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HRM115 Resourcing Organisation Assignment Help

HRM115 Resourcing Organisation Assignment Help

HRM115 Resourcing Organisation Assignment Help

1. Introduction

This assignment is worth 70%. The purpose of this assignment is to assess the students’ understanding of human resource planning, staffing, recruitment and related issues, and to assess how well students apply the concepts taught in the subject.

2. Task

Students are required to identify an international organization, and find out how the organization carryout (deal with) the following HR practices.

Human Resource Planning (HR planning process)

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Job Analysis and Design (job description, specification, appropriate types of designs, etc.)

Internal and External Recruitment (methods, sources, admin issues etc.) Selection (methods, criteria, standards score factors, dissociative score approach etc.) With reference to the organization; explain how these practices are applied, identify and analyse issues within the practices, in the light of what you have learned from the subject, and Suggest how to improve the practices.

3. Specific requirements

You are required to present your findings in the form of a structured report, with appropriate headings and subheadings. Suggested format of the report is given below.

The report should be 3000 words (+/- 10%) excluding appendices. The report must include the following

a) A brief background of the organization.

b) A description of the HR practices.

c) An explanation and analysis of issues in the practices using theory to inform learning (NB: students should demonstrate understanding and knowledge learnt in the class).

d) Recommendations for the organization to improve HR practices.

e) A minimum of 3 scholarly references, written in the APA referencing style.

4. Structure and layout of the report

All reports must be typed in using the font ‘Times New Roman’ 12pt (14pt for headings) and 1.5 line spacing, with no indent at the start of the paragraphs. The paragraphs alignment should be justified.

The report should be structured as follows.


Background of the organization;

Description of HR practices;

Analysis of key issues;




Appendix (of policy/practice)

5. Assessment criteria:

The report will be assessed according to the criteria below:

a. Introduction (5%) The ability to outline subject/topic, and to introduce the overall report objectives and structure clearly and concisely.

b. Description of Background of the Organization (5%) The ability to write clear and thorough description of the organization and its context relevant to the discussion.

c. Description of the HR practices in the organization (30%) Ability to describe how the organization carryout HR planning, job analysis and design, and recruitment and selection.

d. Analysis of the problems/issues in the HR practices (20%) Ability to identify and describe the significant issues in the organization. Ability critically analyses the issues by integrating arguments with theoretical underpinnings.

e. Clear set of implementable recommendations (20%) Provision of sound and appropriate recommendations for the HR issues highlighted. The ability to back the recommendations with practical reasons and theoretical underpinnings

f. Conclusion (5%) The ability to clearly and accurately summaries and synthesis report findings.

g. Referencing and use of sources (10%) Use of APA style (in-text as well as list of references) - Quality and quantity of references. Use of at least 3 good quality academic references. Use of proper referencing to maintain academic integrity.

h. Presentation (5%)The ability to write and structure the report with strong academic writing skills. Issues relating to grammar, punctuation and coherence.

6. Deadline and Submission

The report is due on, 9thrd July 2020, Thursday. A penalty of 5% will be assessed for each day late. No extensions on or after the due date will be granted under any circumstances.


Soft Copy only A soft copy of the assignment should be submitted to the MOODLE via TURNITIN. In case where the student is unable to submit via MOODLE, the student should email the soft copy to the email specified below, with the specified subject.

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