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Importance of Digital Health Policy

Importance of Digital Health Policy

Importance of Digital Health Policy

 Compliance in Digital Health

The government’s regulation and policy in regards to digital health is to boost efficiency and service delivery of health services to patients across the country. The need to integrate information technology in the day to day activities of medical professionals is important as it allows both doctors and patients to manage, track, and analyze their respective health records from a centralized database location. Digital records within the health sector are important as it allows health experts to access past data without fear of information being distorted or manually corrupted. Since digital data contains personal information of the patient, the need to protect such confidential data is important for the government to consider. Thus, the need for policies and regulations that mandate all medical doctors to safeguard and protect this information by installing security measures such as passwords for computerized databases.

For small start-ups, the government can regulate their operations by issuing the need for health department permits whereby all procedures and prescriptions are supervised and monitored under the medical laws stipulated in the permit or license. Privacy regulation is another condition to regulate these enterprises. Since they will be handling sensitive information about their patients, they will need to implement security protocols such as conducting background checks for all their employees to ensure that none of them has been accused of identity theft or online fraud. This initiative protects both the patient and the health center. Different stakeholders are affected by government regulation whereby they are forced to make extra investment in ensuring the hospital has adhered to the set regulations. For instance, investing in digital technology since the government requires the implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHR). Such unforeseen costs affects the profits margins enjoyed by investors.

Policy Makers in Digital Health Regulations


The digital health sector faces revolutionary technology that aims to change how medical services are delivered to patients across the country. The introduction of health applications that monitor and assess a patient’s chronic condition or heart complications should be regulated by a government institution. Therefore, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates digital health technology by analyzing medical devices and health applications that are sold to patients throughout the country. It helps ensure that individuals seeking medical assistance are not exploited by medical agencies. The World Health Organization (WHO) makes the digital health policies to ensure that all medical records in digital format are protected from unauthorized access. Furthermore, WHO offers counsel and advice to nations that are actively developing new eHealth technologies to remain objective in their innovations and to abide by the privacy laws established by the organization. Those affected by the implementation of digital health policies are medical professionals, patients, stakeholders, federal and state agencies involved in the provision of health services, and the FDA.

Healthcare data security is a critical aspect of imposing standards in the medical sector since information shared to doctors is confidential and very sensitive as it contains financial records and bank statements. The implementation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guarantees patients that all their data is protected from malicious access. Moreover, the use of EHRs allows doctors to transform manual data into digital format which can be securely stored in online databases that are not accessible by the public except for authorized users.  HIPAA compliance guarantees stakeholders and patients that there are security protocols set in place that maintain safety of information, documentation of the security measures, and evaluate the possibility of attacks and access to protected data. Transparency is assured once the medical center complies with the set standards. Patients are advised about the dangers and risks involved in respect to a particular surgery or medical operation that they need in order to get better. Doctor-patient relationship is enhanced through these consultations as the customer is aware of the pros and cons of a certain medical procedure.


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