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Executive Summary


Sustainability is the most important issues in day to day product development. For clean air, preserving natural resources society and industries need sustainable business practices. Healthy ecosystems should be the base of every business industry. The sustainable economic environment can be achieved by using recycled materials to build hybrid cars. From the overall observation, it is clear that Suzuki can take a good step towards sustainability and green practices. Employees of Suzuki must follow green practices, and it can be observed that company also maintain standards for use of recycled materials. Suzuki is also very keen to make energy efficient and low fuel consuming cars. Suzuki emerges as the global sustainable eco-friendly industries.

1.0 Introduction

 Automobile are one of the main source of pollution that causes global warming, as it is the major issue, top automobile companies focus on green product manufacturing process. People are getting more interested in sustainable economy. No one can deny these days that the society need sustainable business practices. Sustainable economic environment can be achieved by using recycled materials to build hybrid cars.



2.0 Background of the Suzuki


Here the Chosen Company is Suzuki that is a Japanese motor corporation. The Company builds automobiles, motorcycle, ATV and marine transports. Suzuki aims to contribute to the society and they want to be a company loved and trusted throughout the world as said by director and President Mr. Toshihiro Suzuki (suzuki.com.au, 2018)



3.0 Finding and Analysis



3.1 About the Product


Several companies are now operating manufacturing unit according to the environment of the regional location. The new car will be made by using recycled metals and materials; it will be a hybrid car with less fuel consumption and lower emission. The price of the car will be much lesser compare to the other cars in the market so that customers can easily afford it. Cars should have good quality airbags that will meet the Australian standards.


3.2 Investment threats and opportunities and Sector Specific Challenges


Investigation on Sustainable product development it has seen that sustainable product development has some threats and challenges. Climate change could be a threat when adequate safeguards are not present. Over the past years global challenges to sustainable development is sorted out by a board called ‘megatrends’. In accordance to Geng & Sarkis (2011), lack of vendor interest is showing shadow over Suzuki’s big investment plan. Investors can look up for long-term capital because it is tax-free. Also an advantage of investing in eco friendly products is it is considered to be the best investment option that gives the high return. Another opportunity to invest in Suzuki’seco friendly sustainable car is that investors can impose certain decisions to the company. Also investment in equity investor section, investor can be a part of the company. There are also some investment threats in the sustainable product development area. Investor's initial capital can be wiped out clearly, volatility can impact on returns. Many global and local factors affect the share price, if those share prices are negative investor may not invest that will be a big impact for manufacturing new eco friendly products. [Referred to Appendix 1]


3.3 Corporate social responsibility and promoting sustainability


Human development resource has a critical role play that ensures that the Suzuki follows the social responsibility. As opined by Kale (2017), Suzuki implements and encourages green practices like using recycled product, saving energies etc throughout the world. Suzuki also focuses on fostering a culture that will develop social responsibility. Here are some practices in Suzuki like, using recycled parts and materials for current use. Suzuki encourages their employee for recycle paper, cans, bottles etc. to reduce the energy consumption. Suzuki has different plans to build up hybrid car with recycled parts and low emission rate. There are some strong competitors in the market like Ford, BMW. Toyota etc.


3.4 Business operations of the company


As opined by Kushwaha & Sharma (2016), Suzuki operates their business according to some agenda, like manufacturing sustainable cars. At the beginning Suzuki analysis the general environments, then look for the industry environment analysis on rural basis. Value chain is analysed in the next phase. Some other analytical areas are competitor and supply chain. They also look after for customer safety while it’s regarding airbags or accident safety feature that meets the Australian standards. In business model of Suzuki there is standard for safety that is called safety index. Suzuki tested their cars in factory for better eco friendly and low emission rate (Yadav, 2017).


3.5 Environmental Impact reduced in Production phase


As Suzuki Adopted green practise for product manufacturing, production phase has the lowest environmental impact. Junks have been recycled and reused in their own products. On global scale manufacturing industry produces 50% CO2 and 20-50% natural resources are consumed. Here Suzuki’s approach is quite different from the above information, Suzuki consumes much less natural resource (as they are using recycled materials) and their CO2 emission is also very low in their production phase.



4.0 Conclusion


From the overall observation it is clear that Suzuki is doing great job regarding sustainability and green practices. Employees of Suzuki follows green practices, company also maintain standards for use of recycled materials. Suzuki is also very keen to make energy efficient and low fuel consuming cars. Suzuki emerges as global sustainable eco friendly industry.

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