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Introduction to Human Resource Management


Human resource is one of the critical and most important resources for any organization. Human resource management is the structured policy to manage people in any organization that starts from the hunting of resources towards the selection, recruitment and retaining those resources for efficient productivity. Every organisation has objectives and goals to achieve. Thus, these objectives and goals could be achieved when we have right people for the right job in the organization. This could be possible by aligning people policies with the goals and objectives of the management. Human Resource Management focuses on managing the employees of the business with respect to add and retain the human capital that in turn raises a good amount of ‘Intelligent Quotient and Emotional Quotient’ in an organization.

HR processes:

It could be well derived that HR processes involves the following steps:

-       Hunting for the right resource

-       Scrutinizing the application

-       Selecting the candidate

-       Describing the role and conduct of the job along with the proper description.

-       Finalizing the remuneration and other benefits

-       Recruiting the employee

-       Induction and orientation

-       Training (If desired)

-       Performance measurement on the basis of various parameters

-       Measures to retain the employees.

Practice of HRM is effective only if it’s integrated with overall organisation strategy and providesbetter returns in terms of profits associated with the cost spent on the recruitment, training and other benefits attributed to an employee. HRM practice and policy design should ensure that the firms utilisetalent of their employees to the fullest.

Concepts of HRM: Motivation and Job satisfaction


Motivation is the concept within the arena of human resource that is directly linked to the career of an employee (London, 1983), efforts (Houkesa, Janssena, de Jongeb, & Nijhuisa), and the income level (Eisenberger, Rhoades, & Cameron, 1999). Job satisfaction and the performance of employees are interlinked as if when the employees will be satisfied, their performance will be better (Judge, Thoresen, Bono, & Patton, 2001). Job satisfaction is also linked with the turnover of the company as the company will grow when the employees perform better (Mobley, 1977), personality of an employee (Judge, Heller, & Mount, 2002), and the work commitment that will make them more efficient (Morrow & McElroy, 1987) and reflective among others.

Motivation: Meaning and types


There is a difference between the motivated employee and a happy employee in terms of desires and outcomes. It is possible that the motivation leads to happiness or vice versa, but there may be another scenario where a happy employee is not at all motivated to achieve more. In this case, happiness is related to satisfaction. Motivation is attributable to the employee’s inner instinct to achieve something, to perform better and to achieve the sense of self-esteem. Motivation leads to the increase in:

-       Employee’s productivity

-       Workplace performance

-       Communication and coordination with other employees

-       Organization’s turnover

-       Employee’s salary and perks

-       And most importantly job satisfaction

Motivation could be characterized as intrinsic or extrinsic. But, before explaining these two concepts of motivation, I would here consider a real time scenario in any organization. There are two types of employees, one who are motivated to attain their self-esteem and to do something for their career and emotions and the other ones who want monetary rewards or some compensation in terms of promotions, perks and higher salaries in lieu of their efforts and hard work. This is the scenario in every organization but the extrinsic motivation is more prevalent in today’s materialistic world.

Extrinsic Motivation

The external motivation comes from the external influences like higher salary, better perks and benefits, recognition, promotions and team leading opportunities that adds up to many more status prone benefits. The employees who are driven by the extrinsic motivation always demands some compensation and benefits in lieu of the efforts and hard work they have put in for the job. Thus, extrinsic motivation is not self-driven but we can say ‘perks driven’.

Theories of Motivation and comparisonMaslow's hierarchy of needs

The Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory is one of the most recognized theories of motivation that was propounded by Abraham Maslow in 1943 in his paper "Theory of Human Motivation".

According to Maslow’s theory of motivation, there are five levels of the attainment of motivation within an individual. The first level is attributed towards the attainment of the basic needs and priorities. When an individual attains its physiological needs, it strives to attain the social security and financial security to keep surviving. After the job, social and financial security is maintained; the individual gets motivated to attain the love and belongingness by making friends and social circle. After that the individual strives to attain its self-esteem through satisfaction and self-respect with the aim to attain the self-actualization where the individual has attained almost everything with respect to its goals and objectives.



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