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ICTPMG609 Plan And Direct Complex ICT Projects

ICTPMG609 Plan And Direct Complex ICT Projects

Case Study 

The managing director of AnimeCoup Pty Ltd, Mr Jeremy Chu, has been in animation industry and games development for the past 12 years. Mr. Chu was one of the few Australian anime developers who were involved in the development of the famous ‘big feet’ project.

Mr. Chu, single-handedly developed a computer game called ‘Spitronix’ which generated more than 3 million dollars in revenue in 2010. Mr. Chu has now 3 software developers, 2 games designers, 2 graphics designers, and 1 marketing person in his Sydney office.

In recent years, Mr. Chu noticed that he was losing his market share to a simple game such as Candy-Crush and other simpler games. Mr. Chu is a bit confused because these games look much simpler and easier to design/program yet they are grossing far more revenue.

His initial investigation revealed that the other games are now freely distributed on many of the mobile platforms; and their revenue is mostly from advertisements. Their marketing is also heavily based on social media including Facebook and other platforms.

Mr. Chu was very keen to launch his own new games for mobile platforms with strong marketing over the social media. He is aware that this new approach may change his normal operational procedures but he is willing to take the challenge. Mr. Chu has allocated $500K and 3 months for the project.

To this aim, Mr. Chu assigned you as the project coordinator for the new venture.

Your tasks are to:

1.       Identify the games genre in relation to the mobile market

2.       Propose a new game for Mr. Chu

3.       Lead the development of the computer game

4.       Recruit sub-contractors for games programming

5.       Recruit sub-contractors for social media marketing

6.       Oversees the reporting and communications

7.       Oversees the handover and training.

8.       Report to Mr. Chu on the project progress

You are writing a report for Mr Chu as part of the tasks for this project. Refer to the assessment task for the instructions in order to complete the report.

Assessment Task: 

Part A: Knowledge Questions 

Answer the following questions. 

1.       Explain the concepts of risk management planning and processes

a.       Identify the potential risks to the enterprise in the case study

b.      Rate the risks as high, medium, and low depending on the frequency of occurrence and severity of impacts.

c.       Discuss the mitigation plan for the selected high rated risks.

2.       Outline computer software functions and operation, including relevant proprietary software

a.       Advise on the required software tools and technologies to complete this project

b.      Report the pricing and availability of software and hardware components

c.       Compare the use of proprietary software vs open source software in games design

3.       Identify relevant current legislation, codes and standards in regards to games development in terms of adult contents and violence level.

4.       Explain sustainability requirements and ratings, including:

a.       Describe available online collaborative development platform

b.      Describe how online platform is useful for improved sustainability

c.       Describe how personnel will communicate with each other in most effective manner.

5.       Explain tools and models of project management

a.       Demonstrate the use of Gantt chart and any other appropriate project management tools

b.      Demonstrate the use of Microsoft Project or its equivalent

6.       Identify and explain organisational frameworks and functions in regards to games development standards, including:

a.       government bodies

b.      industry associations

Part B: Create a report on the following criteria below : 

You are to create a full report with the following sections. 

1.       Create a section titled ‘Introduction and Objectives’ with the following sub-sections.

a.       Strategic Objectives

[Discuss why this project is of importance to the client’s company in the current digital market place in less than 200 words]

b.      Operational Objectives

[Discuss what operational changes will be introduced and what objectives are to be met to accommodate the new project in less than 200 words. For general reference, refer to the external site https://smallbusiness.chron.com/operational-objectives-business-62174.html]

c.       Requirements Summary

[Address both functional and non-functional requirements followed by hardware, software and communication requirements in less than 400 words. The hardware and software components may include recommended quote and availabilities].

d.      Output and deliverables

[Address expected outputs, associated training and supports, followed by expected delivery methods]

e.       Industrial standards and legislations

[Identify relevant authorities and legislation for the games industry to follow and adhere to in less than 200 words – ensure to include the external links if available]

f.        Risk analysis report

[For risk analysis report, use a simple template that will be provided by the trainer]


2.       Create a section titled ‘ICT Project Plan’ with the following sub-sections.

a.       Terms and references

b.      Summary of budget planning

[Show the breakup of the allowed budget and discuss how the group will accommodate budget variances exercising the constraints]

c.       Summary of skillsets required

[Tabulate existing skillsets followed by the necessary skill sets. Discuss how you will meet the training needs in absence of the required skillsets]

d.      Summary of computing and other physical resources

e.       Summary of timelines and schedule with Gantt chart using any available resources including open source.

f.        Summary of communication protocols with the clients and sub-contractors with a simple communication matrix.


3.       Create a section titled ‘ICT Project Team’ with the following sub-sections.

a.       Roles of responsibilities of each team member using the matrix of your choice (including RACI matrix, refer to https://www.projectsmart.co.uk/how-to-do-raci-charting-and-analysis.php)

b.      Protocols for the team communications

c.       Protocols for the reporting processes


4.       Create a section titled ‘Project Monitoring and Control’ with the following sub-sections.

a.       Summary of project management tools and methodologies

b.      Summary of key performance index for each team members

c.       Protocol for project plan control

d.      Protocol for project resource control


5.       Create a section titled ‘Finalising the Project’ with the following sub-sections.

a.       Create a checklist to verify and validate the project using the resources from https://www.projectmanagement.com/checklists/

b.      Plan for handover

c.       Plan for debrief to client’s staff members – assign a member for brief presentation to the class and trainer (trainer to provide feedback to this section

d.      Updated information to be made on this presentation

e.       Project review for improvements.


6.       Create a section titled ‘Lessons Learnt’ with the following sub-sections.

a.       Organisations improvements – process changes

b.      Lessons report to the senior management





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