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Impacts Of Obesity In Children In The UK

Impacts Of Obesity In Children In The UK

Impacts Of Obesity In Children In The UK


Child Obesity can be considered as the situation, where excess fat of the body affects the health of the child along with well-being negatively. This has been found that the diagnosis of the obesity is based on BMI often. This has been found over last few years that occurrence of child obesity is increasing every day and this becomes the cause of several health issues for children (Wilkie et al., 2016). In addition, presently, this has been considered as one of the serious public health concerns. The research will be developed on child obesity of those children, whose ages are in between 5 to 15 years. The prime reason behind the selection of this topic is that many children are suffering due to obesity in their early age and they are facing lots of health issues as well. The research is significant as it will discuss regarding the occurrence of obesity among the children of 5 to 15 years.

Body mass index (BMI) can be considered as acceptable in order to make the determination of obesity for the children. Normal range of BMI differs because of age and sex. This has been found that obesity prevalence was 13.9% for the 5 years old child, 18.4% for the 6 to 11 years old and 20.6% for the 12 to 15 years old (Cdc.gov, 2019). The research will be useful as this gives many various data and information related to the child obesity in United Kingdom. There are different negative impacts of child obesity and this study will provide a brief overview of all of those impacts. Moreover, the main focus of this research study will be on what child obesity is and how this is spreading very quickly in UK.



In order to develop this research study, research has to put his or her focus on three major objectives. This can be said that all of these objectives will be very helpful for the research study and it can increase the quality of the research as well. Moreover, in order to obtain a positive outcome after the research all of these objectives are needed to be addressed by the researcher. The purpose of this research is to recognize and discover a way to avoid the childhood obesity of the 5 year to 15 year old children in UK.  

·         To recognize child obesity and how widespread this is in United Kingdom

·         To identify the impacts of the childhood obesity and the effect of those on the health, families and government and NHS

·         To identify current data of Child obesity and its impacts

·         To identify the process of preventing childhood obesity along with cut costs on the government and NHS along with the deceasing impacts to their health

Research Questions

·         How widespread is the child obesity predominant in the United Kingdom?

·         How can the data in the context of the child obesity hep the government and the health bodies to develop interventions?

·         How is the society as a whole responsible for the causes and effects of child obesity?

·         What steps may the families undertake in order to ensure that the child obesity is tackled to considerable levels?


Literature review

2.1 CONCEPT OF CHILDHOOD OBESITY                       

Child Obesity can be considered as one of the conditions, which affects the health of the human body because of the excessive fat. Childhood obesity can be considered as one of the serious medical issues, which mainly harms the adolescents plus children. In general word, this can be said that children, who are suffering due to excessive weight, are known as the obesity patient. Several health issues can be taken place for the obesity and those are high blood pressures, diabetes along with highcholesterol (Simmonds et al., 2016). This has been found that children of age in between 5 years to 15 years are presently undergoing via these diseases, which is highly harmful for them. Many obese children are there; who become obese adults if their mother or father or both are obese. Childhood obesity can direct toward depression and self-esteem, which has been noticed in the last few decades. In order to make the prevention of the child obesity, it can be said that development of the eating habits is highly necessary. Moreover, this can be possible to reduce with the help of more exercise.       


Childhood obesity is highly harmful for the children and this has been revealed the there are lots of impacts of child obesity. It is one of the complex issues. Presently, many children in UK especially the children of 5 years to 15 years are suffering because of childhood obesity, which becomes the cause of different diseases.     

Ø  Childhood obesity can enhance the bold pressure of a child and this plays a major role to increase the level of cholesterol of as well. This can be considered as the risk factors for the cardiovascular disease (CVD).

Ø  Childhood Obesity can be considered as the health issues, which enhances the risk of the damaged glucose tolerance. This decreases the power of the resistance insulin along with type 2 diabetes.

Ø  Obesity is not good because of breathing problems. This has been found that many children in the age group of 5 to 15 years are undergoing via different breathing problems like asthma and sleepapnea (van Jaarsveld and Gulliford, 2015).

Ø  One of the common negative impacts of childhood obesity is Join issues. This has been revealed that many children in UK are suffering because of lowerbonestrength. Moreover, musculoskeletaldiscomfort is rising every day among the 5 to 15 years old children in UK and childhood obesity can be considered as the prime reason behind this.

Ø  Fatty liver disease, gastro-esophageal reflux and gallstones have taken place because of childhood obesity.

Ø  In addition, this can be said that childhood obesity is harmful for the different psychological issues. Anxiety plus depression are those two most common psychologicalproblems for the children suffering for obesity (van Jaarsveld and Gulliford, 2015).

Ø  Few social problems can be taken place for those children, who have an excessive weight. This has been found that these children face issue like bullying plus dishonor from the other students in school. This prevents them to go school regularly.   

Ø  Childhood obesity is the reason behind lower self reported quality of the life plus lowself-esteem as well.

Ø  Children suffering for obesity are more likely to become adults with obesity. Therefore, it should prevent in early age.    


Presently, this has been found that, obesity has become one of the most concern health issues. From the age of 5 years to 15 years, many children are suffering due to childhood obesity and this creates many diseases for them as well (Cdc.gov, 2019). This has been found that currently the occurrence of obesity in 18.5% among the children of 5 to 15 years and affected near about 13 million children and young people. For children of 5 years, obesity prevalence is approximately 13.8% while this amount is 18.4% among the children of 6 to 11. Prevalence obesity for the children 12 to 15 is more than 20%.    

Figure 1: Childhood Obesity in England

(Source: Baker, 2019)

The above data has been given on the basis of obesity statistics in England. This has shown that 10% boys and 9% girls are suffering for obese and 13% boys along with same amount of girls are suffering for overweight in England (Baker, 2019).


Few process are there, which can be considered as beneficial for preventing the childhood obesity and all of these are needed to be followed in this regard also.

Ø  Counseling of nutrition and modificationforqualityofdiet are the useful way to prevent the obesity for the children. In addition, quality of caloriccontent is necessary to develop as well for preventing childhood obesity.

Ø  In order to prevent the childhood obesity, parents needs to prioritize on the physicalactivities of their children. They should allow their children to play outdoor games along with exercise and swimming and cycling (Simmonds et al., 2016).

Ø  Foodhabit and foodbehavior should develop by the children and their parents have to notice these as well. This can be considered as useful for addressing self esteem plus attitudes.

Ø  Protecting the environmentinsidehome by stocking the home with only healthy foods and the parents have to prioritize on their life style as well in order to become a perfect example for their child.

Ø  In the current time, children prefer to drink sugar-sweetened drinks in place of water and this has to be prevented.

Literature Gap

The research study shows the impacts of childhood obesity and the diseases, which can take place for it. However, this study has not given any information regarding the primecauses of obesity or which is the main reason for those 5 to 15 year old children to gain excessive weight.              




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