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INF30019 Information Systems Project Management

INF30019 Information Systems Project Management

 INF30019 Information Systems Project Management

Swinburne University of Technology

Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies

INF30019 Information Systems Project Management

Guideline: Look at http://www.projectmanagementdocs.com/ for some other templates and some explanations of different parts of the project plan.



1         Introduction and Objectives of the Project Plan

1.1           Overview of the Organization


Provide some information about <organization name>. Describe the strategic goals of the <organization name> and how top management plans to achieve these goals. Next, explain specifically how <project name> relates to these organizational goals.

1.2        Current Situation and Problem/Opportunity Statement


The aim of this section is to clearly outline how the proposed project will benefit the organization. The current situation in <organization name> is first explained. This includes a detailed description of the relevant environmental conditions. Second, a description of the business problem or opportunity is provided. This includes a detailed assessment of the business needs that are currently being met or not met. Finally, the gap that exists between the current situation and the stated objectives of the project is analyzed.

2         Project Charter [5 Marks] (Note this section should not be revised after it has been written)

2.1        Project Information

Project Start Date:

<Enter <project name>’s expected start date here>

Project End Date:

<Enter <project name>’s expected finish date here>

Project Manager:

<Enter the name of the project manager here>

Project Sponsor:

<Enter the name of the project sponsor here>


2.2        Project objectives

Provide a list of what <project name> will accomplish in terms of the products/service that will be produced. Also, indicate the target benefits of <project name.>

2.3        Project approach

List the approach that the project will take.

2.4        Roles and Responsibilities

List the different people who will be working on <project name>. This list would include the project manager and all the key stakeholders who will be involved with <project name>. Also, record their role, their positions, and their contact information.


1.1        Project Constraints


List and describe any project constraints that have been identified during the planning phase of <project name>. These constraints will affect the scope, schedule, budget, and quality of <project name>.


1.2        Assumptions


Any assumptions that have been made during the planning process for <project name> must be specified.

1.3        Preliminary Schedule and Budget Estimates


Provide a rough estimate of how long it will take to complete <project name> and how much it will cost.


1.4        Plan Modification Rules


Describe the rules for modifying the Project Charter. For example, only the project manager has the authority to change this document.

1.5        Approval Signatures


The signatures above represent stakeholders’ agreement and acknowledgement of the information contained in this document.

2         Project Scope Management plan

2.1        Product description


Describe the solution that will be provided to address the problems/ opportunity.

2.2        Project Deliverables

Provide a summary of the deliverables of <project name>. Only a list of the high-level deliverables is provided here. More information can be found in the Work Breakdown Structure.


2.3        Scope Statement

Provide a list of what is in and out of scope of <project name>:

2.4        Work Breakdown Structure Development

Describe how the work breakdown structure (WBS) will be developed. This describes which approach (such as top-down or bottom-up approach) will be used to develop the WBS, as well as who will be involved in the development. Produce a WBS in diagram form.

2.5        Scope Change Management Process

Explain how changes in <project name>’s scope will be addressed. This involves a description of how any changes in scope will be identified, addressed, communicated, and documented. Provide a list of the members of the Change Control Board who will be approving/rejecting any changes, as well as the procedures in place to request a change.

2.6        Plan Modification Rules

Describe the rules for modifying the Scope Management Plan. For example, only the project manager has the authority to change this plan.

3         Schedule management plan

3.1        Project Schedule


1.1         Quality Management Approach

Provide a description of how quality will be ensured in <project name>. This is a high-level description as more detailed information will be provided in the Quality Assurance and Quality Control sections. Provide a list of the tools that will be used in managing project quality, a description of how the tools will be used, and a list of who will be responsible for managing these tools.


1.2        Quality Assurance

Quality assurance processes are used to evaluate overall project performance and to determine that quality reviews were held, deliverables tested, and customer acceptance acquired. This section includes a description of testing and acceptance processes, verification processes, communication and documentation processes, and continuous improvement processes.


1.3        Quality Control

Quality control processes are used to monitor the project deliverables to ensure that these deliverables comply with quality standards. This section includes of how control information will be collected and how this information will be analyzed and used to determine whether quality standards have been met. Also describe how any deviations from acceptable quality metrics will be reported and resolved.

2         Risk management plan

2.1        Risk Management Strategi




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