ICT30005 Professional Issue In Information Technology Assignment Help

ICT30005 Professional Issue In Information Technology Assignment Help

ICT30005 Professional Issue In Information Technology Assignment Help

ICT30005 Professional Issue In Information Technology


Information Technology is a large and diverse field, one which is critically important to the modern business environment. The industry is continuously evolving by its very nature. We performed independent investigations into four major areas of this field: Cybercrime, Outsourcing, Data Analytics and the Internet of Things.

To investigate these areas of interest, we asked a professional in the IT industry with over 30 years of experience to weigh in on these subjects. A self-employed IT consultant, previously he was employed at Telstra for 16 years, primarily working in their Special Services department dealing with anything from Lawful Interception to being Chief Architect of Bigpond Cable. Currently employed as a contractor at Telstra as a Integration and Security Architect in a team responsible for a major security gateway for internal and external APIs.



The Technical world has recently been attacked by virus etc. There have been many attacks on several companies over the past few years, which made them build a strong protection system. According to the interviewee, Marc, Telstra largest telecommunications company occurs in various diverse levels, through organization's size in the Telstra indicate it has a huge security network both the task levels there is commit thump they screen truly everything that is going ahead in the association. The greatest hazard is misconfiguration, human mistake, that the general security philosophy to have numerous levels of resistance so if something is fizzling at the principal level, you found the opportunity to secure it before it goes various and it relies upon the idea of the assailant so if the country state or North Korea or Russia have difficulties to shield themselves . there is ethnic collaboration for security overseeing groups there is a security architecture that audits everything inside the most recent a half year due to the offer of issue exercises, Telstra has a program called security champion where they prepared up individual to cross the organization who is dependable to support security posts in programming improvement and its manufacture. A considerable measure of it is tied in with ensuring you are shaky in the front as opposed to finding somebody has gotten in here, so it is especially center hitting the nail on the head and having products types of survey so all code currently experiences naturally cotes relying upon the outcomes so summer likewise is that App West Australian group is the key coding group . they will do code reviews as well they randomly and they do it depending on nature because they are security getaway. There are difficulties to do all that and not back off and lose in the business. the manner in which we accomplishing is to do everything that tooling and bringing their new fantasy so they do in advance and they go solid security task group who are searching for assaults that picking up data from extremely looks for. The PC, for the most part, refreshes itself 3 times each day and passion itself. Everything from that kind of level to as far as possible up and having capacity mailbox said as security from ability its going and that is average about 40 to 60 emails a day, it is more responsive to secure the security champion review.

 What is recommended on protecting company from Spies and hackers is to Set up experts in e-security to protect companies from any attack. Continuous testing is the only way to make sure that your system is constantly closed by testing it full time. It is common for some organizations that have sensitive data to recruit experienced hackers to test the organization's security architecture. Continuous inspection of gaps and assessment of internal and external system security is very important, so if you can access your data illegally, the outside world can as well.


Outsourcing is when a company hire a third party company to provide a service or function for the company. Nevertheless, outsourcing is a debatable topic it is a double edged sword. Outsourcing has many advantages for the companies, but at the same time, it has many disadvantages. Starting with an economic perspective the cost can be a reason for the company to utilise the outsourcing and hire a third party company. In addition, according to the interviewee, Marc said some services might need many people to work on, and that might cost the company a certain amount of money. Therefore, using outsourcing, You have the ability to take that off your book and reduces the cost for the company also using outsourcing makes the company in a better situation when it comes to share price perspective (2018, 14 September).

On the other hand, Juras argue that and according to him the charge of outsourcing can be less, but it might have some of the uncertain cost the company was not aware of. Moreover, there is some cost connected with service after the operation of outsourcing. Thus, there are more complexity rises for a cost (2013).
Another critical part of outsourcing is when the third party company gain access to the company data that the data might lead to exposing the confidential data of the company. Moreover, according to Siepmann by giving the third party company access to the data when it required that might increase the risk of losing the data because the third party company might work with fourth party company and that work might be related to the company data(2013,p 90). Furthermore, according to Marc, the third party company keep a memory of some data they had then it might be implemented in a different project. However, Marc said the way Telstra utilized to deal with that is by having some staff to manage the relation such as commercial manager and technical person (2018, 14 September).
During the interview, Marc gave some ways to prevent the company from losing their data and he said Telstra protect its data on a different level. Moreover, the way Telstra is doing to protect the data is by changing the VPN to Telstra infrastructure and it has a strong security control you have to authenticate every time you do something. Also, Telstra record every time someone changes the data or execute a command. Furthermore, they have facilities to watch for a large volume of transactions. However, the interviewee said if you took a small amount of data it might go under the radar but if you try to pull off a lot of information that will have Telstra attention (2018, 14 September). 




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