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Human Resource Management

 Human Resource Management



Task 1 – Written Preparation

Task-a Written job description of a Wait Staff at ACA Café’ Restaurant

Job Description of  Wait Staff at ACA Café Restaurant.

Job Title

Wait Staff at ACA Café Restaurant.


It is a 38 hour work week with $45.00 payment per hour


The working shall be in shifts as the wait staff is being hired for a 38 hour long week, but this shifts are going to be in between the following hours on the basis of roster that shall be weekly prepared. The current working hours that are in the plan are :

Monday – Friday:       6:00am – 9:30pm

Saturday:   6:00 am to 8:00 pm

Sunday: 6:00 am 2 pm


22 Rothschild Avenue, Roseberry, New South Wales Australia

Reporting relationships

Reports to the manager on the floor and also to the kitchen head chef.

Purpose of the position

The job role involves that, as the waiter is the relationship manager for the Café, he has to ensure that customers are promptly served, suggestions as per preferences are given. He also has to ensure that customers have an enjoyable experience and take feedback and suggestions for further improvement.

Responsibilities and Duties

·         Arrange for seating of the patron at the restaurant

·         Taking orders, ensuring those customers’ preferences are taken into consideration, by giving suggestions.

·         Ensure that customers are enjoying their meals by ensuring prompt services.

·         Coordinating with kitchen staff to ensure timely delivery.

·         Impeccable service to be provided, by ensuring maintaining, all fine dining etiquettes.

·         Managing bookings and coordinating with the valet parking facility.

·         Having knowledge of customers’ vulnerability regarding any food allergies.

·         Providing fast, efficient and courteous service.


Part – B

Task-5- Research

 The following report is concentrating on multiple areas of the decisions upon which the current situation of  that  ACA Café’ Restaurant is finding itself in currently and Tony being the newly recruited manager , has been trying to assess every aspect most diligently.

a)Qualities for selection and self- management skills

Keith has had related experience in a similar industry and he has clearly has explained that he has been responsible for training the staff in balancing accounts. The café is currently facing the trouble where cash is going missing, hence his experience in the training staff can come in handy. Keith also has had varied experiences, which is a very efficient way to provide wholesome guidance to the staff. The leadership quality of Keith as is exhibited very early in his career as a football captain shows that he is able to head a team. The positive qualities of a manager that are required are sale oriented attitude, effective cost reduction mindset along with strong discipline oriented approach (Carter, & Baghurst, 2014). These are requisites which can help to fill Joe’s position, while he is on paternity leave.

b)Shortfall in Keith’s Profile as compared to Joe’s

Keith is extremely tenacious, but his varied work experience, is bringing a wholesome knowledge base to the table, however unlike Joe he is not known to stick persistently, to any position for long. These may be an indicator of something much deeper than what appears on the surface. In spite of holding a diploma in Hospitality Management, Keith has not tried to build a career in the sector. This is a clear indicator that he may not be that valued an employee as Joe. He is tenacious but seems to be always making ends meet by doing odd jobs. Joe on the other hand has reflected extreme sense of responsibility, which is extremely, valued a trait in a manager. The loyalty aspect of Keith is also a parameter where he is falling short of Joe. Joe is a very much respected manager as well as that he is popular The popularity and the respectability angle always has tremendous effect on employee positivity (Zampetakis,  & Moustakis, 2011) . This seems to be another area to be tested.

c) Required traits in Keith

The required traits that are essential in Keith, on the basis of Joe’s performance in the restaurant can be explained in the following way:

·         Polite and pleasing personality

·         Due diligence in maintaining day to day affairs of the restaurant

·         Decision making ability in order to take decisions and to resolve work area conflicts

·         Innovative approach towards running the restaurant, hoping for more business generation.

·         Record keeping ability, especially in the cash balancing section, which has been showing mismanagement due to untrained workers.

·         Multi- tasking ability along with ability to report in a structured way to the owners.

·         Passion and love for the restaurant’s growth.

·         Deep sense of responsibility towards effective customer handling.

·         As he is coming from a store keeping and inventory management business as well, cost management skills also needs to be exhibited.

·         Being a social, popular and welcoming host is another criterion that attracts customers.

·         Keith should also try to be a approachable manager, so that the staff are comfortable around him after working with Joe for such a long time.




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