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          Under Armour Company which is a sports apparel company, was founded in 1996 by Kelvin-Plank who was a former football player at the University of Maryland. The company was incorporated on the New York stock exchange using the UA symbol which has been growing since then. Its main headquarters is in Baltimore Maryland which has currently employed over 1800 workers. The company has expanded its market to Asia-pacific, Latin America, Europe, North America, Middle East, and Africa. (Kraft 2009). Its main area of the target is producing and distributing sportswear and other sports accessories. The main competitors of Under Armour are Nike and Adidas who supply similar goods all over the world.

Executive summary

            For the last decade, the company has brought high competitiveness to other sporting companies due to its high expansion rate. Recently, it has listed has the second most popular company in the world after surpassing Adidas regarding popularity. Its apparel has pulled some customers who have significantly led to its growth and demand across the globe. Due to this, the company makes a lot of sale per year which as recently increased du its marketing strategy which involves marketing through favorite sports investors including famous football sports clubs.

            It has ensured that all its customers all over the world can access its products and recently, the company is opening retail shops in North America. The retail shops encourage direct to customer services which in the long run helps the management what types of goods customers in that region require. By ensuring that it supplies goods as per customer needs, it gains more customers hence leading to its expansion.

         In the year 2006, the company started supplying footwear, and since then it has formulated strategies of expanding the new product even though currently the sales are still too low compared to competitor products. Compared to Nike the company is far much below the level when it comes to selling the shoe products. Putting a few strategies in place will help the company compete fairly with Nike which still leads regarding the market. This can be improved by modifying the product and also putting more strategies on its marketing strategies to ensure that it has won more customers.

Under Armour Competitive analysis

        The company has paid close attention to the techniques that it should put in place so that to compete fairly with the other companies who supply similar goods to the market worldwide. It ensures that there is a fair deal which favors its suppliers, customers and also the company’s profit in general. When it comes to its bargaining power of suppliers, the company has a great brand name. Any supplier would wish to trade using the company’s goods. The number of suppliers is also large which means that the company can always switch to new suppliers depending on the deals that they will put on the table. Even though it can change customers, it has ensured that it considers their welfare to make sure that the name of the company is still growing. Suppliers usually have a great deal when it comes to marketing the company’s products because they have direct access to the client.

         When it comes to the bargaining power of its buyers, the company has ensured that it produces quality goods that attract and retains customers. Times time to time improvement of the products helps it to gain customer loyalty who always come for more from the company. Although Nike and Adidas produce similar goods, Under Armour products have a unique touch to its potential customers since they are delivered to cater to all customer needs.

       The other competition force comes from rivalry among other competitors with similar goods and also have a reasonably large market. Though they are few, they have established deep roots in the market. To win such a competitive market, the company should offer better deals regarding pricing and also produce more quality goods which will pull the customers from the rival companies. Generally, the Under Armor faces a great rivalry from the few existing competitors. 


Miloch, K. S., Lee, J., Kraft, P. M., &Ratten, V. (2012). Click clack: examining the strategic and entrepreneurial brand vision of Under Armour. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing4(1), 42-57.

Kraft, P., & Lee, J. W. (2009). Protecting the house of Under Armour. Sport Marketing Quarterly18(2), 112-117.



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