning and knowledge.

3.               Technological assistance: It aimed at developing and providing courses online that could be assessed for new and innovative ideas by every student and faculty member with the help of technology.in addition to this, lessons were delivered through live and recorded sessions.

4.               Educational development: Having received the financial backing for research and development, it used innovative ideas to support its students in enhancing their learning and knowledge with the help of online courses.

5.               Effective communication: it aimed at encouraging an effective interaction between the students and faculty members through live sessions and recorded sessions and by delivering the full course online to enhance student's learning regarding the course material.

6.               Excellent educational services: It emphasized proving highly advanced education to its students with the help of technology. In addition to this, it tried its best to reply to the inquiries and issues occurring in accessing online, therefore, providing innovative and flexible education to value its students professionally (Crawford, 2014).



2.               360-degree technique: Under this method, every employee evaluates his managers, peers' performance to ensure effective performance. Similarly, the performance of staff members can be evaluated and improved with the help of this method.

3.               Method of ranking: An old yet effective way of judging employees' performance where the employee gets compared with his respective employees then ranked from highest to lowest for reviewing their performances thus, promoted and rewarded accordingly. For instance, if there are 10 employees then ranking would be from the first rank till tenth ranking. Similarly, the staff's performance can be evaluated with the help of this method.

4.               Paired comparison Appraisal: Based on one attribute, each employee gets compared with other employees in the University then the number of times, an employee gets compared better from his respective employees determines his/her ranking. Similarly, the staff member who gets better reviews as compared to his/her employees from others will get good ranking (Portny, 2017).

5.               Management by Objective {MBO} method: A method of evaluating and improving the performance through communicating, organizing and controlling the performances. It requires four steps – setting up a goal, performance assessment, performance comparison and review of actual performance. Similarly, the staffing skills can be judged, evaluated and controlled.

6.               Behaviorally anchored rating scale appraisal: With the help of this method, employee’s performance and behavioral pattern is evaluated through critical incident techniques, for instance, human relation skills, operational skills, observation skills for comparing individual’s performance,then, the employee develops dimensions of his/her performance and then lastly, scaling of critical incidents that would lead to final instrument development that is called as BARS. Similarly, staff members can be judged through their behavioral patterns.

7.               Confidential reporting Appraisal: Under this method, evaluation is done by the supervisor for judging the performance and then demote/promote or transfer the employee thereby providing information regarding employee's strengths, weaknesses, and attributes. Similarly, senior staff can judge the performance of the junior staff and the advantage that it gives is the privacy of the information between the superior and subordinates.


1.               GOALS EVALUATION: Ensuring a clear understanding of the business plan along with its objectives containing the short term and long term goals for the growth of the University. There should be a clear vision, mission, and strategies for the long term growth of the University. Similarly, in the case of a university, it should hire staff who can operate the upgraded technology or employees possessing technical skills for meeting its initiatives (Crawford, 2014).

2.               SHORT TERM STAFFING POLICY: It emphasizes on immediate requirements and needs of the University. Several University turn to short term workforce staffing requirements for specific tasks/projects for a shorter period. Similarly, a university can hire staff people possessing technical skills for running the technology.

3.               LONG TERM STAFFING POLICY: This type of policy covers at least or more than a year. Employee’sretirement, maternity leave, poor performances by the employees should be taken into consideration therefore, it can develop suitable plans for recruiting the right talent.

4.               STRATEGIC STAFFING POLICY: it involves both short and long term staffing policies ensuring that the company moves forward and achieves its desired goals. Therefore, the skills of each employee are evaluated to determine the best talents. If the team lacks certain skills, then either he/she should be trained or the University needs to hire new talents for meeting its initiatives. Similarly, the university should hire such employees possessing technical, operational, communication skills as required by it.

5.               RECRUITING THE BEST TALENT: If the University requires technology to be run by experts or employees possessing the right skills, and if the team fails to perform the required skills, then it gives an indication that it should hire new, fresh talents outside the University. Similarly, to operate the technical systems of the university, it should recruit fresh talents for operating upgraded technology.




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