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Impact of training and development assignment help

Impact of training and development assignment help


Today the world is twice or thrice the population it was a century ago.given this high number of people in the world the demand for goods and services has skyrocketed, leading to the emergency of many new companies.this is the recent case. Because of this many companies offering the same services and goods, competition has gone on a whole new level. Today's companies are not only competing for the market but also there competing on the level of efficiency of their employees. For this reason, the companies are investing heavily in the training and development of their staff. It is to make sure that they are able to attain the level of competence required in the market. Hence understanding how well an employee can be trained to achieve maximum efficiency is vital for any company that wants to keep pace in the ever-changing market. In doing this, they can find better ways to improve the productivity of any individual in the company. However, the most crucial goal is to understand the impact of employee's training and development in their performance and productivity of any company .

Statement of the Problem

Measuring any company's employee's impact because of training and development in the company is not easy. Similarly, it would not be easy to measure the same on A'safaa Food Company, but it is relevant to measure their effectiveness at work base on the training the company offers them. It is because the company's productivity is dependant on employee's effectiveness, among other factors. Hence the A'safaa food company should always look.

Research Problem

1. What are the impact of training and development in an organisation on employees overall performance in the company.

2. What are the impacts of training and development in an organisation performance.

3. What are the method of training and development of employees in an organisation.

4. Challenges encountered in training and development of employees in an organisation.

Significance of the Report

The importance of this report is to ensure that companies are able to furthome the relevance of training and developing the skills of their employees. The report also aims at revealing that formal education is not enough to warrant competence in any company, but the integration of the companies working skills and ethics makes an employee more efficient in the company.


In this research both qualitative and quantitative research method will be used to collect data. it is because we need to assess the research problems from the data collected from the companies daily activities books where quantative data collection method will be relevant to measure the opinion of employer concerning the importance ofd training employees in Al safaar food company.

Nevertheless, the opinion of people concerning the impact of training and development is still relevant for the project. Hence a quantitative methodology approach will be used. The research that will be conducted will include questionnaires that will be targeted to employees and the company's human resource managers.The questionnaires will be prepared that will comprise of open and closed-ended questions that will aid in obtaining required information and the perception needed .in addition, three human resource managers and twenty employees will be questioned. It will help understand in detail the impact they feel has been brought by training and developing employees and the challenges they face and how they think those challenges have affected their productivity.

The qualitative method will also be used in this project. The companies of the Al safaal calibre are best in keeping record of all activities that haapen in the company. Hence, it is expected that they record there training session and this data will be analysed with the companies total output to find overall effect of the training employees in the company.

Literature Review

The purpose of every business is to achieve the desired goals that it was established for, and the human resources are an essential factor for a company achieving its goal. Among the reasons why companies have been performing poorly and unable to attain its goals is due to a lack of knowledge of the importance of training and development in staff effectiveness (Noe, & Kodwani, 2018).

According to Rodriguez and Walter (2017), every business aspires to be successful through differentiated programs, services, capabilities, and products. They went on to note that for that to happen, such elements need to be envisioned, developed, implemented, and sustained by well-trained individuals. Also, another research conducted by Rathore (2017) emphasized that training of employees was a very fundamental part of the business growth. He explained that training programs were essential because they helped the employees increase their workplace skills while development helped to bring all employees to a higher level so they can all have the same skills and knowledge.

When a training program is done right, it motivates the employees to give work of value and significance to the company (Thory, 2016). According to Łukasik (2017), motivation is an individualized manager approach to its employees penetrating its system needs and expectation, creating a suitable working environment, and choosing the best way forward for the organization. Ibrahim and Brobbey (2015) further illustrated that motivation was a significant factor because it improved the employee's level of efficiency, helping employees to meet their personal goals, making employees satisfied, and helping employees bond with the organization.

A recent report training of employees modifies their mindset and abilities that enable them to become more cognitively multicultural. This facilitates products and service innovations in their line of work (Un, 2016). According to (Petkovska, 2015), innovation is an instrument that is used by businesses to create new products and augment the current products. He went on to explain that innovation enhances the growth and productivity of a company.

