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INF30029 – Information Technology Project Management Assignment Help

INF30029 – Information Technology Project Management Assignment Help
INF30029 – Information Technology Project Management
This assignment extends the work undertaken in Assignment B. 
Using the case study you will continue with the development and completion of the project proposal.
In Assignment B you were asked to commence the development of the project proposal and include:
a) Project Scope Management
b) Project Time Management
c) Project Cost Management
d) Project Risk Management
e) Project Stakeholder Management

Assignment Deliverables [the tasks]
Continuing in the role of the project manager you are to complete the project proposal [charter]. For the purposes of this assignment we will refer to the project management framework or the Project Management Body of Knowledge [PMBoK©].
In this assignment you are to focus on the following PMBoK© areas:

Project Integration Management, including but not exclusively:
a) Development of the project proposal [Project Charter]
b) Development of the Scope Statement
c) Management of project scope, execution & control, and change management

Project  Quality Management, including but not exclusively:
a) Planning
b) Control
c) Configuration Management

Project  Human Resource Management [Managing People], including but not exclusively:
a) HR Planning
b) Organisational Chart/s
c)  Role of the Project Manager and Project Team
d) Resources

Project  Communications Management, including but not exclusively:
a) Communications Plan
b) Suitable Medium/s & Channels

Project  Procurement Management, including but not exclusively:
a) Processes to Support Project Procurement
b) Outsourcing [if appropriate]
c) Planning Purchases and Acquisitions
d) Appropriate Documentation

a) In your submission of project proposal stage 2 [this Assignment], you are to include your project proposal stage 1 from the previous Assignment. So you will provide in this submission the complete project proposal containing the ten [10] PMBoK© areas.
b) As this is a unit allowing students to apply their learning, you are not to write a report simply describing what a project proposal is about, but to actually produce a project proposal from the material supplied and demonstrate your learning’s about the PMBoK©.
c) Included in the five PMBoK© areas is the administrative requirements. There is no requirement for a separate project proposal [plan] unless students feel that this is necessary. But as you are assuming the role of the project manager then you decide the most appropriate layout of your proposal.
d) You are required to use MS Project 2010 (or later version) if available or other suitable project management software of your choosing] to develop the WBS, schedule, budget. The project file MUST be embedded into your project proposal for verification.

Submission Procedures
Your report is to be typewritten as a Word.doc, in English. The report should be written in clear, plain language, so that non-expert users can easily understand it. The report must be properly constructed, it should contain all the necessary parts that a report is required to have. Include all relevant documents and support materials [if required] in an appendix. All sources quoted in your report should be correctly referenced and included in a Reference or Bibliography or both. Swinburne University has adopted the “Harvard Referencing System” for all reports. It is therefore expected that you will also use this reference system in your final report.

Please ensure you also use the style guide provided on blackboard.

a) There is to be one [1] report only not several, and in word.docx or doc format only, NOT PDF. PDF files will not be accepted for examination and will be returned. Any additional files MUST be embedded into the one word document.
b) The project proposal should be plausible, that is it should reflect the aims objectives from the case study.

Students are not required to use an Assignment Cover Sheet. 
On the front page of all Assignments submitted you must include:
a) Full names and student ID’s
b) Unit code, Assignment number, due date and % weighting
c) Assignment name and a descriptive title of your chosen topic
d) Signed declaration as worded below:

e) I hold a copy of this Assignment that can be produced if the original is lost/damaged. To the best of my belief, no part of this Assignment has been copied from any other student’s work or from any other source except where due acknowledgement is made in the text. No part has been written for me/us by any other person, except where such collaboration has been authorised by the lecturer concerned.
f) Signature and date.

Assignments without this information on the cover will not be marked. Do not submit any Assignments by eMail to the tutor or convenor.
Assignment Procedures for Group Work
Both Assignment task B and C will be undertaken as a team assignment in groups of 4. The choice of operating mode will be left to the students, although where the group mode is preferred, the team as a whole will be responsible for its day-to-day operation and management. Where working in team mode is chosen, you should work with the same group members in both assignments.
When the relevant decisions on team have been made, work space for groups will be made available on Blackboard if required. Other than this, however, management of the team will be the responsibility of the students concerned. In the group space, the features/tools [e.g., discussion board, chat room, file exchange, email, blogs, etc.] available within the group area.
The requirements and marking criteria for the Assignment will remain the same, whether submissions come from individuals or groups. A marking guide will be made available at an appropriate time. 
Where working in project teams, only one submission [on behalf of all members of the team] is required. Please ensure that the full name and student number of every group member are provided as part of the submission.
It is anticipated that each member of the project team will receive equal marks. Depending on the results of the peer assessment form [provided on Blackboard], the final mark may be distributed unevenly across the team depending on level of participation, preparation and scholarly academic contributions to the assignment. 

It is expected that your report be of acceptable content and structure as this is a undergraduate unit. A clearly understand the submission requirements is essential.
You will not pass if you do not comply with the assignment requirements.
The work you submit must be your team’s work only and nobody else’s. 
You MUST submit the report by using the Blackboard. 
Don’t forget to keep a backup. If your assignment goes astray, whether your fault or ours, you will be required to re-produce it. Lack of back-up will not meet with any sympathy whatsoever!
Late submission of assignments may result in a lower grade for the assignment in terms of the Swinburne Assignment guidelines as suggested in the unit outline.
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