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Today's fast-paced business landscape is associated with enhancement of productivity and expansion of business, which is possible by maintaining proper engagement of workforce into their work.  As per Rothaermel (2015), employee engagement is the effective as well as best way to assure the organisation that employees are as productive as possible. The current essay focuses on the employee engagement strategy that is taken by the HR team of Australian retail brand David Jones Pvt Ltd. This essay is also going to explore the corporate strategy taken by Davis Jones to enhance involvement of their employee to embrace all the important aspect in human resource landscape. Furthermore, this assignment also focuses on the diversification strategy taken by human resource department of David Jones, which is important to expand its business in international market. Current essay will also explore the way in which HR strategic moves such as employee engagement and Diversification of business, taken by David Jones, can meet its overall organisational strategy.


Different elements that is associated with meeting of corporate strategy in terms of its workforce:

Meeting organisational strategy in term of employees in organisation is associated with enhancement of productivity and ability of company workforce. As stated by Al-Khasawneh (2014), engagement of employees into their work with huge dedication and loyalty is best way to achieve overall corporate strategy. David Jones Pty Ltd, is one of the leading upmarket department stores in Australia, has an ambitious strategy to curve up to its fast-growing and well organised $44 billion retail business. Human resource team of David Jones could make effective effort to feel the exact capability of its employee in all level of its business. As opined by (Ardizzon, Cavazzini & Pavesi 2015), employee engagement is associated with some aspects which could be encountered by human resource team of that enterprise such as good collaboration and cooperation within employee and maintenance of effective as well as strong ethical and moral values in every layer of business. HR strategic move can be taken by David Jones to contribute to enhancement of organisational productivity. A productive workforce is always are able to, put their best effort in meeting organisational objectives without creating any risk of sacrificing quality of service. HR aspects of David Jones could be associated with enhancing the quality and productivity of its workforce which would make HR team able to set a profitable as well as well-organised business framework.  In this aspect Breevaart et al. (2014), David Jones is aiming to expand its business in Asian country which needs proper human resource strategy and highly productive and updated workforce. In this context, HR managers of David Jones are going to launch loyalty as well as credit card programs which are associated with enhancing knowledge and skill among employee about how to deal with online selling an ever-increasing number of customers who availing online purchasing. For owning country road business in Australian market which includes merging with different fashion brands such as Trenery, Mimco and Witchery, David Jones HR team is going to conduct staffing model.

This staffing model would include encourage and support employees by providing extra incentives to all sales managers as well as sales executives to motivate them to spend more time in achieving organisational goals. In this aspect Carter & Baghurst (2014), stated that employee motivation is one of the important aspects in enhancing involvement and dedication of workforce to achieve corporate strategy.  HR team of David Jones enhance its employee knowledge and skill by conducting employee training program which is effective to enhance their ability in understanding market strategy. On the contrary Chen (2017) stated that, in many cases, employee training programs are not useful due to lack of assessment strategy. In this aspect, HR team of David Jones could conduct self-assessment program, which not only provides knowledge to sales staff about how to deal with ever-changing business landscape but also enhance their ability to evaluate their own drawbacks as well as flaunts. As stated by Hwang & Sitorus (2014), another important element of employee engagement strategy is to foster better employee input. Human Resource strategy of David Jones could be associated with enhancement of employee confidence and decision-making power to optimise their possible inputs into this organisation. Sales staffs of David Jones could be allowed to share their own decisions and ideas with Human resource managers, which would make them, feel that their thoughts and ideas are precious for their organisation. This approach is taken by HR team of David Jones not only would foster employee engagement but also motivate as well as encourage their positive approach towards their organisation challenges (davidjones.com.au , 2017).

Current essay concludes the fact that employee engagement and business diversification are two important corporate strategies which could be maintained by any enterprise to improve their business framework. This essay also concludes that employee engagement is associated with improvement of skills and knowledge of staffs which make them able to contribute their best efforts for achieving company goals. It can also be concluded from above discussion that, diversification is important for any business to expand its market into international landscape.  In this aspect, it can be stated that David Jones, one of the leading fashion brand in Australia, could enhance their international business in Asian market by introducing new product and service in market. Furthermore, this essay concludes that diversification has some risks which are posed towards existing market. Negligence towards existing market and more focus towards new market sometimes damage the reputation of enterprise in international market. Therefore it is important for organizations to strengthen its existing market to grab the attention of international investors and consumers.
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