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Irrational Decision Making

Irrational Decision Making

 Irrational Decision Making

Irrational thinking often stems as a product of the immediate environment that people are in, which not only influences their frame of mind, but their attitudes as well. Nonetheless, whether it occurs in personal or business circles, irrational thought may culminate in short and long term consequences that can significantly impact inter-personal relationships. Moreover, unethical decision making can often arise from irrational thoughts which causes tension, arguments, conflicts and resentment to arise. It is imperative that every worker is imbued with the keys to making sound decisions so as not to put the company resources in danger thereby maintaining a positive and motivated working spirit with their fellow workers. The same concept applies in personal circles, however, sometimes, the way decisions are presented to people can drastically change the outcomes generated since perspectives can either be broad or narrow. A distinctive example of irrational and unethical decision making is gambling, which leverages the resources present based on future unknown outcomes.

A large part of irrational thinking stems from the emotions within human beings and how they are consequently influenced. Without the emotional processing part of the brain, human beings are unable to make any decisions. Therefore, when these emotions are impacted or changed in any way, the decisions made also change(Paul & Elder, 2012). Being aware of this emotional concept is one of the ways that leaders are able to ensure rational decisions are made at work. Additionally, perspectives are integral in discerning logical from illogical behavior. Whereas from the outside a decision may seem incomprehensible, the people on the inside may view it different. They may experience a lack of all the information necessary to reach a rational outcome or they simply don’t agree with it. At time, the skills to make these decisions may be lacking(Power, 2017). For instance, for workers trapped in a mine with no geographical skills, they may try pulverizing the rock around them, which not only puts them in more danger of rocks caving in on them, however, they lack the skill set to make different choices. Ultimately, there are a variety of reasons why people make unethical or irrational decisions, but a large part of it has to do with the emotions at play.

My most significant irrational and unethical train of thoughts involved gambling money that rightfully belonged to others in an effort to secure my future. Due to the precarious nature of student life, three of my friends and I formed a financial group that contributed a small fee every week from our allowances and saved it up in order to invest the amount either in trading stocks or real estate. For the first two years, this plan worked meticulously with the money collected amounting to a significant sum that not only promised healthy returns but the promise of a secured future for the four people involved. As the appointed head of the group, the sum was kept in my bank account with the trust of my associates. However, halfway through my final year, I suffered the death of my caregiver which forced me to reconsider my financial avenues. Previously, I had no interest in gambling or any interest in the matter. However, as my prospects became dimmer, gambling started to seem like a better option. Therefore, without the knowledge of my partners, I withdrew the full amount of their savings and engaged in gambling activities that saw the loss of the full amount within the following weeks.

An analysis of the decision made reflects portions of egocentrism and sociocentrism. The decision to gamble money that had been saved through hard work by people who had placed their trust in me was primarily influenced by my emotions and the environment I was in(Paul & Elder, 2012). In order to maintain appearances and my social class, I went to unethical proportions which ended up having short term and long terms consequences. Arguments, conflicts and tension arose after they discovered that the money was missing and had been gambled away without their knowledge. Furthermore, the promise of a more secure future was traded in for present happiness. Moreover, it was hard to present my thinking pattern or decision making process to my partners since they did not have all the information of my financial predicament. Nonetheless, there were better ways to handle that followed a more rational way of thinking. For instance, asking for their permission to use the savings in the account until I found a better option would have worked. Similarly, borrowing from them personally could have kept me going for a certain period of month.


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