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ISY2001 FastCab Case Study

ISY2001 FastCab Case Study


This case study assignment allows students to understand and analyse user requirements and design a simple system for a small business organisation.
System Requirements
FastCabs is a newly created taxi service company that provides online booking for clients in the state of NSW.
FastCabs has considered developing a simple website for an online booking System with the capability to enable clients access from their mobile devices and to book for a trip. At the time of their first booking, clients should be able to enter their details into an online form, along with their credit card details. However, clients can also have an account with FastCabs and for any subsequent bookings, they can log in to their own account and make a booking for a taxi. They need to be able to enter their trip origin and destination. The system will give them an estimate of cost according to their trip description.
Assuming you have been assigned to design and develop the system for FastCabs. You are given three weeks to come up with a blueprint of the system design and present the design to a team of consultants. The online booking System should be able to perform a number of activities such as adding or creating a new customer, checking for available taxis and drivers in the area requested by the customer, calculating cost of trip, issuing online ticket or receipt and processing all bookings transactions. You may add any other possible functions that you deem necessary for this system to function in this business case.
You are required to design a system that can perform the above activities and maintain a database containing data relevant to those activities. Carry out “process modelling” and “data modelling” to achieve this purpose.
Your tasks in this project include:
- Provide a justification of why this system needs to be developed and ensure that you are professionally convincing to senior management.

- Provide a description of the business case and justification about the business benefits from implementing this system.

- Describe the project scope and provide a brief cost and schedule analysis.

- Identify the major functions in the system that will be required in order to meet the business needs.

- Conduct the TCO of this system in Excel; add your full name and student ID in Excel in row 1. Embed the TCO part from Excel into the Word document, which is your assignment file. Ask the teacher to show you how to embed this if you are not sure.

- Develop data flow diagram (DFD level 0 and Context Diagram with at least 3 different processes).

- Prepare entity relationship diagram, to model the data requirement relevant to
this system.

- Create 3 screen interfaces a (main menu, an input screen and the monthly sales report) that will be used in the system designed by your group.

The marking will be based on the design; it is not necessary to implement the system.
Marking Criteria
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