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The essay will be aiming to demonstrate the role of Certified Public Manager (CPM), and Human Resource Management (HRM), in the development of an organization, and their respective contribution to society and humanity. Certified Public Manager is a program that was incorporated to improve the habits, techniques and set the accurate practices for public and private sector managerial designated individuals (Wolfswinkel et al. 2013). On the other side, the body by which an organization assures recruitment and development of productive employees so that they become productive and add value to the organization in the course of time is referred to as Human Resource Management (HRM). The CPM upholds the responsibility, of bearing public trust, and to provide opportunities relating to, the well being of the society. The HRM plays an important role of organizing the activities that will yields direct benefit to the society like driving charity activities, clean up programs and many other activities concerning the responsibility of a business organization to the society. Both the CPM and HRM bodies of an organization uphold the crucial role of deriving and implementing methods that will be beneficial to the society. Certified Public Management deals with the areas of public relationship whereas Human Resource Management deals in building a better workplace through recruitment of productive employee. Both the bodies holds the responsibility of building a better society through direct or indirect plan of actions that yield short term and long term benefits to either parties, primary being the business organization and also to the human society (Boselie P et al  2013).  


The idea conceived about the Happiness Principle is that it is the ultimate mortality standard as set up by classical utilitarianism. The right actions judged or taken by which the total happiness of the members in a community reaches to its maximum desired point is, conceived as happiness. The principle setting up the parameters of a good happiness is termed as Happiness Principle. Utilitarianism is defined as the concept, which understands the basics of morals, utilities, leading to the greatest happiness principle and focusing on the right actions, which tends to promote happiness, condemning the wrong actions, as they tend to produce the reverse of happiness. Happiness is referred to the intended pleasure, absence of pain. Unhappiness on the other hand refers to pain and the privation of pleasure (Riley, 2013). Both Happiness Principle and Utilitarianism are virtual concepts. Neither, of them is related to or assessed using a quantitative analysis. The scope or the events making a person or a group of person cannot be classified and divided in groups. It is one's desires that makes one happy, and is only related, to the thought process of every individual with reference to a specific timeframe. Utilitarianism is referred to a broad consideration of social and philosophical thought process and not a social principle. The main goal of utilitarian principle or the greatest happiness principle is assessing the human nature and formulating laws that will ensure maximum happiness for every individual. The word utility refers to the instruments or tools of happiness. The measure of happiness or the value of pleasure can be specified by assessing mainly seven aspects of human nature (Barrow, 2015). The aspects being intensity, duration and certainty or uncertainty, propinquity or remoteness, fecundity, purity and extent. All the mentioned seven aspects need to be assessed thoroughly; neglecting one of them may lead to wrong assessment of the scenario. The Happiness principle was formulated to avoid conflicting areas of despotic (one person's desires are placed upon a group of individuals) or chaotic (every person placing their own desires upon the other) approach. The nature is considered, to put the entire human race under the governance of two influential masters Pain and Pleasure. Maintain synchronization and obtain a harmonious environment so that an organization can obtain maximum pleasure moments through the work schedule of the individuals committed to the business organization. Through the proper implications of the greatest happiness principle by the HRM and CPM bodies of business organization, it can be assured that the qualitative approach of happiness can be achieved not only for every individual committed but also for the whole as a team.

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