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ICT30005 Reflective Journal

ICT30005 Reflective Journal

ICT30005 Reflective Journal





In order to develop and grow we need to develop the habit of linking and constructing meaning from our experiences. This practice is referred to as reflection. Reflecting on our experiences encourages insight and learning. Meaning is derived from both the learning content and the process of learning it. When we are continually reflecting on our learning process we are actively engaged in our learning. Reflection can help you to better understand your strengths and weaknesses and identify areas for improvement. It can help you recognize possible areas of bias and assumptions that limit your development and progression.


Reflective practice is also critical to your professional development. It assists with increasing self-awareness which is a key foundation of emotional intelligence, it enables you to make intelligent decisions about how to move ahead with your learning requirements and about your future career plans.


The structure of this reflective journal encourages you to reflect strategically on what you have learned through progressing through the unit and hopefully encourages you not only to think about your next stage of development but the importance of lifelong learning. The concept of professionalism is strongly associated with the skills of reflection and lifelong learning.



This assessment task directly relates to the following four unit intended learning outcomes.



      Critically review the roles and responsibilities of ICT professionals in organisations and society from a range of perspectives such as work-life balance, mentoring and life-long learning.


      Critically evaluate the role of standards, codes of conduct and legislative/regulatory obligations on the level of professionalism of the ICT industry.


      Exhibit a cognizance of the impacts of business compliance imperatives and how this impacts on the work of the ICT professional.


      Communicate effectively as a professional and function as an effective leader or member of a diverse team.



Description of Assignment



This assignment has two parts.


Students will provide an individual reflection on what they have learnt from their participation in PIIT. This commentary will draw on the learning content, briefing papers, the group report, readings and the experiences of working as part of a team. Students should also describe any changes in perspective they may have had during the unit from the perspectives of Interpersonal and IT-related issues.



Part A (approx. 1250 words)


For your reflection on Interpersonal issues you must answer the TWO compulsory questions (see below) and TWO of the optional questions (see below). Do not answer all questions. You will be assessed on evidence of the level of your critical analysis and reflection on these topics.


Compulsory items – Answer both:


A.   What was your goal/motivation in deciding to embark on the topic you chose for your project? Has the unit made you re-evaluate the major/specialisation you have chosen and the career path you had planned? How did this research impact on your aspirations and plans because of what you have learnt through this unit?


B.   Based on your experience of group work in this unit what kinds of behaviours might be important for an ICT professional working in a group or team with members from a wide variety of different backgrounds (e.g. diversity of skills, gender, age, religion and ethnicity)? In what ways, did you contribute to a sound team performance? What could you have done better to make sure your team worked better? How could you have helped others in your team to perform better?



Other items – choose ANY TWO:


      What are your most memorable moments of PIIT, and why?


      What are some of the key professional roles and responsibilities for a modern ICT Professional? How might these affect you in your future work?


      How did you judge your Professionalism, Legitimacy and Competency in the field of ICT before you began this unit and how will you judge these qualities when you are working in industry? (An acceptable answer is “I didn’t judge, hadn’t thought about it before” … but your marker will want you to describe further, e.g. why you didn’t think about the issues etc.)


      What kinds of changes do you feel have occurred to the way you perceive the work of ICT professionals during this unit? In what ways have your ways of thinking changed in the course? What have you learnt in the course? How have you benefited?


      How might having taken this unit improved your induction into the ICT profession?



Part B (approx. 1000 words: 1 page of around 250 words per issue)



For the IT-related issues reflection you need to select ANY FOUR of the weekly learning topics and provide an analysis of each in terms of how they have had an impact (or not) on you and your way of thinking about being an ICT professional faced with certain issues.



Each reflection should be around 250 words (approximately one page). Some of the same questions for individual issues discussed in Part A as above may apply and you should especially note if you changed your view or gained new knowledge as a as a result of the learning activity.



This assignment may be too personal to share with your group. The reflection provided will be treated in confidence by the tutor.



Skills to be developed


Writing the reflective journal is designed to help you develop the following skills:


      Reflection. Reflective practice is a conscious effort to think about your learning and experiences, to make sure you are focusing on the things that really matter, in terms of your career goals. It will assist you with your professional development. Our professional development relies strongly on self-analysis and appraisal to develop our professional profile and to analyse our preferred learning styles. We need to plan our own way forward.



'Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?' 'That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,' said the Cheshire Cat. 'I don't much care where,' said Alice.


'Then it doesn't matter which way you go,' said the Cat.


'So long as I get somewhere,' Alice added as an explanation.


'Oh, you're sure to do that,' said the Cat, 'if you only walk long enough.'


Lewis Carroll (1865), p54


Criteria Used to Assess Assignment 5


The following criteria will be used to assess your work. Considering these criteria and the assessment rubric will provide further guidance about what is expected.



       The coverage and relevance of the reflection to the assignment guidelines. (Weighting 35%)


       The level of discussion and understanding/self-evaluation evidenced in the reflective journal. (Weighting 35%)


       The level of connection to unit ULO’s and learning content. (Weighting 20%)


       Presentation and clarity of discussion. (weighting 10%)





Please reread the section on referencing in the unit outline.


You must use the Swinburne Harvard referencing style throughout your assignment and include an accurate reference list at the end of the assignment.



Submission Requirements


       Assessments must be submitted via the Canvas unit.


       Do not email the assessment to either the Convener or tutor.


       Keep a backup of your submission. If your assessment goes astray, whether your fault or ours, you will be required to reproduce it.


       The assessment should be in one single Microsoft Word document and should be written in 12-point font size and should use 1.5-line spacing between each line.


       Pages of the assessment should have footers which include your name, student ID, unit code, assessment title and page numbers.


       It is expected that all work submitted, will have been edited for spelling, grammar and clarity.


       The standard procedure is that assessments will be marked up to the specified word count only.


       The word count does not include the reference list and/or appendices.



Marking Criteria


A rubric, provided in a separate document, will be used to assess your work.


Extensions and Late Submission


Please reread the section on extensions and late submission in the Unit Outline.




Please reread the section on plagiarism in the Unit Outline.

Assessment Help


If you have any queries or concerns you may discuss them with the Convenor and/or tutor in the Blackboard discussion board in the appropriate discussion forum or by email.

Technical Help


Technical assistance can be obtained from the Swinburne Service Desk:


servicedesk@swin.edu.au or (03) 9214  5000.




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