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Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management


This assessment task relates to UNIT learning outcomes numbers 1 to 4.

Before starting this assessment read the marking criteria (below) and information about academic essay writing on the Academic Learning Centre (ALC) website:


http://moodle.cqu.edu.au/UNIT/view.php?id=1497 (Click ‘Academic Communication’)


This written assessment is designed to assist students to develop skills in the analysis of human resource issues based on relevant human resource theories and models.

The secondary purpose of this assessment task is to give students the opportunity to enhance their analytical and critical thinking, and written communication skills, particularly in the areas of developing an argument and essay writing.


You are required to research and write an ACADEMIC ESSAY. You should establish your argument and provide evidence from your research of academic and other appropriate sources to support your claims 

You are expected to engage in extensive research within the academic literature (peer reviewed academic journal articles) relevant to the task and evidence your argument from scholarly sources. Other sources that make a significant contribution to the analysis may be used.

Task Details

The diversity of today’s workforce is represented by the co-existence of up to five different generations. This co-existence poses numerous challenges to employers in terms of managing the needs and expectations of the respective generations, and to the effectiveness of organisations. Much has been written about this in the academic literature and popular press.

One of the biggest challenges facing leaders will be managing an employee age profile which in theory could range from 18 – 80, predicts Seb O’Connell, executive vice president and managing director for Europe at Cielo. “In a multi-generational workforce, there is potential for negative stereotyping. Older workers may perceive millennials as entitled, tech-obsessed or too eager to challenge norms while millennial employees could see previous generations as being ‘stuck in their ways and difficult to train’. Organizations need to take steps to ensure managers overcome their unconscious bias,” he says (Higginbottom, 2016).


 Extract from article available at


 (Note: This source is not an academic peer reviewed journal. You may use this

as a reference in your essay, however it does not contribute towards your

requirement for academic peer reviews journals.)

Identify three key human resource challenges, and justify your choices, associated with managing a multi-generational workforce. The use of industry examples to further evidence your argument is recommended.

Additional Information

Your essay should be a properly constructed ACADEMIC ESSAY. It should contain an effective introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction should introduce the essay and include your argument. The introduction should reflect the task and provide a statement of purpose, scope and context. The body should be the critical analysis where you present your argument, which is supported throughout using the evidence you have collected from your research, and the conclusion should restate your argument, summarise the evidence, and make a conclusion regarding your argument. The conclusion should link to the introduction.

The essay should contain a coherent, and appropriate critical review of the academic literature across the issues you identify. The literature review should be integrated throughout the essay to evidence the critical analysis and develop your argument.



A reference list is compulsory and it MUST be prepared according to the CQU APA Referencing Guide.

DO NOT include a bibliography.

This assessment item involves researching your assigned topic to enhance your understanding of the relevant human resource issues and utilisation of academic literature. The prescribed textbook for the Unit MUST be cited. You will be expected to present information and evidence from, and cite, relevant academic peer reviewed journal articles. You must undertake research more broadly than articles posted on Moodle. The minimum to pass this criterion [10/20] is SIX (6) scholarly references, one of which MUST be the prescribed textbook, plus FIVE (5) relevant academic peer reviewed journal articles. You may use the three articles from Assessment 1 Annotated Bibliography.

The quality and number of citations will demonstrate the breadth and depth of the literature used to formulate your argument. It is not only about the number of references, but also it is about how you use the content from your research. You can cite the textbook, and any of your journal articles more than once as appropriate to develop your argument. Keep your key research recent (from 2011 onwards), unless you are using the primary source articles of theories and/or models. You may need to have additional material from pre 2011 to fully explore the topic. You also will need to obtain material from appropriate sources to provide industry examples.

Your marker is interested in the argument and critical analysis that you have developed from YOUR review of the literature and how well you use the literature to respond to the topic. There should be minimal use, if any, of direct quotes, and you should be paraphrasing. The in text referencing in the essay must be appropriate and sufficient.




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