In a recent report, employee satisfaction in training had a direct relationship with the employee's work efficiency. It reduced the rate of voluntary turnover in a company (Memon, el at. 2016).furthermore on the job training and job shadowing were found to have an impact on training satisfaction. Whenever an employee is satisfied in the training session, they gain a level of commitment to the organization that did not exist (Jaworski, el at.2018).

In recent studies, the performance of an employee in a company was directly related to the company's stature of its image. When employees are performing well, then they create an excellent company image is boosted. An employee will only perform well when the employees have attained the level of satisfaction that they are comfortable with (Khan el at.2016).

According to Cheng and Chen (2015), on job training courses on e-learning are increasingly being used by many organisation as a means to improve the skills of the employees.cheng and chen went on to elaborate that the method is able to offer more interactions between staffs and their teachers as well as create a suitable environment where feed back can be easily attained.

Research ethics

Semester four students studying human resource management at this moment declare that this research entitled impact of training and development of employee in A'safaa Food Company to their performance in the company is an original work that has not been plagiarized from any other material. All materials used from other people's work have been well cited in both in-text citations and a well-organized reference page at the end of the paper.

Furthermore, we confirm that the results have not been used by any other institution out there and that the figures and results are unchanged. Also, we confirm that no harm has occurred to any participants in this research.

Additionally, the research will help human resource managers to know the importance of the training and development of employees in a company .moreover, and it will help them have enough knowledge about the methods of training employees and the challenges encountered when training and developing employees.

Chapter one


The research will focus on the impact of training employees in Al safaar Food Company on their overall perfomance in the company. Most companies that have been doing great in there line of market have invested significantly in ensuring that all their employees level of competence is up to date by frequently engaging them in training of the new emmerging techniques in the market.Al safaar food company has been training its employees for quite a while .in this project our focal point will be the impacts of this trained employees in Al safaar food company on the perfomance of the employee.

Research problems

The training of employees in a company is aimed at creating competence in the market by equiping the employees of the company with enough knowledge about what is required of them or about a new technology that would enhance the company’s productivity.hence forth the project will look into the importance of training employees, training methods that have been employed by the company and how effective they are and finally the challeges involved when training employees in Al safaar food company.

The scope of the study

The study will involve much of the impact of training employees in Al safaar Food Company but the main focus of the project will be on impact on the employee’s perfomance and the overall company’s performance.

Relevance and importance of the study

The importance of this research project is to find the impact of training employees to the overall perfomance in the company they work and the challeges that the companies go through as it strives top train its employees. The project will be relevant in revealing the methods that companies are using to train there employees and the most effective method that is being employed so far. Also iot will reveal the limitation that come with different training methods and benefits and situation that every method fit best.

The expected results

The project is expected to give a directly relationship between training of employees and their overall performance in the company.During the 20th century industrial employee training was not deemed to be of much importance but when computer technology took over the bussiness and industrial sector, things started changing on every dawn. The computer era has changed a lot on how bussinesses are run in modern days. From the automation of payrolls, to companies offering employees training through internet. Hence many companies have found the need to keep their employees updated on the exsisting techniques in the market that would yield greater performance of the company. Even though the process of training employees is significantly expensive but its merit outweighs its demerits and hence many companies are splashing millionsto train their employees to ensure that good performance is realised in their company.

Chapter two


The training of employee in any company is becaming popular in recent day due to the rapid changes in the industrial methods of manufactering, processing, sales and advertising.every company wants to be among the top companies globally but to attain this the companies need to be flexible and quick enough to adapt to a new innovation in the market.otherwise they will became irrelevant in the market.Hence training of employee helps the companies employee to update their knowledge on the new innovation that would ensure that the companies are able to cope with the requirement of their markets demands and quality supply at the right time.To achieve this the company has to employ different methods to train its employees that fits the companies financial prowess and relevant to the training in question. In this mission, we researched the conceipt of training employees in depth and we were able to gather variety of informations from reliable sources drew conclusions and distributed tasks among us and athe writings of various articles for the each member of the group to draw conclusions from each articles regarding the topic in question.

