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Introduction and Scenario

In current scenario it can be suggested that information system is one of the key principle for any kind of business. From the concept of information it can be suggested that information system actually assists different areas and that are supply chain management, customer relationship management and also the E-commerce. All these are basically integrated system that is generally to use to reduce the extra cost in any kind of business. Apart from that   information system also differentiate any particular business from other business and also increase the market share. Most important component generally consist the information system is the software and computer components but at the same time some other main components that are related with information system is the people and procedure and also data. Hence, it can be suggested that information system play major role in case of making decision.

 In order to handle the increasing competition in the market the particular company is going to implement the information system because with the help of it is possible to add some value in the business. Therefore for better services the particular company provides more information and attractive offers to the customer and at the same time they also expand the range of business

Specific System

From the case scenario it can be constructed that the company Barry's Bean is going to implement the information system to expand their business. Apart  from that  with the help of this system  the company can  collect  more  relevant information from the  internal and external  resources. More information will help the company to maintain the customer relationship because  with the  help of those information any company  can identify their loop holes and  at  the same time  they can rectify this also (Laudon & Laudon,  2016).  Another positive side of information system is that it also helps to maintain the supply chain management and e- commerce. According to the supply chain management it suggests flow of goods and services. That is connected with the information system because correct information helps the company to understand the need of the customer and at same time the exact requirements. By this process is possible to maintain the supply chain management. In case of e- commerce the information system also plays some major role because information system provides data distribution and sharing with other sources. 


       Major issues in case of information system are the data security processes. In case of information system there is huge possibility of data or information manipulation and information hacking (Wild et al. 2014). If all the sensitive data gets manipulated or hacked then it will compromise the security of the information database.

       Some time backdated software decrease the performance of the system as a result it creates major problem in the receiving end of the system. Data transaction and information transduction then accrue more time.

From the above mentioned issue it can also be constructed that Barry's Beans can also face this kind problem at the time of implementing the information system. Therefore the company needs to make a proper Information technology framework to maintain such condition.


Beside some issues there is also some major benefits that helps any organization to maintain proper flow in the business.

       With the help of proper information system it is possible to maintain healthy relationship with the customer. If any company can maintain healthy relationship with their customer then it will automatically increase their loyal customer base. If the customer base of any company is high then demand of the product will automatically increased and if the product demand is increased then it is very obvious that supply chain management will be done in proper manner.

       With  the  help  of  proper information system  it is  possible to  manage  the  ecommerce  system. transaction of proper information through any server can help to organize digital  marketing and  in this process it is possible  to distribute the relevant  information  from one  machine  to another  machine (Lu et al. 2015).

       In order to maintain proper data sharing and distribution some high end software can also be used. Which will help to maintain the security of the database and also maintain the security of the information

       With the help of information system is possible to transmit all the sensitive information from one specific computer to another computer or database.

From the above mentioned  benefits it can also  be  constructed  the with  the help of information system the mentioned organization can achieve various kind support and positive feedback  which will  help the organization to attract  more people towards their organization  or company.  Therefore this system can be considered one of the most effective and relevant system for any business.

System Specifications

From  the case study  it can be constructed  that  the  Barry's Beans is going  to implement  that  kind of information system by which the company can provide better experience and  information to their customer rather than any other organization. From doing this kind of performance the organization need to collect accurate information from different sources and if the source is reliable then the respective company can manage all those things (Malhotra, Melville & Watson, 2013). Apart from that  the concept of information system or  from  the specification of the information  system  it  can be constructed that it  provides  data confidentiality,  data availability and  data  integrity. This thing can be consider as the major specification of the information system.


From the concept  of data availability  it can be  suggested  that  only authorized  user can access   all those  data   or  information  that   are  sent  by another  authorized user, therefore to  maintain this approach  the  availability concept is  introduced. From this  concept  it can  be suggested   that  when  an  unauthorized  user  or  intruders try  to  hack the  information  throng  the  web server. Then the severer deny their requests and some time go the denial mode. If the intruder tries this same thing repetitively then the server will crush their request and the unauthorized user will no longer can visit the web server (Narayanaswamy, Grover & Henry, 2013). With  the  help of this  an authorized  user can   transmit  the  information  from  one   particular   machine  to  another  machine. At the same time total distribution process gets easier and safer during this period.

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