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Human Resources

Human Resources

Human Resources 


LO1 Evaluate the importance of organisational design to the delivery of sustainable performance


Organisational design (OD):

Organisational Design as an historical concept.

What is contemporary OD all about?

Designing organisations to meet strategic aims.

Considering the impact of the external business environment on OD.


Sustainable performance:


Understanding that an organisation must be designed and structured in such a way that delivering sustainable short and long-term objectives is achievable. OD as part of a process where sustainability is a key factor of, and to, the process.


Agile organisations:


What are the characteristics of an agile organisation? How are these implemented giving consideration to the existing people, processes and culture?


OD theories and models:


This could include change theory, McKinsey’s 7S model, typologies of change and transformation/transactional OD.




LO2 Analyse the requirement to develop motivated, knowledgeable and experienced individuals and teams


Motivation and motivation theory:


Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Content versus Process motivational theories. How motivation can be harnessed to support competitive advantage. Issues associated with low levels of motivation.


Human capital theory:


Human capital as a concept which relates to the value of knowledge, habits and attributes which people have. How can human capital be developed to support organisational growth?


Knowledge management:


As a concept and process where levels of knowledge in an organisation is captured and developed to achieve organisational objectives. Using job analysis to identify the requirements of a job and to benchmark the required level of human capital required to meet aims and objectives.



Developing knowledge through research:


Use of effective research skills to explore contemporary research based on emerging HR developments. These are contextual to a country/region but an understanding of how these are linked in a global environment should be considered.


The future for HR as a function and process:


How will the HR function evolve given advances in technology that have influenced workforce behaviour and culture, HR practices and skills requirements. The increased demand for a better work-life balance. The impact of cross-cultural engagement within organisations and the impact of globalisation.


Contemporary HR challenges:


Current external and internal factors which present challenges and barriers to effective Human Resources Management. Forecasting potential challenges and barriers.


The non-HR manager:


How are non- HR managers supported by the HR function? How is the HR function key to effective and legal management of all employees?


LO4 Evaluate the relationship between organisational design and change management


The changing environment:


How does this impact on organisations to adapt? Do they take an incremental or radical approach? The decision will determine how the organisation is designed and managed.


Change management:


Change management theories and theorists such as Lewin, Kotter, transformational change or the psychology of change. Consider effective change management within legal and ethical constraints.


Recommended Resources


HAYES, J. (2014) The Theory and Practice of Change Management. 4th Ed. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

LEWIS, L. K. (2011) Organizational Change: Creating Change Through Strategic Communication.


Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell.

MEE-YAN, C-J. and HOLBECHE, L. (2015) Organizational Development: A Practitioner's Guide for OD

and HR. London: Kogan Page.


STANFORD, N. (2013) Organization Design: Engaging with Change. 2nd Ed. London: Routledge.




Journal of Change Management

Journal of Organisational Design

Leadership and Organisational Development Journal




This unit links to the following related units:

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Unit 17: Understanding and Leading Change

Unit 20: Employee Relations

Unit 21: Strategic Human Resource Management



The College is expected to “ensure all students have opportunities to develop skills that enable their academic, personal and professional progression” (Indicator 6 of Chapter B4 of the UK Quality Code). Majority of students behave professionally. However, there are some instances where standards of behaviour of some students are below what were expected. This policy outlines what the college expects from its students.


·         All students must arrive on time normally at 10 am in the morning session and 2 pm in the afternoon session.


·         All students must attend the tutorial session.


·         Students must not swipe in other students ID card. If found guilty of this practice, the students concerned will face disciplinary actions and may be asked to leave the college.


·         Any form of racial abuse towards staff or students will not be tolerated.


·         No form of physical aggression will be tolerated by the faculty.



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