Instructor -led training

This type of training occurs in a classroom with a teacher presenting materials. It is very effective precisely when it comes to complex topic that requires illustrations. Also the training enhances broad undrstanding of the concept that the tuitors are explaining because it gives room for immediate feed back from the tuitors.

My opinion on the article

My opinion of the article is that instructor training would be more suitable for companies that require site classes to illustrate using machines to their employees or companies that their line of work is more practical. Also this type of training should be emphasized due to their ability to give the employee feedback immediately.

Simulation employee training

Simulation training is a training that occurs through a computer or a virtual reality device. Though it is very expensive to develop the simulation software, the method is very effective and reliable because it allows employees to progress consistently and at the pace of their choice.The method is suitable for high risk fields like pilots and doctors. My opinion on the article The method is important given that it allows the employee to simulate the exact scenerio they would want to solve or learn at that specific time. Because of this employees are able to learn at their own pace and what is they deem relevant.

Hands on job

It is a training that involves any experiential training that focusses on the individual needs of employees. It is conducted directly on the job and ensures that employees fit perfectly well into their upcoming or current role, while enhancing their current skills.it is a method that requires alot of time to train employees, and so, its best used when there are enough resources available to support employees during the program .

My opinion on the article

The hands on job can be a very efficient method precisely for office based employees like accountant and human resource managers since it helps them fit perfectly in to their roles in the companies.Even though the method is known to consume a lot of time during working hours, its impact on productivity of the customer cannot be compared to the time it consumes.

E-learning method of training employees

This type of method relies on online videos, tests and courses to deliver employees trainings.it a very cost efficient method given that employees need not attend any classes and also no time is wasted during working hours since employees can attend to this training video after work.furthermore the content can be accessed by employees at any time of the day and whereever they are. Opinion on the article The method is the up to date method and given its flexibility in that it can be available at any time of the day and literally anywhere. This features makes it such a lucrative method that is being employed by many companies to train their employees in a very cost efficient way.

Challenges faced by employees during training

Employees may find themselves in high employee schedules because they will have to attend to work , attend to their families and also attend to other things in life may trend to drain their energy. Hence when training are introduced to their schedules it becames a problem and hence they may end up skipping training session or literally never concentrating. The other problem that may be associated with training is the issue of difference in the learning habit of people. Due to people being born in different generation that had different type of technology, adoption of a method of training would require the company to assess which is the best method that would ensure that all employees are confortably able to engage in the sessions.

Challenges faced by company during training

The company is faced by challenges that require the company to cope with adjusting to training method that would be appealing to the new-age era. The new age requires access to the training session at any time and whereever a person is at the time. It is also required to have content that would be able to solve the problems that are being faced by employees during working hours. The cost of managing and development of the elearning platforms is increasing becoming extremely expensive. It is because the companies require increasing the speed at which information is being availed in these platforms. For this to happen every elearning platforms need to be up to the standard of the market hence frequent upgrading of the system would be neccesary. These upgrades are extreemly expensive to the company. Also companies tend to offer generalised trainings that tend to be less relevant to other employees. It is done to reduce the cost of training hence employees are required to attend simmilar training regardless of their department. The training may not fit or may be too general and sometimes the contents fail to address the requirements of the employees.

Literature review

According to Khan el at (2016),the best method of training an employees is a method that they are confortable with and is less expensive to the organisation.he went on to explain that when a method can meet the two criteria the productivity of the company is enhanced.moreoever, Kimiloglu el at (2017) went on to explain that elearning method was found to be the most efficient method because it was a readily available training method to any employee at any the time and no working time was wasted when employees were attending classes. According to Majdoub (2018), classroom training was found to be efficient for more practical jobs that required vivid illustrations and immediate feedback.


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